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What Happened To the Bay Bridge?

Yonzie Re:No worries about the Bay Bridge! (407 comments)

Bridges aren't that expensive, it's the assembly and installation that kills you.

... so it's like buying Ikea?

more than 5 years ago

In the next 12 months, I expect to travel by air ...

Yonzie Re:The thrill is gone. (408 comments)

According to the respective websites, an Iberia flight to Madrid takes 16 hours on an Airbus, while a Lufthansa flight to Stuttgart takes 11 hours on a 747! Astonishingly, the Lufthansa flight is cheaper, too.

The plane is not the deciding factor in the time of those two flights. All commercial jets have a cruising speed of approximately 900km/h (550mph). The Airbus in your example would have to cruise at around 600km/h, provided the distance is equal. Seeing how it's quite a bit further to germany, the Iberia schedule must hide something or just be plain wrong.

more than 5 years ago

Math on iPhones Just Doesn't Add Up?

Yonzie Re:i know! (289 comments)

A better analogy would be that a Mac is like a Lotus. While the engine (CPU) may be smaller and have less horsepower than the competition, the total output (efficiency) is higher than the competition due to the car being engineered to be light (nice interface (OS)). On YouTube, there's a video with a F40 vs. Elise going around a track. While it's obvious that the Ferrari has way more power, the Elise can almost keep up due to being fastest in the corners.

The appeal of Macs is partly the nice packaging (the computer), but once you get to know OS X, Windows is just a kludge, and you have difficulty going back. The Lotus is the same, since other fast cars are generally heavy and can be cumbersome to get around the corners. The Lotus drives like it's on rails.

Disclosure: I switched to Macs 2.5 years ago. I've never even touched a Lotus. I've been a passenger in an F40 once when I was like 12 at some charity-thing.

about 7 years ago


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