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The Best Parking Apps You've Never Heard Of and Why You Haven't

XanC What is going on?? (163 comments)

Who the flip is Bennet Haselton and why is he allowed to have verbal diarrhea on Slashdot?

3 days ago

Incandescent Bulbs Get a Reprieve

XanC Wattage? (767 comments)

Does this go all the way back to the 100W bulbs that were banned a while back? Or only the recent banning of >40W?

about 3 months ago

The Year's Dumbest Moments in Tech

XanC Re: Snowden was a dumb moment in tech? (96 comments)

<sarcasm>The entire thing must be wrong as everyone knows everything apple does is perfect</sarcasm>

about 4 months ago

Former Microsoft Exec To Lead HealthCare.gov

XanC Second one? (214 comments)

Wait, so you mean this is the second guy to "step in and fix it" since October? That would seem to indicate this is truly an enormous disaster.

about 3 months ago

Fedora 20 Released

XanC Re:Whoopty do (147 comments)

Can't you do that on Ubuntu too? I thought the different distros really were just installation defaults.

about 4 months ago

Duke Univ. Device Converts Stray Wireless Energy Into Electricity For Charging

XanC Too bad (216 comments)

This summary had such potential, too.

about 5 months ago

Adobe Breach Compromised Over 38 Million Users, Photoshop Source Code

XanC Re:Hmm... Source Code... (145 comments)

According to their FAQ:

"It is clear from the product vision that GIMP eventually needs to support CMYK, but it is impossible to say when someone finds the free time and motivation to add it."

So they're not anti-CMYK, it just hasn't been done yet.

about 6 months ago

Shutdown Cost the US Economy $24 Billion

XanC Really? (767 comments)

How much does ObamaCare cost the economy?

about 5 months ago

Azerbaijan Election Results Released Before Voting Had Even Started

XanC Re:Cryptographically signed elections? (266 comments)

If you have such a system, you also have a system that could trivially just hand the voter a ballot, since you have already satisfied anonymity, uniqueness, resistance to plural voting, etc. No need for the crypto at all.

Except that later, each voter can log in from home, and verify that his vote was recorded for his candidate. Still not perfect, but not bad!

about 6 months ago

Undiscovered Country of HFT: FPGA JIT Ethernet Packet Assembly

XanC Re:Most tenuous link ever? (452 comments)

The thing's gotta have a tailpipe.

about 7 months ago

Undiscovered Country of HFT: FPGA JIT Ethernet Packet Assembly

XanC Don't understand (452 comments)

What is with the vitriol here? Why should buyers and sellers not be able to come together to make a transaction at any time that they like?

about 7 months ago

Google Dropping Netscape Plugin API Support In Chrome/Blink

XanC Re:"standards-based web platform" (170 comments)

That may be, but why don't we "evolve" this other thing to cover all the existing use cases BEFORE disabling NPAPI?

about 7 months ago

Massachusetts Set To Repeal Controversial IT Services Tax

XanC Idiots (122 comments)

(see subject)

about 7 months ago

New Musopen Campaign Wants To "Set Chopin Free"

XanC Re:Going to waste bandwidth on useless audio forma (142 comments)

But this isn't just an end user format! The idea is to set this music free so that it can be used in other projects, remixed, remastered, anything.

about 7 months ago

NSA Foils Much Internet Encryption

XanC Re:Works for me (607 comments)

The phrase is "you have another think coming".

about 7 months ago

Are We At the Limit of Screen Resolution Improvements?

XanC Re:already passing it (414 comments)

> > 2x2 for lowercase. Right. That's 16 possible "characters"
> Correct.

> > with one of those being empty space and 4 of them being single pixels.
> Wow you figured out not every possible combination is -> useful - all on your own? Here is your sticker.

So how does one display 26 letters of the alphabet with only 16 different combinations even possible, many of those being useless?

Ah. It looks like those lower case letters are 3x3, not 2x2.

about 8 months ago



A new Space Quest game? The Two Guys from Andromeda are back!

XanC XanC writes  |  about 2 years ago

XanC (644172) writes "The Two Guys from Andromeda (Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe), the geniuses behind the classic Space Quest series of adventure games, have joined forces once again. They're working on a new "Space Adventure" (I'm assuming they legally can't call it Space Quest), and have a fun site where you can learn more. It brings back great memories of Space Quest past, and hope for the future as well!"
Link to Original Source

New Star Trek world premiere in Austin

XanC XanC writes  |  about 5 years ago

XanC (644172) writes "The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin just hosted the surprise world premiere of the new Star Trek film. The scheduled show was Wrath of Khan, but Mr Nimoy and delivered the new reels to great applause.

This film is unashamedly a reboot, and it even explains very well how and why it's a reboot. The new actors pay homage to the originals while bringing their own originality to the table. (Karl Urban as Bones was particularly fantastic.) It somewhat falls victim to the Star Wars prequels' fallacy of the same half-dozen people being involved in everything from the beginning, but that's the most negative thing I could say about it. Overall, the show is a wild ride, and shows tremendous promise for further sequels in this series. Go see it when you can."

Olympic scores computed by weighing events

XanC XanC writes  |  more than 5 years ago

XanC (644172) writes "If you're like me, you find it frustrating that there's no single winner at
the Olympics. Sometimes medal counts are used, but there are so many silly
medals mixed in with the important ones that the count becomes meaningless.

http://www.realmansolympics.com/ weighs each event by manliness, and comes up
with an overall score for each country. You can follow along as the Olympics
progress, and at the end you'll see who wins. You can also get results for
Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004. And if you like, you can create an alternate
rating system and keep track of your own personal Olympics.

Spain's out to an early lead, but none of the higher ranked medals have been
awarded yet."

Link to Original Source

XanC XanC writes  |  more than 6 years ago

XanC writes "I've been appointed Conservator for my late great-uncle's estate. He had written a number of screenplays, short stories, poems, etc etc, and he wanted to get them published. How should I store the raw data? Ideally, I'd want to generate a plaintext version, a paginated version, or an HTML version from the same source file. Are there XML Schema for screenplays and short stories, with converters to LaTeX and HTML? Or am I defining my own Schema and writing translators in Perl?

Or, more likely, is the best solution something I haven't thought of?"

XanC XanC writes  |  more than 7 years ago

XanC (644172) writes "Earthlink has begun to hijack the complete Internet namespace, and even proudly admits to it on its blog site. This is more far-reaching than SiteFinder, because any string of gibberish now resolves, not just those ending in .com. It only affects Earthlink customers, of course. Unless they fix this soon there will be a lot fewer of those to worry about."


XanC has no journal entries.

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