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Prime Minister Wiretapped — Vast Corruption Upending Turkey's Government

Xas Conspiracy (123 comments)

Erdogan likes to blame things on others so much. During the huge country wide protests in May and June, he blamed it on foreign powers, interest lobbies, international media and his political rivals. Now he blames them all plus protesters. It isn't hard to guess why; his voters are comparably less educated and more prone to believe everything bad comes from "infidel seculars" and "infidel foreigners". This time he isn't completely wrong however. He has been crossing swords with Fethullah Gulen, leader of an international muslim community for some time. He had been supporting Erdogan even before his rise to power, and pulled lots of strings for his benefit. Now the tables have turned. Gulen has excessive control over government bodies, judicial system and the police organization. This is going to be bloody.

about 4 months ago

China Demands Real Names From Mobile Phone Users

Xas Same here in Turkey (187 comments)

It has been this way in Turkey for almost 5 years. You have to legally apply with ID and a signed paper every time you want a new mobile number.

more than 3 years ago

The Battle For Wikipedia's Soul

Xas There are other wikis.. (471 comments)

Wikipedia shouldn't contain non-encyclopedical info about fictional things. If I wiki for "Darth Vader" I should see some basic info about the film character and a LITTLE bit of fiction but NOT how he made "the evil emperor explode in a fury of dark energies". There are other wiki's created for specific subjects, or by fans of fictional worlds. I havent even googled but im dead sure there is a Star Wars Wiki. If im looking for Darth Vader in there, then load me whatever fictional thing you want. But in Wikipedia "dark energies" crap is unneccessary.

more than 6 years ago


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