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The Big Technical Mistakes of History

Xel'Naga Re:Human History has more than 10 years (244 comments)

Who could have guessed that the Germans would pass through impassable terrain and precisely hit the single weak point between the strong Maginot Line and the first-string armies in Belgium?

Actually, the germans hit what was considered to be the strongest point of the belgian fortification line - .

more than 4 years ago

CCP Speaks On Player-Elected Advisors For EVE Online

Xel'Naga Re:Design meeting: (70 comments)

I believe the Dilbert version has the developer saying something like "I could develop a screensaver to show fish on the computer" in the end. :)

more than 5 years ago

(Useful) Stupid Regex Tricks?

Xel'Naga Re:IP and Hardware addresses (516 comments)

I feel your pain.
Say you want to search a logfile for non-zero errors. Easy: "error=[^0]". Now assume that you want to search for "error=" that do not end on one of "handled", "expected", "not found". This is impossible*, and if you want to google why, you need to know that it is called a negative look-ahead assertion.

*As you can see in the link, I had a problem, and thought "I'll use regular expression". Then I had two solvable problems that needed regular expressions.

more than 5 years ago


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