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BBC and ISPs Clash over iPlayer

XMilkProject Re:Why isn't it treated lake any other utility? (350 comments)

Exactly the same reason things like Hillary or Obama's health care plan are impossible. You are all smart enough to understand charging everyone the same for internet under the assumption most people won't use it is a stupid idea. So why doesn't everyone understand charging people the same price for insurance under the assumption most people won't use it is also a stupid idea? As with all things, you should pay for what you use. You shouldn't pay for what others use, and you shouldn't use more than you pay for.

more than 6 years ago



New Site Lets You Donate OLPC's For Free

XMilkProject XMilkProject writes  |  more than 6 years ago

XMilkProject writes "A new site, GiveOLPC.com lets users donate laptops to the One Laptop Per Child project, without actually spending any money. Basically users play a game based on famous quotations, and ad revenue generated by the site is used to donate laptops. Each correct answer a user makes contributes $0.01 to the next donated laptop."
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LinkedIn unveils InApps, Praises Google OpenSocial

XMilkProject XMilkProject writes  |  more than 7 years ago

XMilkProject writes "A lot of geeks use LinkedIn to keep up with business contacts these days. Now LinkedIn is giving back with "InApps" (short for Intelligent Applications), LinkedIn's answer to the myriad of developer platforms that have emerged in the wake of the Facebook Platform. LinkedIn is also a partner in Google's somewhat stalled OpenSocial initiative, and the company has said that InApps' structure "(includes) the ability to develop applications that will run within LinkedIn using the OpenSocial development model." Is there something interesting going on here? Or is this just another social network playing catch-up?"
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