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Saturn May Have Given Birth To a Baby Moon

WormholeFiend Re:Who's the father? (70 comments)

Now you know what "release the kraken" really means


Mathematical Proof That the Cosmos Could Have Formed Spontaneously From Nothing

WormholeFiend Re:If you make this a proof of God... (590 comments)

Sadly, we are probably a cheaper, outsourced knock-off.

Source: We were made in His image.

5 days ago

Cuba: US Using New Weapon Against Us -- Spam

WormholeFiend Re:The amusing thing is... (137 comments)

"...a great tourist location..."

Have you been there?

Some of the beaches are very very nice, but most hotels are *very* average, and the food, while adequate, is meh-level at best.

That is why it's one of, if not THE cheapest all-inclusive destinations in the Caribbean.

about a week ago

NASA Can't Ethically Send Astronauts On One-Way Missions To Deep Space

WormholeFiend Re:Option #4 (402 comments)

Then Mars would be red in more than one way

about two weeks ago

How the NSA Plans To Infect 'Millions' of Computers With Malware

WormholeFiend Re:Skynet? (234 comments)

The principle is still valid.

"According to your cellphone records, you were in the vicinity of an anti-government protest..."

about a month ago

How the NSA Plans To Infect 'Millions' of Computers With Malware

WormholeFiend Re:Skynet? (234 comments)

People with nothing to hide can still get wrongfully convicted with circumstantial evidence.

about a month ago

Navy Won't Investigate Nuclear Pollution At San Francisco's Treasure Island

WormholeFiend Just ask (121 comments)

Michael, Trevor or Franklin to clean it up in a submarine

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Should I Get Google Glass?

WormholeFiend If a device has to be in front of my eyes... (421 comments)

...at all times it has to enhance my vision, not distract it.

Google Glass, AFAIK, does not meet this criterion yet.

about 2 months ago

Google Tells Glass Users Not To Be 'Creepy Or Rude'

WormholeFiend It might be worthy to add to the discussion (341 comments)

that cyclists, especially commuters, have been strapping GoPros and the like to their helmets for a while now, and they don't try to conceal them in any way, hoping that motorists will behave better on the road, knowing that they are being videorecorded.

about 2 months ago

3 Reasons To Hate Mass Surveillance; 3 Ways To Fight It

WormholeFiend Why do I get the feeling that (120 comments)

certain groups which are used to be under constant surveillance are going to become the future's subject matter experts on the subject.

about 2 months ago

Do Hypersonic Missiles Make Defense Systems Obsolete?

WormholeFiend Re:And this is why... (365 comments)

And once the anti-missile lasers are well-established, there will be a push for faster-than-light missiles.

And then of course, we will have the technology we need to explore other star systems.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Online News Is Worth Paying For?

WormholeFiend If you can read French (361 comments)

www.lemonde.fr is an excellent news source.

I do not currently have a paid subscription, but I am increasingly tempted to get one.

about 2 months ago



The Javabot - a walk-in coffee machine

WormholeFiend WormholeFiend writes  |  about 6 years ago

WormholeFiend (674934) writes "The Javabot is the coffee machine of the future — completely next generation. It is the fully-automated system that runs the Roasting Plant Coffee Company in New York and its design is illustrative of what can be achieved using new thinking and methodologies to something that was previously regarded as a black art.

The system is part of the experience because the coffee system runs throughout the shop — it's the first walk-in coffee machine in effect, and customers sit there and watch as their coffee beans rush past in pneumatic tubes, as they move from storage bins to staging, roasting station, grinding and a brewing machine where they are dispensed with the repeatable accuracy of a purpose-built machine. Customers can choose from any blend of seven different beans and every aspect of the process is controlled."

Link to Original Source

WormholeFiend WormholeFiend writes  |  more than 7 years ago

WormholeFiend writes "Mechanical Engineering Magazine has an article about the challenges of trying to break speed and distance records using human powered vehicles. According to Fast Freddy Markham "we're about tapped out on development", but that doesn't stop geeks like Matt Weaver and Greg Kolodziejzyk to keep trying, using wind tunnel software, and electronic gadgets to achieve laminar flow."


WormholeFiend has no journal entries.

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