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Malicious Websites Can Initiate Skype Calls On iOS

XMode Re:Is this *really* only an Apple bug?? (177 comments)

Well you ARE telling it its a file... ssh:// would be an example of an ssh URL...

more than 3 years ago

Google Scares Aussie Banks

XMode Not supprising (150 comments)

When you put up fees and interest rates well above the RBAs increase, make up some excuse about not having enough income and then post profits in the billions of dollars, people tend not to trust what you say.

more than 3 years ago

World's Northernmost Town Gets Nightlights

XMode 4 months of no sunlight (144 comments)

Sounds like winter here for me.. Get up at 5am, its dark. Get to work by 6:30am, its still dark. Live all day in my office with no windows (The one that let light in, unfortunately I still have the other kind). Leave work around 5:30pm to see the sun dipping behind the horizon (or if I have to work another 10-15 mins, miss it completely). Repeat for 5 days a week. On weekends I get to sleep in and when I wake up wonder where all this light is coming from and why its hurting my eyes..

It actually sounds nice there, not having to walk around half blind on weekends..

more than 3 years ago

66% of All Windows Users Still Use Windows XP

XMode Re:How is this news. (931 comments)

"There are plenty of people still using Windows 98."

I seriously doubt this un cited statistic. Unless you live ina very poor town where people dont even have p4s. I personally havent seen more than a few windows 98 machines in years, and i fix alot of computers. I just dont believe it.

As a single point of reference, just last week here at work we 'found' a machine running some dedicated testing software under Windows 3.1. In the whole time it has been there we have never needed to do any work on it as it is still performing its single task adequately.

I say found because we honestly didn't even know it existed. I was looking for a data collection agent and found a PC turned on under a desk in the test area, followed the cable to a monitor in the corner and turned it on. Hilarity ensued.

about 4 years ago

First Review of Avatar Special Edition

XMode Re:Really? (387 comments)

I pretty much agree with the parent. The plot sucked, the dialog was sloppy and the characters were not that deep.. I haven't seen the movie in 3D and I suspect that is what most people were gushing over. The special effects were pretty good, but in the days of computer animated everything, its not really that surprising.

I did however enjoy the movie and i guess that's the point. I don't love the movie like everyone else seemed to, but I don't hate it either.

more than 4 years ago

Fallout Online Website Arises Amid Legal Battle

XMode Re:They did not dumb things down (85 comments)

Welcome to eve. Where if you think someone is doing better than you, kill him and take his stuff.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft's Sleep Proxy Lowers PC Energy Use

XMode Re:Give them a break (163 comments)

Reinventing something that's been available for years is not 'coming up with good technologies'.

Now what they SHOULD have done is just cache the MAC of the PC in AD along with the rest of the object (It might already be there as part of the auth stuff) and then mod the remote access client to try and ping first, no reply? Send a Wake on Lan packet.

more than 4 years ago

One Video Card, 12 Monitors

XMode Re:Great Idea (262 comments)

Ha ha. Very funny.

In all seriousness though virtual monitors can be good for some things but completely useless for others.

Lets take for example my last job. Essentially my job was to monitor a whole bunch of graphs and if any of them did something unexpected, investigate why and then report it to someone. It was a lot more complicated than that (which is why we couldn't just trigger an alert in software, although we did have some) but we needed screen real estate and lots of it. We ended up with 8 20" monitors per person, meaning we had to use 4 video cards, 2 in 2 separate machines, and use synergy to link them so we could easily mouse from one to the other.

A single machine with all 8 monitors attached would have saved as a lot of messing around if one of the apps needed to be fixed/patched or when something went wrong. Having to log in to 2 machines at the start of your shift was also annoying as hell.

more than 4 years ago

Seagate Launches Hybrid SSD Hard Drive

XMode Or wait.. (224 comments)

OCZ and im sure others have SSDs up to 500GB now. OK, they cost as much as my car, but they exist. It wont be long before they get up to 1TB, then 2TB.. Then its just a matter of waiting for the price to come down.

SSDs have caught up to traditional drives capacity extremely quickly, it wont be long before you can put a 10TB SSD in your laptop and never have to worry again (well, except for loosing it).

more than 4 years ago

Lost Ends

XMode Soo.. good then? (955 comments)

Well now I feel good about the decision I made 6 years ago to not watch a single episode of this show when I attempted to watch the first episode and failed 4 times. Even from the first episode it looked like it wasn't going to go anywhere and that a good 50% of the stuff in it would never be explained.

I was either going to be horribly wrong and miss the best written TV show ever, or be correct.

more than 4 years ago

BYO Linux Router To Australia's Fibre Network

XMode Re:As one would expect nowadays, but ... (123 comments)

Bah.. That's nothing.. Our 'any router will do' policy once got me in to an argument with a customer that lasted a good 20 mins. When I advised him for the 5th time that while he had a router, he would ALSO need some form of computer to get internet pages, he demanded to speak to my supervisor.

more than 4 years ago

Internet Explorer 9 Will Not Support Windows XP

XMode So what? (454 comments)

I honestly cant see a problem with this. XP is now a 9 year old operating system that has been superseded but 2! newer versions and has entered extended support. I wouldn't expect apple to release the new version of safari on OS 9, I wouldn't expect Debian sarge to have the latest version of firefox back ported, why is IE9 any different?

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Looking Into Windows 7 Battery Failures

XMode Re:Downgrading? (206 comments)

Don't know if serious.. But im assuming its because Win7 code has already screwed the battery up..

more than 4 years ago

EA Shutting Down Video Game Servers Prematurely

XMode Re:What Happened? (341 comments)

What you need to do is firstly wait to see what impact this will have on your ability to play the game. Then you check the box, user agreement and any other documentation that came with the game that was readable before opening for any mention that the components that have now stopped working would actually stop working at some point in the future. Then after the 30 seconds of looking and finding nothing, you find a bunch of that have a similar issue with their game no longer working and start a class action.

And no im not american, and yes I usually hate the 'sue them' response, but every now and then you have to remind companies that they have a responsibility to their customers..

more than 4 years ago

BSA Says 41% of Software On Personal Computers Is Pirated

XMode Re:Hmmm... (569 comments)

They simply live in a world where all second hand software sales are piracy. Its the only possible way this figure could even be remotely correct.

about 5 years ago

Wii Update 4.2 Tries (and Fails) To Block Homebrew

XMode Re:one datapoint (520 comments)

OMG I didn't even notice till you pointed it out... I think I have a problem.

about 5 years ago

Xbox 360 Failure Rate Is 54.2%

XMode Re:Missing Details (607 comments)

And who the hell buys more than 1 nunchuk?! I have 1 game that uses it and its a 2 player max game. (oh, and boxing from wii sports)

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft, Nokia Team To Add Mobile Office Apps To Phones

XMode Re:Seriously?... (154 comments)

No no.. You can also use a bluetooth keyboard with most nokia phones now. So all you need to do is carry around a full sized keyboard, a smallish LCD TV and all the cables and you can use your phone to edit documents! Nokia's next innovation will be a device that is small enough to sit on your lap and contains the 'TV' and keyboard built in so then you wont have to worry about the cables either!

On a more serious note. I have an E65 and I can ALREADY view and edit word and excel files on it. I don't because I also have an eeepc and can use the phone as a tether to the internet and use openoffice on a much bigger screen..

more than 5 years ago


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