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Ask Slashdot: What To Do About Repeated Internet Overbilling?

YesIAmAScript 2x AT&T's elite service? (343 comments)

AT&T UVerse is 26-36mbit if your system has their FTTN upgrades. And if you can get, chances are it has them.

sonic's tech support is truly fantastic, but I can't deal with the slow speeds anymore. The upstream speed is particularly glacial.


Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead

YesIAmAScript NIMBYs? Crackpots? (518 comments)

California has had 2-3 of these running for decades. Yes, newer ones are bigger, but even the smaller ones like the one in Coalinga can fry a bird if it flies near the focal point.

Maybe just stop building these. They are quite expensive. They are the most expensive source of electricity, bar none. (sort by levelised cost).

about two weeks ago

Project Aims To Build a Fully Open SoC and Dev Board

YesIAmAScript Raspberry Pi was putting a chip on a board (47 comments)

Well, securing supply of an already existing chip at a good price and putting it on a board.

That doesn't relate to designing an entire SoC and getting it fabbed.

about two weeks ago

How Google Map Hackers Can Destroy a Business

YesIAmAScript you need to claim your business (132 comments)

Make a google account. Claim the business. go through the verification process.

And then after that they only take updates from you unless someone else can succeed at the verification process which should be a bit hard without pilfering your mail.

about a month and a half ago

Netflix Could Be Classified As a 'Cybersecurity Threat' Under New CISPA Rules

YesIAmAScript it's not not an effort (125 comments)

"that may result in an unauthorized effort to adversely impact the security, availability, confidentiality, or integrity of an information system or information that is stored on, processed by, or transiting an information system."

It's not an effort (authorized or unauthorized) to adversely impact any of those things. It is an effort to deliver video.

You changed "effort" to "impact". You're changing the meaning of the sentence.

If someone were to hijack Netflix' traffic to create an effort to deny service, then that would be a denial of service attack and ISPs could counter that, as ISPs already counter DoS attacks.

about a month ago

Netflix Could Be Classified As a 'Cybersecurity Threat' Under New CISPA Rules

YesIAmAScript no, it's not true (125 comments)

According to the bill a threat is anything which is anything which is part of an unauthorized effort to deny access. Netflix streaming which inadvertently leads to a denial of access would not be part of an effort to deny access.

Here is the bill.


about a month ago

BMW, Mazda Keen To Meet With Tesla About Charging Technology

YesIAmAScript Re:nissan or mazda? (137 comments)

No LEAF has a 3.3kW charger any more. All models, including the base S support 6.6kW beginning with the (now current) 2014 models.

about 2 months ago

Russian RD-180 Embargo Could Boost American Rocket Industry

YesIAmAScript they do have redundancy (179 comments)

One of the companies who makes the launch system was required to take out a license to produce the boosters themselves. This is the backup plan.

It's not a great backup plan, because just having the plans and license doesn't mean you necessarily can make them, especially with the reliability needed for defense launches.

about 2 months ago

Sparse's Story Illustrates the Potholes Faced By Hardware Start-Ups

YesIAmAScript Re:Shame the light itself sucks (103 comments)

What 900 lumen light are you using?

I've got a couple 900 lumen lights and they're bright enough that if I shine them at cars the drivers are mildly upset about the brightness. It's like hitting them with high beams (although not covering as much area as a headlight).

I agree 200 lumens and the down-facing output is strange. I expect this is for urban riders who mostly use the streetlights to see.

about 3 months ago

How MIT and Caltech's Coding Breakthrough Could Accelerate Mobile Network Speeds

YesIAmAScript in simplified terms, it's forward error correction (129 comments)

And why do they use TCP if they are trying to avoid retransmissions due to lost/corrupt packets?

This seems to say that it's most trying to avoid link-layer retransmission, not transport-layer. So somehow I need to figure out all the links my transmission is traversing and disable link-layer retransmission on all of them?

about 3 months ago

The Brakes That Stop a 1,000 MPH Bloodhound SSC

YesIAmAScript Killowatts are power, not energy (262 comments)

And 4.6kW isn't that much power anyway. About 60HP.

I've seen resistor boxes used for testing EVSEs that take 6.6kW and of course don't fail.

about 3 months ago

Sony Warns Demand For Blu-Ray Diminishing Faster Than Expected

YesIAmAScript people complain about the DRM (477 comments)

But there is no legal alternative. AACS may suck in principle, but it has been broken. I can buy a Blu-Ray and rip it bit-for-bit. There is no other HD content you are offered you can do this for. Netflix? Nope. Amazon/iTunes/UltraViolet/etc.? Nope.

And HDCP? It sure is a pain in the butt. But it is on every other bit of legal HD studio content too. You cannot watch Hollywood HD content on any device in your house unless it has a built-in display (like a laptop, tablet or phone) or has HDCP. It's not just Blu-Ray, it's Netflix, iTunes, etc. So if you're going to put down Blu-Ray for that, you're just going to have to turn pirate or else watch in SD.

The thing that really gets me about Blu-Ray, which other systems don't have, is all those stupid forced previews before the movies. As long as the studios put that junk on their Blu-Ray discs, they are going to discourage people from buying Blu-Ray discs. And that's on top of the existing discouragement of having to buy a drive.

about 4 months ago

Sony Warns Demand For Blu-Ray Diminishing Faster Than Expected

YesIAmAScript you missed some (477 comments)

3/4 U-matic was a huge success. Betacam was a huge success. 8mm was a big success. 3.5" floppy was a HUGE success.

DAT was a failure.

MiniDisc was not a failure. It was big in Europe and Japan.

DVD was partially Sony's work (split with Matsushita, just as CD was split with Philips).

A lot of the reason people think Sony has a penchant for failed formats is Sony creates a lot of formats. You can't fail if you don't try.

about 4 months ago

Reason Suggests DoJ Closing Porn Stars' Bank Accounts

YesIAmAScript according to cryptocoin news? (548 comments)

Come on guys.

Given Wells Fargo is currently accepting these people as customers, I think you need to produce a higher standard of proof before this conspiracy becomes believable.

about 4 months ago

Target Moves To Chip and Pin Cards To Boost Security

YesIAmAScript that's not true (210 comments)

Although most of these attacks require you be able to clone the data reaped from EMV onto a stripe card and use it in a place that accepts stripe swipes. If the US stops accepting those, it will reduce fraud by presenting less opportunity. But it won't be because EMV prevented data extraction, but because you can't (currently) clone onto an EMV card.

about 4 months ago

Target Moves To Chip and Pin Cards To Boost Security

YesIAmAScript if that card is Chip and sign, you're boned (210 comments)

It still has to be swiped in Europe.

You need a Chip and PIN card. Wells Fargo issues them now. And Chase does for some cards too. You really should be getting one of those before you go.

If you don't have the PIN for your card, you don't have a Chip and PIN card and you'll be in a slightly worse boat in Europe than a card that doesn't have a chip because you'll usually have to tell them "ignore that chip, you have to swipe that" every time you use the card.

about 4 months ago

Target Moves To Chip and Pin Cards To Boost Security

YesIAmAScript their terminals already had it (210 comments)

The terminals that had the problem were their new (few months old) chip and PIN-capable EMV terminals.

Chip and PIN doesn't fix the breach Target had. Only Chip and PIN with tokenization does.

I already have one Chip and PIN card from my bank (US bank) and I'm trying to get my other one switched too. But it doesn't fix this problem.

Target, if you replace your terminals again, please get ones that do Chip and PIN and also NFC and PIN please?

about 4 months ago

Oklahoma Moves To Discourage Solar and Wind Power

YesIAmAScript Re:that's an empty threat (504 comments)

Sorry, that 2nd number should be $0.027/kWh, not $0.0027. They are getting a 5:1 spread, not a 50:1 spread. My error.

Still, the users are currently getting a huge subsidy, one they would lose if they went to battery storage and off the grid.

So they are not going to go off-grid if their subsidy gets merely slightly smaller.

about 4 months ago

Oklahoma Moves To Discourage Solar and Wind Power

YesIAmAScript that's an empty threat (504 comments)

These customers currently (using OGE, one of the utilities for Oklahoma as an example) get to sell power during the day at $0.14/kWh and buy it back at night at $0.0027/kWh. They are using the grid as a 500% efficient battery.

If they go to using an actual battery, will have to increase the size of their array many times in order to reach the same level of monthly bill reduction they currnetly have. And they have to buy a battery.

The current plan is an enormous subsidy to solar customers. That's why they will stick with it. Even if a fee is tacked on top which reduces their financial advantage it will still be far more financially advantageous than going off-grid.

about 4 months ago


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