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New Nail Polish Alerts Wearers To Date Rape Drugs

Xiaran Re: The world we live in. (595 comments)

It is and there have been numerous studies to back this up. The stories about Rohypnol and GHB are all moral panic bollocks. Why bother using complicated, hard to obtain and potentially dangerous drugs when good old fashion vodka will do the trick for a would be rapist. This is a solution for a problem that does not really exist.

about a month ago

Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine

Xiaran Re:Great... (582 comments)

I kind of get the feeling that the guys that shot down MH17 didn't even tell their own side they were going to start taking pot shots at aircraft. I think the enitire thing was a cluster fuck.

about 2 months ago

Russian Government Edits Wikipedia On Flight MH17

Xiaran Re:It gets worse... (667 comments)

> remember how many groups claimed 9/11 before it was finally pinned down to Bin Laden. I remember. It was none. Zero. Nobody claimed responsibility not even Al Qaeda. Who the fuck would?

about 2 months ago

EU Plastic Bag Debate Highlights a Wider Global Problem

Xiaran Re:solution not taxation (470 comments)

What if the shift was on the car itself not the fuel(people can be funny about thinking things through). What if there was a 20% increase applied to traditional cars that was not applied to alternative cars.

about 10 months ago

Google To Block Local Chrome Extensions On Windows Starting In January

Xiaran Re:Or, of course extensions that google doesn't li (260 comments)

I have never seen mediahint blocked and I use chrome to access US netflix from the UK. Here is the thing about that.... netflix know very very well that this is happening... they have to with the amount of ML profiling and monitoring they do. My account is clearly marked as a UK account and it would be trivial for them to check against that. But they don't. The do a geo test and if you pass that you get thru. They know... they don't care. It means more people will sign up for netflix if they can get both UK and US access.

about 10 months ago

Why Is Microsoft Setting More Money On Fire With Surface 2?

Xiaran Re:XBOX? (616 comments)

"A grim day for Robotkind. Eh, but we can always build more killbots."

about a year ago

Will Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Stay With MySQL?

Xiaran Re: and so meanwhile... (245 comments)

SQL server still doesnt default to a network listener on install.

about a year ago

BlackBerry Delays Launch of BBM Apps For iOS, Android

Xiaran Re:At least it's a business plan (54 comments)

I think the confusino is that none of that shit is the OS. It all looks like the user land of the OS. My udnerstanding is that BBOS10 is QNX Neutrino at the core... that OS is rock solid(former QNX system developer here). It's one of the most stables OSes around... makes Linux./BSD look like DOS is some regards.

1 year,11 hours

Man Trying To Fly Across the Atlantic On Helium Balloons

Xiaran Re:I work in consulting... (92 comments)

Hey anything that results in the injury or death of an Accenture is OK by me.

1 year,9 days

China's Secret Scientific Megaprojects

Xiaran Re:Hope one of those megaprojects is to clean the (142 comments)

And on top of that it really wasn't that long ago that Western nations were doing just the same as China is currently. It wasn't really until the 60s-70s that the US friends started passing serious environmental protection laws.

1 year,19 days

Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Private Business Will Not Open the Space Frontier

Xiaran Re:Historically speaking (580 comments)

You forgot commercial air travel. When you look at the big picture commercial air travel has made a cumulative loss and only exists because of government subsidy.

1 year,23 days

Microsoft Needs a Catch-Up Artist

Xiaran Re:Catch-up because (406 comments)

Dude... that is not my view. That is an illustration of the problem. My comment was an appeal to people to be smarter.

1 year,28 days

Microsoft Needs a Catch-Up Artist

Xiaran Re:Didn't he just keep up the status quo? (406 comments)

Gates was also the one that almost missed the internet boat. They caught up but only via their existign dominance.

1 year,29 days

Microsoft Needs a Catch-Up Artist

Xiaran Re:Catch-up because (406 comments)

I am the head of a US TV network and you are in your first meeting with me. You want to offer ala cart TV content to just anyone? Are you mad? I already have agreements about exclusivity with regional TV stations. And there is just no fucking way I am going to let you allow that shit out of the US... do you have any *fucking* idea about the agreements we have with overseas networks? Your fucking dreaming! Get the fuck out of my office and come back when you are prepared to be more reasonable like netflix, apple and google!

1 year,29 days

Why Internet Television Isn't Quite Ready To Save Us From Cable TV

Xiaran Re:A moral battle (304 comments)

To be fair netflix are a new competitor for them. I think the head of netflix said something along the lines of : netflix needs to figure out how to be HBO before HBO figures out how to be netflix.

about a year ago

Using Laptop To Take Notes Lowers Grades

Xiaran Re:Handwriting Reinforces Learning (313 comments)

My missus does the same thing and it works for her. I tried it after being impressed by it and I coudln't see any improvement for me... memory is a funny thing. My missus remembers phone numbers by remembering the pattern of pushing the buttons on a phone... she will even mime typing the number to recall it. That doesn;t work for me at all... I remember phone numbers by breaking them into sub groups and remembering those.

about a year ago

Smart Ice Cubes Tell When You've Had Enough Alcohol

Xiaran Re:What happens ... (167 comments)

To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems. -- Homer J Simpson.

about a year and a half ago

How Do You Give a Ticket To a Driverless Car?

Xiaran Re:There would be no need... (337 comments)

The emergency override function could be a whole lot better than what we have now. It could notify the surrounding cars that there is an emergency situation and have them clear the road... it could notify the police and hospital of the situation and have them prepare.

about a year and a half ago


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