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LittleBigPlanet Sequel Already In the Works

YAJoe New Content, eh? (27 comments)

We can release new levels, new stickers, new content...

I'm surprised. ' I thought the whole point of this game was to have paying customers do that for them. While they are at it, may I suggest songs about Feklar?

more than 6 years ago



YAJoe YAJoe writes  |  more than 7 years ago

YAJoe (740850) writes "Hi, I'm a CS student at a local university, and I have a major assignment due later today. This one is a doozy, and so far I'm stuck. With the time slipping away, I got the amazing idea of asking slashdot for help. After all, don't you want to keep people like me from failing out of the field? What if I said I was a girl? Here's my problem: Find the second-smallest number from an unsorted array in O(n) time. Then find a clique in a given graph G with that number in O(n^2) time. He says this assignment should take me 1 hour, but so far I've spent 4:01 hours on it. Help!"



Frustrated - Slashdot has betrayed me

YAJoe YAJoe writes  |  more than 10 years ago According to Slashdot, my IP address has had several bad posts and therefore I cannot post again. To them, I am a bad egg.

I understand the administration's reasoning for implementing a control mechanism to prevent malicious users, but I am no such user. Any one taking a look at my posts should see that I did not troll/flame/harass. My posts were either late (and therefore not seen/moderated) or attacked maliciously.

The attack came from one of my posts that received a +5 interesting, which was then intentionally destroyed to a "0, Redundant." I simply asked a question and was kindly answered. There are those, however, who feel that questions with answers should be attacked thoroughly. They led a campaign (by posting replies and modding) to destroy my post.

I accept that some readers have different opinions -- I certainly do not pretend to be perfect or always correct. But this recent episode has left my karma "terrible." And while the faqs say that Karma isn't important, it does prevent long-time readers from contributing back to Slashdot. Yes, I have been reading Slashdot for the past three years. Only recently have I broken down to create an account. I was hoping to add my two cents on issues that I have personal knowledge of. But I have bad Karma and cannot post. The only way to change this is to post something informative/insightful. Catch-22 anyone? And yes, I did read Heller's book. This "feature" of their system is, in my opinion, a short-sighted error.

Alas, I will have a new IP address in a minute and another account the following minute so I may have preferences. No more, however, will I post on this cannibal moderation system. It is flawed: honesty is punished and inquiries are discouraged.

There should be a new moderation topic called "inquisitive" or the sort. Readers should be rewarded for acknowledging their shortcomings and asking good questions. After all, good questions are the reason why many of us have jobs in the IT world. We solving problems and creating solutions. Questions are the fundamental tools of any leader and IT guy. So why are they excluded from Slashdot? I do not know.

But I am excluded, and I have plenty of good questions to ask. Slashdot should worry about alienating average readers like me. I am, after all, yet another Joe.


Good Karma No More

YAJoe YAJoe writes  |  more than 9 years ago Too bad, that post was "overrated" and subsequently modded back to 2. Now I have bad Karma. Oh well, off to try again...


Positive Karma!

YAJoe YAJoe writes  |  more than 9 years ago I have been trying for the longest time to get a +5 post! For the longest time! My Karma has been horrible for just as long, and now I have finally made it! Check here for the inspiring post. And I have positive Karma too! Woohoo! This is a good day. I will never post haphazardly again!


New Account Revisisted

YAJoe YAJoe writes  |  more than 10 years ago Apparantly someone noticed (gawk!) that I made a new account. Wow. Anyway, I did have an old account -- but the combination of forgetting its password and losing the email account made it hard to enjoy. Hence, my new name. I'm not hiding anything, just hoping for a shot to start moderating again. I am a student in Texas who spends half of Computer Science 2 reading /. I am no expert on algorithms or science or the internet; just a guy who likes technology and learning about it. ;)


English Paper

YAJoe YAJoe writes  |  more than 10 years ago English papers are very stupid -- especially when writing them in the middle of the night! Man, I can't wait for English to be over. They make up half of it anyway. Shakespeare did not intentionally write his plays so that we students would spend ten hours analyzing his metaphors and motifs. I thought he was in it for the money, so why can't we?


New Account

YAJoe YAJoe writes  |  about 11 years ago I like the new name, it has some sense of stupidity in it with an Asian fling...

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