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Apple Urges Arizona Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Legislation

Xenkar Re:First blacks, (917 comments)

1. Sodomy was unlawful. Homosexuality was considered a mental illness. At the rate things are going it'll soon be legal for perverts to groom children for sexual relationships in two decades.
2. The point is that we don't have freedom of association anymore. All standards of decency must be undermined as a sacrifice for the Progressive god(dess?)

Progressives believe that by somehow destroying every pillar of society that somehow we'll achieve some sort of utopia. I'm just hoping I can find a place to flee to before they do.

about 2 months ago

Apple Urges Arizona Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Legislation

Xenkar Re:First blacks, (917 comments)

So, how long until we're required to bake wedding cakes for old pedophiles and their 8 year old brides/grooms? You do know that age doesn't matter with true love, right?

There are already attempts to normalize pedophilia. This is the slippery slope that those who protested against allowing miscegenation warned us about.

What's wrong with miscegenation? Children of such unions are left without a solid racial identity. They are genetic islands so they have a hard time finding a match for transplant organs and bone marrow transplants. Even brothers and sisters can have too much genetic differences to be sources for a donation.

So why do us bigots want to put our foot down now? It is easier to stop an object when it has less momentum. We don't want to have to host man/male pony gay weddings in our reception halls. We don't want to have to host man/female pony weddings either. Now I'm not saying that people can't have their man/pony weddings anywhere, just that we're not forced to play along with this farce.

about 2 months ago

Skunk Works Reveals Proposed SR-71 Successor: the Hypersonic SR-72

Xenkar Re:More Overpriced Toys For the Overgrown Kids... (216 comments)

The poor tend to then breed and create more poor to be fed, which makes the problem worse. If we just fed the poor instead of doing other things we'll never explore the galaxy or fix our bridges. I know it really pulls on your heart strings but sometimes you can't fix the problems in the world with simple gestures such as feeding all of the poor.

about 5 months ago

The Cybersecurity Industry Is Hiring, But Young People Aren't Interested

Xenkar I'm not surprised. (289 comments)

I certainly wouldn't take a job that would force me to flee to another country for asylum if my conscience makes me become a whistle blower.

about 6 months ago

Fighting Zombies? Chevrolet Reveals New "Black Ops" Concept Truck

Xenkar Re:Why do people want to survive the end of the wo (220 comments)

All lifeforms are genetically programmed to ensure the survival of their DNA. Typically it takes parasites in the nervous system to turn off this programming.

In their minds, most of their competition dies out and the Earth is left to their offspring. The offspring will be able to flourish with the knowledge they pass on.

If anything, I have to say there is something wrong with people who don't want to survive. What kind of chemicals or parasites have invaded their brains to turn off their genetic programming?

about 7 months ago

Fracked Shale Could Sequester Carbon Dioxide

Xenkar Re:interesting (235 comments)

I remember reading that a majority of the energy used in the USA is for concrete production. Switching to locally sourced geopolymers will reduce the amount of power we need and drop us from the top per-capita energy consumer to one of the most "green" nations in the world.

It is definitely better than messing around with mercury-filled bulbs and pumping CO2 into the ground.

So the way environmentalists will go with this is to say no.

about 7 months ago

Could Technology Create Modern-Day 'Leper Colonies'?

Xenkar I'm not sorry. (452 comments)

I value my safety over the feelings of others. Label it however you want, it is better than ending up dead, brain dead, maimed for life, or having my eye sockets reconstructed with titanium plates.

about 7 months ago

VOIP Provider Viber Attacked By Syrian Electronic Army

Xenkar Re:probably true (33 comments)


With the amount of gratitude you show the United States, I'm amazed that we spend so much money on Israel. We could be using that money to fix our infrastructure, upgrade to a nationwide fibre internet, and perhaps switch to single payer healthcare.

We don't want to attack Iran just because Netanyahu brought out a Wiley E Coyote diagram at the UN. I'm sorry if that offends you. Israel has been crying wolf about Iran for decades.

The problem with crying wolf is that eventually people start ignoring you. Hell, I've been the victim of it even though I never cried wolf. I was bleeding badly after getting a nasty cut in the woods and I had to haul myself to safety as a child because adults thought I was just a kid playing around by screaming "HELP!"

about 9 months ago

Zuckerberg Lobbies For More Liberal Immigration Policies

Xenkar Sometimes I wonder.. (484 comments)

Wouldn't it make more sense for Zuckerberg to lobby the US government to restrict the amount of H1B visas going to overseas outsourcing firms? Because if they just raise the limit these overseas outsourcing firms will just gobble up more H1B visas and Zuck and company won't be better off for it.

1 year,5 days

Speeding Ticket Robots — Laws As Algorithms

Xenkar Re:SeaQuest (400 comments)

If I remember correctly, it was the pilot episode where the captain was riding his motorcycle to the docks. The machine popped out of the side of the road, scanned the motorcycle, and immediately deducted the fine from his social security.

1 year,7 days

IE11 To Support WebGL

Xenkar I wonder (111 comments)

Will I have to upgrade to Windows Blue for this Internet Explorer 11, or will Windows 8 be enough? Somehow I suspect it won't be the latter.

1 year,14 days

Gauging the Dangers of Surveillance

Xenkar I think lists are an even bigger problem (111 comments)

The government has shown that they are willing to use lists against people. During WW2, US citizens of Japanese and German descent were taken into internment camps using data from the Census.

Another recent debacle was when a gun owner's list got published in a major newspaper. People had their houses robbed and more firearms entered the hands of criminals.

These lists also cost money to maintain. We're pissing away billions each year on these lists which could instead go towards infrastructure maintenance which is actually vital for our nation's security.

1 year,16 days

Stricter COPPA Laws Coming In July

Xenkar Re:How about... (134 comments)

Apparently it isn't harder than telling your congressmen that there is a think of the children problem to be solved. It is an easy target with which they can act like they are doing something while not actually doing anything productive.

If we took just a portion of the money spent on feel good, do nothing "think of the children" initiatives, we could probably have a nationwide roll out of gigabit fibre. Will my proposal do anything for the children? Quite possibly since there is that digital divide where some children are stuck on horrible dialup connections while others have cable or DSL, but I don't really care about that. It'll allow us to have online delivery of video games and other media in a reasonable time frame. It'll probably do wonders for our economy.

Unfortunately it isn't feel good, do nothing legislation so such an initiative will not succeed.

1 year,28 days

NVIDIA CEO Unveils Volta Graphics, Tegra Roadmap, GRID VCA Virtualized Rendering

Xenkar Re:Huh? (57 comments)

From what I read, they'll be moving the DRAM from the circuit board and putting it on top of the GPU. This will probably mean that fewer layers will be required on the circuit board which lowers the cost of manufacturing. It will probably also mean a better watt to performance ratio.

So yes, this is a good thing. I just wish we could return to the days when a video card was solely powered by the slot it is placed in.

1 year,28 days

Corn Shortage Hampers US Ethanol Production

Xenkar Not if you want to win votes in the farming states (419 comments)

Corn ethanol is and probably always will be a handout to the farming states. It takes more oil to grow the corn for ethanol than we save from blending ethanol into our engines.

The rest of us are screwed over by this. It would be better for the economy and the environment to just calculate out how much profit the farmers are getting and just hand out yearly checks for that amount. But that would be socialism and we can't have any of that.

about a year ago

Japan Launches Two New Spy Satellites

Xenkar Re:Talking about "cult of personality" ... (76 comments)

Often people don't have an intelligent rebuttal to say so they fall back on ad hominems.

"How long have you been in the KKK?"
"Go back to Stormfront!"
"Go back to screwing your sister, redneck!"

It is an attempt to silence dissent. Unfortunately it works far too often.

If this doesn't work they'll resort to screaming over you and forum sliding, typically with mindless drivel.

about a year ago

EFF Moves To Nix Trademark On "Gaymer"

Xenkar Re:Really!? (231 comments)

As if you haven't shown yours. You are an anti-white race traitor who celebrates the downfall of his own race. I think it wouldn't be that much of a stretch that you are looking to hasten it. Now how about you go back to whatever image board that you plaster white girl being penetrated by black men interracial porn on.

I'm sure your latest masterpiece will definitely end racism and not just infuriate white people like the last bajillion of them.

about a year ago

EFF Moves To Nix Trademark On "Gaymer"

Xenkar Re:Really!? (231 comments)

bheersen, as you have made wild assumptions about me, I was able to deeply gauge your mindset just by one single line: "Straight white American males are not persecuted in any way."

This tells me a lot about you. It is often used by people who hate how awesome white people are. Skin color doesn't matter in this aspect because it is often felt by whites and so-called "minorities." You've been exposed to media all of your life saying "whites are evil and you should be ashamed of yourself because you are white." It might not be that direct but that is the general message you've been fed your entire life by people who wish to see the white race cease to exist.

We both acknowledge the barriers these other ethnicities face in achieving success. We just disagree on the source of said barriers. You blame it on white people. I blame it on their cultures and interference from a certain 1.8% of the population who tend to own all of the apartments in the areas that said minorities live in and then proceed to charge them high rent rates.

Is it so hard for you to realize that I may have encountered many other self-hating whites who've fallen hook line and sinker into the "exterminate whitey" fad? Don't worry though, I'm here to help you overcome this character flaw.

There are people in this world who are paralyzed from the neck down. Some of them it is because of their own negligence, but others because of the careless actions of a stranger. Would you paralyze yourself or others like you to lower the amount of working body privilege? Because this is essentially what you are doing when you punish the white race for paying bills on time, showing up to work on time, and generally being competent.

about a year ago

EFF Moves To Nix Trademark On "Gaymer"

Xenkar Re:Really!? (231 comments)

Due to their melatonin deficiency, white American males are often denied places in college because their skin isn't the right color despite significantly scoring higher on SATs and having a higher grade point average than those who apparently have the right skin color.

White American males also face higher hurdles when applying for social services. Again it is because their skin isn't the right color.

White American males are often cast as the "Big Bad" in our media. If a person of color is "The Dragon" in a show it is because the "Big Bad" white guy or some other whites drove him to it.

White American males are often cast as the poster boy for gun violence and why we must supposedly give up all our guns when FBI crime statistics disagree. The occasional white who goes on a shooting rampage because of "suicide-pill" anti-depressants doesn't even come close to matching the amount of black on white violence.

There are places in America where whites can't go simply because they are white. If they do go there is a good chance they'll end up robbed, raped, and potentially murdered because they have the wrong skin color.

But then again, it is hard to see anti-white racism when you are anti-white so I'll excuse this oversight. I think grandparent has the right idea to not care about the gays while the white race is facing genocide.

about a year ago

Australian Scientists Discover Potential Aids Cure

Xenkar Re:Children will no longer need to be circumcised. (232 comments)

My comment isn't about abstinence but instead about not sleeping around with everything that moves. There are certain demographics that are at a higher risk of getting HIV and they all share the same damned thing in common: Lots of partners.

If I was a gay man living in a city I'd fear for my life since 1 out of 5 of them have it and half of those who do have it don't know about it. They see another gay guy they want to have sex with and go do it and damn the consequences since our healthcare system is legally bound to provide relief to them. Thousands of dollars worth of medication a week per gay guy that has found out he has HIV. All because they don't wear condoms because it slightly diminishes pleasure (though definitely not as much as circumcision does).

Want to have sex with multiple partners? Go ahead. Just make sure that they are clean and that they aren't screwing anything with or without a heartbeat. Want to shag that cute stranger? Use condoms. It isn't 100% safe but it is better than mutilating yourself.

about a year ago


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