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Systemd Adding Its Own Console To Linux Systems

Yer Mom Re:Or we learn from others mistakes (774 comments)

No, it's Slashdot. You have to put é to get é.

I have no idea if beta is similarly broken, but I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised.

about 4 months ago

TSA Prohibits Taking Discharged Electronic Devices Onto Planes

Yer Mom Re:I "heart" TSA (702 comments)

TSA prohibits arranging your junk

I thought they did that for you?

about 7 months ago

Don't Want Google In Your House? Here Are a Few Home-Tech Startups To Watch

Yer Mom Re:Clickbait (88 comments)

As is not at least linking to the single-page view.

(And who breaks pages in the middle of a sentence?)

about 7 months ago

The Sci-Fi Myth of Robotic Competence

Yer Mom Re:No! (255 comments)

I probably see a half dozen accidents a year avoided by someone taking the shoulder
because the car in front stopped too fast.

You mean "by someone taking the shoulder because they were driving too damn close to the car in front", I think...

about 8 months ago

Firefox 29: Redesign

Yer Mom Re:Pale Moon: Firefox with adult supervision. (688 comments)

Pale Moon has a 64-bit version.

Well, Pale Moon has a 64-bit Windows version. It doesn't have versions for 64-bit OS X or Linux. Or 32-bit, for that matter.

Given there's a fair number of non-Windows users on Slashdot — assuming Beta hasn't driven them all off, that is — it might have helped to mention Pale Moon is Windows-only.

about 8 months ago

Not Just a Cleanup Any More: LibreSSL Project Announced

Yer Mom Re:Please change the name! (360 comments)

So, how about FreedomSSL, then?

about 9 months ago

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Unix Admins

Yer Mom Re:Tmux (136 comments)

Make me!

make: *** No rule to make target `me!'. Stop.

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Are Linux Desktop Users More Pragmatic Now Or Is It Inertia?

Yer Mom Re:post internet stock crash (503 comments)

Imagine a world where after 3 years the applications can't even run on your old system and you have to replace it to get new applications.

As a Mac user, I have to say that I don't need to imagine very hard.

Most users upgrade to a new version of OS X within the first month or so. App developers target the new version pretty much from the start, with old OS versions becoming unsupported fairly quickly.

And Apple's not afraid to cut off old hardware with a new OS X release, in order to avoid having to keep a load of legacy support code around. You generally get a bit longer than 3 years, though; 5 or 6 is more like it. And once you're cut off from new OS X versions, you're cut off from new versions of a lot of other software.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Are AdBlock's Days Numbered?

Yer Mom Re:You own your computer (731 comments)

Since you're on slashdot, zero tolerance by an anonymous coward means you're getting fed ads.

Unless you're logged in with the "Disable ads" box checked and you also checked the "Post anonymously" box, of course :)

As for content providers having the right to display on my computer when I request their site: when I go to example.com, I'm requesting content from example.com. If that page has an include from doubleclick.net, I'm not the one requesting doubleclick.net — example.com is. They have no right to agree to that on my behalf, and I'm quite happy to take whatever action is necessary to enforce that.

Your last two paragraphs get to the point of the whole matter, of course: somebody who's deliberately blocking ads is not going to sit there and view them rather than look at a blank page — they're going to go somewhere else.

Perhaps if a large number of sites start requiring ads we'll see something like the piracy scene, where someone downloads the page with ads, copies the actual content out of it, and republishes that somewhere on the darker side of the net.

1 year,8 days

Taiwan Protests Apple Maps That Show Island As Province of China

Yer Mom Re:Apple maps? (262 comments)

Some days it feels like it came from /dev/urandom...

about a year ago

Google Fiber Partially Reverses Server Ban

Yer Mom Re:Freedom of Speech / Freedom to Listen? (169 comments)

Why don't they just give you a NAT'ed address and be done with it forever.

This is probably one of the reasons for server ban clauses these days — if they do decide to go to carrier-grade NAT rather than, say, actually getting IPv6 working, then they can dismiss complaints of breakage with "you shouldn't have been running a server anyway"...

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Are We Witnessing the Decline of Ubuntu?

Yer Mom Re:Community and OS declined, I switched to OSX. (631 comments)

But what about the incomplete keyboard on the Macs?

On the laptops, yes — but just about every laptop seems to be the same, sadly.

On the desktop, you get a full keyboard if you spec your Mac with the wired keyboard. The wireless one is only available in the incomplete laptop style. (Why Apple can't make a wireless version is beyond me)

You may need to order direct from Apple, or buy through an Apple Store to do that, as anybody else selling Macs is likely to only have the standard configs, and I think only the Mac Pro specifies the wired keyboard as standard these days.

about a year ago

Georgia Cop Issues 800 Tickets To Drivers Texting At Red Lights

Yer Mom Re:Officer dickhead is a dickhead. (1440 comments)

You're nuts. I've been driving a manual transmission for my entire life and was *never* told to put the hand brake on at a red light. In fact, I was specifically told not to, because it takes time to disengage and can impede traffic if you have it on when the signal turns to green.

I was taught to use the hand brake at a red light; mind you, I'm in the UK where the light goes from red to green via red and amber shown simultaneously, as a "get ready to go" warning.

Keeping your foot on the brake at traffic lights might have been OK before high-level brake lights were a common thing, but these days it's just a great way to annoy the guy behind you — especially at night.

(Aside: wow, I had to type — rather than just typing an em dash. It's only 2013 — who needs UTF-8 support?)

about a year ago

Apple Starts Blocking Unauthorized Lightning Cables With iOS 7

Yer Mom Re: In other news (663 comments)

Apple could replace the home screen with a Goatse

Well, it certainly has rounded corners...

about a year ago

Campaign To Kill CAPTCHA Kicks Off

Yer Mom Re:This is a very hard problem (558 comments)

If they are blind, deaf AND mute all 3 at the same time, then yeah, there is a problem

At this point you throw them to a pinball game and check their high score.

about a year and a half ago


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