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ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children

Yakasha Re:Of course they do (842 comments)

That's an interesting hypothesis, but.....

Terrorists that aren't engineers don't last.

I don't think there's much support in the evidence for this idea.

Engineers build the bombs

The plebs wear them.


How Governments Are Getting Around the UN's Ban On Blinding Laser Weapons

Yakasha How are governments REALLY getting around the ban? (179 comments)

By saying "fuck you".

As long as the UN uses the same tactics to stop this research as they're using to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine or the Israeli settlements in the West Bank, nobody cares what they say.

2 days ago

Chinese City Sets Up "No Cell Phone" Pedestrian Lanes

Yakasha Re:Totalitarian government: (46 comments)

It finally pays off.

You just ruined 3 jokes that popped in my head about this. Thanks for the lols. ;)

2 days ago

German Court: Google Must Stop Ignoring Customer E-mails

Yakasha Re:define "customer" (290 comments)

How have I entered into a contractual obligation by using Google? What contractual obligation am I under or even is Google under by me entering a search term in a search box?

If you don't know, perhaps you should read the TOU...

It is at the bottom right under "Privacy & Terms". Once you click that, you'll see @ the top right of the page the "Terms of Service". Under that link is the text "Describes the rules you agree to when using our services." Most sites have something like this, and they all start out with "By using this site you agree to..."

5 days ago

Hewlett-Packard Pleads Guilty To Bribing Officials in Russia, Poland, and Mexico

Yakasha Re:Official Bags (110 comments)

HP Poland gave the government official bags filled with hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash

What are 'official bags'? Are those the ones with a big dollar sign on the side?

hmmmm too bad terrorists don't use "official bombs" with "bomb" written on the side.

I miss batman...

5 days ago

Hewlett-Packard Pleads Guilty To Bribing Officials in Russia, Poland, and Mexico

Yakasha Re:So what? (110 comments)

And as a matter of fact, it's the same way in America, only America calls it "expedite" (sp?) fee or "VIP" or some other term to make it legal, but really it's the same thing as paying someone to process your stuff first/better than others.

Actually, it's not. Certainly there are cases in which one can pay for speedier service, but those aren't all that common, particularly not in interactions with government.

Actually it is. The business culture in those countries is a lot different than here. People expect to get special treatment, special deals, and special offers. Right now the company I'm working for is modifying their systems to support multiple price lists for the sole purpose of making our Chinese clients think they're getting a great deal. Here, a widget costs $100 and we give a 25% discount. There it costs $750 and we give a 90% discount. Same item, same cost, same profit, different list price.

When getting past government regulations or setting up some licensing deal with a business, it is the same thing but on an individual front rather than a corporate front. They're not going to give you the business unless you give them a special deal, unless you make that person feel special and instrumental to your success... that means a couple extra $$ in some individual's pocket.

Why do you think the CIA was dropping off large bags of cash to Karzai every month for 10 years?

5 days ago

Windows Tax Shot Down In Italy

Yakasha Re:What about other devices? (418 comments)

I don't see how any of that matters. If you could buy the hardware without the software we might have an alternative OS; as it is the software is crammed down your throat.

Devices with an embedded OS are in a wildly different market than 3rd party OS for some random hardware.
Windows on PCs is a minimum of 2 parties: the OS developer and the hardware manufacturer. The only link between those two is on the business side. They're choosing to force you to buy them together. That collusion reeks of a monopoly.

Even a Macintosh desktop/laptop, though not an embedded OS, is a 1 party issue. Apple is selling their hardware with their operating system that runs it. Like an xbox, or a smart TV.

A better argument I think against the ruling would be to say that nobody is forced to buy a Dell. You can just as easily buy parts, without the OS, and have your computer. Personally, I see the deals with Microsoft as just a VAR under a slightly different contract. I don't think PCs are so complicated yet that the average person needs a hand-holding to avoid buying windows. They don't even need to build the computer themselves to avoid that cost, just go to the corner computer shop and say "build me a computer without windows." I have a feeling that 95-99% of the people that don't want Windows pre-installed aren't buying computers from places that pre-install windows.

Are there any numbers out there on that? For the people that buy a computer with windows pre-installed:
1. How many keep windows
2. How many ditch it for an alternative.

5 days ago

When Scientists Give Up

Yakasha Re:The obvious solution (347 comments)

What is the "less expensive" way to store & protect your anthrax, or other dangerous pathogen that you'd like to muck with?

You should have picked a better example. Remember just a while ago where a very well funded organization (CDC) with everything you mentioned misplaced some damned smallpox in a friggin' cardboard box?

It is a perfect example, right out of the article.

But since you brought up a well funded & "organized" agency like the CDC, who couldn't manage to care for their anthrax... Do you really want to move the research over to your neighbor's garage?

about a week ago

When Scientists Give Up

Yakasha Re:The obvious solution (347 comments)

It also forces you to come up with more efficient (read: less expensive) ways to work.

What is the "less expensive" way to store & protect your anthrax, or other dangerous pathogen that you'd like to muck with? How do you bypass the fees & other costs mandated by government, such as the FDA requirements for drug tests, or hazardous waste disposal, or a 24/7 guard & clean room to make sure your anthrax isn't stolen or accidentally released?

Sometimes, shooting a person in the head doesn't force them to come with a way to survive with a hole in their head... it just kills them.

The idea that "research can only be done at the behest of government" or "is only associated with university" is a modern fiction.

I think you're the only person saying that. I imagine most reasonable people understand that much research can be done at home, but some is prohibitively expensive or dangerous and therefore can't be a DIY project. From the article:

When the writing was on the wall a few years ago, Patterson says he bought his own souped-up computer so he could continue dabbling in research on the side. But those ideas aren't adding to the world's body of knowledge about biology.

Dabble. Dabbling is great. As you already pointed out, many people dabble right now and contribute to the world's scientific wealth. But since not everything has a low-cost, safe, DIY option, dabbling, as an alternative to grant funded research, also means a lot of research will never get done.

about a week ago

Text While Driving In Long Island and Have Your Phone Disabled

Yakasha With proposals like this... (363 comments)

Do you still think the phone kill switch was for our benefit?

Think that government use of the kill switch won't be considered in round 2 on this very issue?

about a week ago

Unpopular Programming Languages That Are Still Lucrative

Yakasha Easy answer (385 comments)

What are you looking for?

If you're looking for a steady paycheck, or you're a talentless hack that can't compete with a flooded market, or you're a self-starter that can master a weird language quickly without any instruction (are there even COBOL books out there anymore? ;), mastering COBOL is a worthy route. As the work is out there, and the employees aren't, you'll be nice and safe demanding a reasonably good salary. Just know that the company you're working for will be largish, established, and not giving out any high-flying stock options. You'll be able to retire in 20 years... probably with something old people like to call a "pension".

If you're looking for a lottery payout in the form of an IPO, or you're interested in cutting edge technology, or you're not sure what you want to do, or if you have no life and actually enjoy working 80 hours / week, or you want to do mobile phone development... then go for the more popular languages.

about a week ago

Silicon Valley Fights Order To Pay Bigger Settlement In Tech Talent Hiring Case

Yakasha Re:jail (200 comments)

No blanket penalties. If a company is convicted of something like that, remove the patents from whatever drugs they're offending with.

Commit a felony with a gun, and you're not allowed to own any guns; nor are you allowed to vote to change that! Commit a felony marketing any drug, you're not allowed to deal drugs.

Before anybody says that is not comparable, here are some facts about guns & drugs. Prescription medication accounts for 60% of OD deaths. Drug OD deaths have risen 102% since 1992 (to ~38000), while gun homicides have dropped 49% in the same period. Furthermore, owning a gun is an explicitly protected right, whereas selling drugs is not.

It is perfectly reasonable to ban an entire company from ever dealing any drugs ever again if they commit even 1 felony violation.

about a week ago

AT&T Says 10Mbps Is Too Fast For "Broadband," 4Mbps Is Enough

Yakasha Small typo... (526 comments)

The Commission should not change the baseline broadband speed threshold from 4Mbps downstream and 1Mbps upstream because a 4/1 Mbps connection is still sufficient to perform the primary functions identified in section 706 [of the Telecommunications Act]â"high-quality voice, video, or data,' the NCTA wrote."


about two weeks ago

Silicon Valley Fights Order To Pay Bigger Settlement In Tech Talent Hiring Case

Yakasha Re:jail (200 comments)

The DOJ settled with them and made them pinky swear to follow the law for the next 5 years.

not kidding...

Yes, it is the same with pharmaceuticals and off-label marketing. If convicted of felony off-label marketing, a company is permanently barred from selling drugs to government programs, like Medicare. But of course what would happen if the manufacturer of a popular blood pressure medicine was banned from selling to Medicare? A lot of old people would die.

So instead, despite repeated, multiple, ongoing criminal fraud and multiple violated integrity agreements, and despite fines now exceeding $2 billion dollars, somehow, magically, they're never convicted of felony fraud.

Obama (and Bush) claim it is in the best interest of the people, because they can't ban those companies and lose the drugs. Too big to fail. But the solution is stupid simple:

Ban the company, revoke ALL their patents, thus allowing any other company on the planet to manufacture every one of their drugs, and be done. Off-label marketing will absolutely stop dead if J&J goes from a $100+ billion innovator to a $100 million generic drug manufacturer overnight.

about two weeks ago

Silicon Valley Fights Order To Pay Bigger Settlement In Tech Talent Hiring Case

Yakasha jail (200 comments)

what kind of compensation or punitive action do you think is fair?


Continuing the analogy given by the plaintiff, if you steal a $400 iPad, you're going to jail. So, send the fuckers to jail. There are emails, from individuals. Those individuals committed crimes. Put them in jail.

Rich people & corporations have money, lots of it. And they can always get more. ANY financial penalty is "only money".

We all have a limited amount of time on this planet. 10 years in prison should convince other CEOs to not be dumb again.

about two weeks ago

Dell Demos 5K Display

Yakasha Re:In other news: Are 4K displays worth getting ye (204 comments)

A lot of folks at work are switching to these and they seem happy.

I'm going for a stand-up desk first. I'll look into the 4k monitor early next year and see how things are then.

I'm getting an adjustable stand/sit desk next week too. :) Going corporate does have some perks.

Definitely if you can wait, do wait. The Seiki tvs will get people to stop overpaying for "monitors", and drop prices all around.

about two weeks ago

DMCA Claim Over GPL Non-Compliance Shuts Off Minecraft Plug-Ins

Yakasha Re: What the heck? (354 comments)

1. Somebody decompiled Mojang's minecraft server, creating bukkit, released under GPL.
2. Wolfe contributes code to bukkit
3. Mojang buys bukkit
4. Mojang releases update to bukkit that includes decompiled code and wolfe's GPL'd contributions.

Wolfe believes point #4 is what makes the problems. Mojang has now released a piece of software that includes their own decompiled code and wolfe's gpl code. Wolfe believes the fact that the MineCraft server code was sent through the washing machine (compiled-decompiled-compiled) before being released is irrelevant to the gpl license, so the original server code must be released.

about two weeks ago


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