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Australia, UK To Test Vehicle Speed-Limiting Devices

Xophmeister Re:I can't see it happening (859 comments)

Most UK private cars have had their speedometer set 10% fast anyway (reads 33 when doing 30 and 77 when doing 70)

[Citation Needed]

more than 5 years ago

Command Lines and the Future of Firefox

Xophmeister Re:Return of the command line (360 comments)

It always makes me chuckle at work when the guys who have been brought-up on GUIs come to a SQL prompt. I'm only 27, but am quite at home with a command line; but I have colleagues in their earlier 20s who are very, "OMG! WTF? Why's there no 'Enterprise Manager'?", referring of course to SQL Server when they move to Oracle or MySQL. It completely throws them and they have no idea what to do!

more than 5 years ago

Google Creates Tour de France Video Maps

Xophmeister Re:That's nice, the problem is the Tour itself (78 comments)

I do, yes: The GdI is harder to follow unless you watch it on the Internet; but the TdF is fairly accessible... However, I do agree with you. I've only been an avid cyclist for maybe seven years; and only serious for three-or-four, which is about the same length I've been following the grand tours. My point being that I'm not so privy to any scandals from the past; but in the short time I've been interested, the name of professional cycling seems to have been marred almost indelibly.

This is such a shame. These events are, let's face it, some of the toughest mainstream contests in the world of sport. After the 2006 Tour, we were all hoping 2007 would clean-up its act to save face... Boy, were we wrong!
Consequently, the athletes who are genuine and clean -- and deserve kudos -- get tarred with the same brush.

more than 6 years ago


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