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Domino's Plans Pizza On the Moon

Xymor Amazon (214 comments)

This is a good idea for Amazon. There are no taxes to be paid in the moon.
Or in Antarctica which is a smaller challenge.

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft's SkyDrive Drops Silverlight

Xymor Re:MS hate (358 comments)

Who's raging is the idiots who put their money on Silverlight/.net. The nerds are watching star wars in telnet.

more than 3 years ago

C# and Java Weekday Languages, Python and Ruby For Weekends?

Xymor Re:Grails and Groovy (389 comments)

Grails mono should be "Have your cake and eat it too". It's amazingly productive and it integrates seamlessly with current java environments and skillset.

Groovy however i find not as amazing. Specially with all inconsistencies that \type annotation\ bring to the table.The humongous stacktraces are a sore in the eyes and complicate debug. The current IDE support is lacking but rapidly improving with SpringSource team efforts(STS2.1 has a pretty decent groovy&grails support).

There's a lot of room for improvement but it's definitely heading the right way.

more than 5 years ago

What Free IDE Do You Use?

Xymor Re:Eclipse and Netbeans (1055 comments)

NB was like that when I was running 5.5 5 years ago in a 512mb win2K worstation.

In my current PC, NB6.7B takes 8s to boot, 2 more than eclipse but still...

To be fair, the default LAF takes 15+ seconds to boot and is generally slow even for common tasks. Changing to Nimbus or Metal often improve NB responsiveness and boot time IMO.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Blocks Messenger In Five Embargoed Countries

Xymor Re:Anonymous Coward (194 comments)

Tecnically you can call and ask 'Linux' to fix it asap, but it costs money.
Or buy Oracle's Unbreakable Linux. If it breaks you can sue them for false advertising.

more than 5 years ago

Grad Student Project Uses Wikis To Stash Data, Miffs Admins

Xymor Re:Theft? (268 comments)

Invisible wall?
If that actually exist, I'm sure I often trespass too.

more than 5 years ago

NASA Contest To Name ISS Module

Xymor Re:Original (197 comments)

I vote for anything with the initials G.U.N.D.A.M.

more than 5 years ago

Do Video Games Cost Too Much?

Xymor Re:remarkably clueful (763 comments)

You misunderstood. One standard, not one manufacturer.

The control of the platform could be handled by a board of manufacturers, publishers, developers and consumers. Like and Open standard.

There would be no licenses or the license costs would cover the bureaucracy of the process, nothing else.

Hardware competition would come from Acer, IBM, Lenovo, Apple, Sony, Toshiba and whoever is capable of making computer hardware(and read the specs).

In the end, manufacturers would worry about competitiona dn lowering the prices, add functionalies and game deveopers woudl worry about making games and less about R&D for weird platforms, outrageous licesing fees, stupid content reviews(like MS does with live content), etc...

more than 5 years ago

Do Video Games Cost Too Much?

Xymor Re:remarkably clueful (763 comments)

I'd append the following:

4. Supporting multiple-platforms can be a massive overhead. You develop a game for PC, than port it to 360 and PS3 to reach a bigger installed base and your game ends up costing 30~40% more plus taking 2x as long to be released.

5. You have to pay licensing fees in order to reach a bigger installed base by going multi-platform. Not to mention, having to bend over to manufactures to get your game approved for that platform.

A unified gaming platform would decrease costs by cutting #4 and #5. DRM could be included in the standard so interoperability would be guaranteed, cutting #3. The reduction in cost and the standardized platform/architecture would greatly affect #2 and #1 positively.

more than 5 years ago

Managing Last.FM's "Mountain of Data"

Xymor Re:all this data yet so much gets missed (139 comments)

Their services are pretty good, but such functionality is indeed missing.
I missed a Metric show that I wouldn't have they, who know I'm a Metric fan, warned me.

They know what I like, and they have info about albuns and shows, how had it is to fire an actually interesting newsletter once in a while.

more than 5 years ago

Chrome Complicates Mozilla/Google Love-In

Xymor Not much to worry (307 comments)

Mozilla will have Google's support as long as FF marketshare stays big and that google search textbox keeps bringing google several hits.

more than 5 years ago

Psystar Antitrust Claim Against Apple Dismissed

Xymor Re:As much as I dislike Apple... (256 comments)

There is nothing wrong from profiting from OSS. In fact, I think you're incentivized to put a price different than free by some FOSS licenses, probably to enfisize the difference between free and free.

As long as you distribute the source you're ok.

about 6 years ago


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