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Google Announces Motorola-Made Nexus 6 and HTC-Made Nexus 9

Xciton Re:Bring the 10 Back (201 comments)

Then you have something wrong with your 2012 Nexus 7. Mine (WiFi model) takes I'd guess less than 4 hours to change, and can last days and days. More than a week sitting idle.

Make sure you're using the included high capacity charger, otherwise it will take a day to change.

about a week ago

Kids With Operators Manual Alert Bank Officials: "We Hacked Your ATM"

Xciton Just wait ... (378 comments)

Criminal charges pending in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ....

about 4 months ago

Scientists Fight Back In Canada

Xciton union = problem (277 comments)

Unions are a viral problem. Way too much control over politics.

Remove "union" backing from this and I'll start listening, until then, their on my "ignore list".

about 4 years ago

Universal Radio Grabber: the USRP

Xciton Re:Cracking satelite using regular TV card (189 comments)

No no no. The two projects are COMPLETELY different. Please don't compare the two together. The real magick is USRP. Satellite receiving and decoding the digital into MPEG while descrambling is nothing new.

USRP (soft radio) is a totally different concept in tuning and demodulation.

more than 8 years ago


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