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Apple Doesn't Design For Yesterday

Your.Master Re: I don't follow (308 comments)

What happens when you plug in a projector?

This is not a workable heuristic because resolution is not an invariant.

10 hours ago

Despite Patent Settlement, Apple Pulls Bose Merchandise From Its Stores

Your.Master Re:One crap audio brand battling with another (298 comments)

That's about the 70th percentile for household income (thus, a higher percentile for individual income). A median average US household makes around $50k, and a mean average US household makes around $60k, the 20% difference reflecting considerable skew from very high income households. That is household income, not individual salary, and most married Americans are dual-income (I couldn't find stats specifically on unmarried but living together, but I would guess that's even more likely to be dual-income than married), so a typical US salary is considerably under 70k.

There might be a language barrier issue here. The term "X figure" talks about the number of digits of dollars (excluding everything past the decimal) over the course of a year. A mathematically inclined person might rephrase that as saying it's "on the order of 10^X dollars". So a 6k figure job is a job that pays massively more than a googol of dollars.

You have assumed (reasonably, IMO) that he meant 6000 dollars per month. It's just not what he actually said.

12 hours ago

Mixing Agile With Waterfall For Code Quality

Your.Master Re:none of this does real work (132 comments)

Very short feedback loop and adaptation cycle

A common characteristic of agile development are daily status meetings or "stand-ups", e.g. Daily Scrum (Meeting). In a brief session, team members report to each other what they did the previous day, what they intend to do today, and what their roadblocks are.[14]


Can you tell us the one true agile that doesn't have lots and lots of meetings? In my experience, Waterfall frontloads a few megameetings, whereas Agile backloads them in nickels and dimes.

2 days ago

White House Wants Ideas For "Bootstrapping a Solar System Civilization"

Your.Master Re:Baby steps (348 comments)

Even with massive improvements to propulsion, you would want a near-closed-system. The Antarctica station is kind of what you're talking about, but it's a huge stretch to say we have civilization on Antarctica, and that's a situation where we have much much much better propulsive technologies relative to the distances involved. I'm going to define "

Also, it's not entirely clear what the Martians are going to sell to the Earthlings, but they'll be a captive audience for Earth's food monopoly if they can't sustain themselves (for example). Note that it has to be worth more than the energy cost of sending that food -- no matter how good our propulsive technologies get, there's a fixed lower bound on the energy requirements to leave Earth orbit.

I think anything short of an actual teleporter means that an interplanetary/inter...lunarary(?) civilization will need to be able to support itself as a closed system indefinitely, or at least for a matter of decades. This is assuming we don't download our consciousness to robots, or consider AI robots part of our civilization, or something bizarre like that -- in other words, it assumes that civilization means a permanent, multigenerational settlement of flesh-and-blood human beings that can live their entire lives without ever going to Earth.

3 days ago

Scientists Find Rats Aren't Smarter Than Mice, and That's Important

Your.Master Re:Brain and body size. Why? (153 comments)

I'm pretty sure the motor control nerves also serve as signal amplifiers, so you don't need more brain cells to drive a larger muscle.

Not necessarily. I can easily imagine larger creatures needing finer motor control compared to their size (note that large humans are often described as "clumsy" and small humans as "graceful"). In a similar vein, I know one proposed theory about why humans are so much weaker than chimpanzees is because we dedicate way more brainpower to fine motor control (one source:

3 days ago

Tech Workers Oppose Settlement They Reached In Silicon Valley Hiring Case

Your.Master Re:Systemic abuse can only be handled one way (54 comments)

The crime is that their employees' wages were artificially reduced. You want to respond by further reducing those wages to 0?

4 days ago

Oxytocin Regulates Sociosexual Behavior In Female Mice

Your.Master Re: This is why I only fuck other men. (216 comments)

It might be closer to satire but it's not satire, it's primarily intended to elicit negative reactions. I would disagree with a definition of trolling that says that enlightenment is part of the intent.

As for patent troll, I think that's a separate derivation; it's not really the same word. Internet trolling is like fishing-trolling:, and we get a troll as "someone who trolls". Perhaps instead it should be angler.

Patent troll is like mythological trolls that live under bridges and collect tolls:

about a week ago

A Critical Look At Walter "Scorpion" O'Brien

Your.Master Re:Then, he's the writer of the series? (191 comments)

The Da Vinci code famously includes the line:

FACT:... All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals in this novel are accurate.

They were not accurate.

I think the difference is, I get the impression that this Scorpion guy believes his own bullshit to a degree.

about a week ago

What Will It Take To Run a 2-Hour Marathon?

Your.Master Re: Summary (254 comments)


That's generally an American regionalism, that comes about mainly because it's not easy to do what we did in the pre-print era and stick both the quote superscript and the punctuation subscript in the same "slot".

about a week ago

Why the Trolls Will Always Win

Your.Master Re:Anonymity == being a schmuck for a good number. (715 comments)

I have literally never been called a cheating bastard in my life. The only times men are called cheating bastards are if they are suspected of cheating on their partners (albeit "cheating" and "suspected" can be defined liberally in some extreme edge cases). No, it's not the same as whore. There really isn't a "the same as whore" (there also isn't the a "the same as womanizer", which I would say is a little closer to a parallel).

If you're not a sexist asshole, then why are you throwing in with the assholes? For the sake of argument, I'll assume you're white. When we say the kkk is racist, we aren't saying all white people are racist. Even when we point out the kkk guy is white, we're not calling you a member of the kkk.

When you point out that there are men abusing women, nobody has said that you are abusing women. It's a composition fallacy. If it's not about you, then it's not about you. The burned of responsibility wasn't shifted to the gender in the first place.

-- And yes, I fully admit that there are people who will wield the composition fallacy as a weapon. Just as there are people who will blame all Christians for abortion clinic bombings or all Muslims for 9/11, they are all blithering morons. But if I point out that the KKK or abortion clinic bombers are Christian terrorists, you waste everybody's time by jumping in and saying you are tired of your little small-town Church being blamed for murders and racism. If it's not you, it's not you; move along.

about a week ago

Why the Trolls Will Always Win

Your.Master Re:Anonymity == being a schmuck for a good number. (715 comments)

It's true that men tend to under-report. But now that evidence has been presented, it's incumbent upon *you* to provide evidence that these factors are sufficient to account for the difference.

Calling a person "slut" for example would not necessarily be considered abuse by the male, and would more likely be considered abuse by the female.

...That doesn't even seem unreasonable to me, considering that a female is much more likely to be called a slut in an abusive manner. You can't draw a parallel statement there. Context is important.

I bet men will take a threat like "I'll chip your dick off with this ginsu knife" -- from a person holding a ginsu knife menacingly -- more seriously than women. I do not have statistics to back this up, but I will not take seriously anybody who asserts otherwise without a very good reason. You have to know your audience if you want to make an idle threat in good fun.

While you go pull more made up numbers to back your tangent, nothing gets done to resolve the real issue.

They weren't made-up numbers, he cited his sources.

Lastly, as I stated above, this whole argument is a tangent to the real issue which is "Trolling" or "Abuse".

No, not completely. There are two relevant aspects:

First, if victims are disproportionately in some class or another, that's important in figuring out how to address the problem. This is Amdahl's law. It may prove productive to spend effort reducing 70% of abuse by 50% (net: 35% reduction in abuse), compared to spending the same effort reducing 100% of the abuse by 10%.

Second, if class status is used as a weapon (even if it had literally no role in choosing a target), it's still useful to know. You yourself were citing that women are more likely to perceive words like "slut" as abuse than men are. Perhaps you're right and the problem is a big misunderstanding. A potential solution, then, is to educate people on how their words, intended as non-threatening, can be taken as threatening when seen from another perspective. That's sort of what happened in the case cited above with swatting -- that case didn't involve sexism or anything like that, but it's similar in that the kid that seemed to genuinely not understand the full consequences of his actions. Which doesn't excuse them. But that's why I think the 25 years he was sentenced to was excessive -- I tend to suspect that a month in jail would be more than enough to ensure he would *never* do that again and fully integrate an understanding of consequences into his psyche (even a week would probably do it); 25 years can only be justified as "sending a message" by pulling in another round of media coverage, which is a form of education, even if it is IMO unjust.

about a week ago

2014 Nobel Peace Prize Awarded To Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzay

Your.Master Re:Irony (144 comments)

I'd be wary of the term "sexist against". The purpose of ladies' night is to increase the pool of women that straight men can hit on by providing women an incentive. Somewhat more sinisterly, those women are able to consume more alcohol so their judgement is also likely to be more impaired on average.

So it's not really against men or against women, it's more complicated than that.

It is sexist though, and it's not actually universally legal.

about two weeks ago

FBI Says It Will Hire No One Who Lies About Illegal Downloading

Your.Master Re:Polygraph (574 comments)

Your prize is the slightly higher income.

about two weeks ago

Ebola Vaccine Trials Forcing Tough Choices

Your.Master Re:funny that.... (178 comments)

That article cites a vaccine from GlaxoSmithKline that started human trials on September 2nd, and also mentioned the Public Health Agency of Canada vaccine. These aren't hypothetical. They are untested, but not hypothetical.

about two weeks ago

Fusion Reactor Concept Could Be Cheaper Than Coal

Your.Master Re:Wait... (315 comments)

Why are people pretending not to understand what they're talking about?

about two weeks ago

Studies Conclude Hands-Free-calling and Apple Siri Distract Drivers

Your.Master Re:So.. (208 comments)

there writing a "rule" down on a piece of paper is not going to have a measurable effect on whether I crash or not in a given period.

Citation needed. Writing a rule down on a piece of paper leads to enforcement of such rules, and enforcement of such rules typically leads to people avoiding breaking those rules *even if they disagree with the rule and are only trying not to get caught*. If the rule happens to promote safety, then it would be expected that writing that rule on that legal piece of paper could promote safety.

For a non-safety-related case, you could just walk around in Seattle after the first legal pot shops opened and smell the Marijuana everywhere in a way you didn't the previous week. Some of that was just excitement about a change, to be sure.

about two weeks ago

Complain About Comcast, Get Fired From Your Job

Your.Master Re:So, it has come to this. (740 comments)

Given that "citizenship" and "national origin" are protected classes, the only people who are not in a protected class are by definition American-born American citizens, who still obviously have legally-encoded special rights in the United States eg. hiring Americans preferentially to via workers. So even they are "protected" in a sense -- we can fairly say that everybody is in a quasiprotected class.

So in any organization that has international employees, basically everybody is in a quasi-protected class, and therefore the documentation requirements are incumbent upon everybody.

Of course another aspect of this is that, with frequency that may surprise you, people will say out loud with witnesses, or in writing, or whatever, that they are letting somebody go for one of those reasons that is explicitly illegal. That sort of statement makes it an open-and-shut case.

about two weeks ago



IE8 to default to IE8 standards mode, not IE7

Your.Master Your.Master writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Your.Master (1088569) writes "After weeks of frustrated developers calling for blood, Microsoft has reversed their earlier decision about backwards compatibility. The reasons for doing so are detailed on the latest IE blog entry. Web developers can still explicitly opt-in to IE7 compatibility mode."

IE8 to use full standards DOCTYPE switch after all

Your.Master Your.Master writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Your.Master (1088569) writes "There's been a lot of fuss about the new IE8 meta tag. After scraping through the comments, it seems apropos to mention some facts about IE8 that were overlooked in previous articles: first, there is a registry setting to force IE8 to always use IE8 standards mode, and far more importantly, future, current unestablished well-formed DOCTYPES, such as the upcoming HTML5, will cause DOCTYPE-switching to IE8 standards mode in IE8. The meta tag is apparently intended to allow opt-in for currently-used DOCTYPEs, and to let future versions of IE know to limit themselves to IE8's capabilities (or to tell IE8+ to use IE7's "standards mode", or quirks mode)."


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