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The Sony Pictures Hack Was Even Worse Than Everyone Thought

Yurka It's an isolated incident, (528 comments)

now let us all hurry up and move our entire digital lives to the Cloud!

about 2 months ago

TSA Withdraws Subpoenas Against Bloggers

Yurka And the lesson is (125 comments)

Cooperate - and get two hours of grilling and a borked laptop. And the half-assed apology.
Tell the feds to go get a clue about procedure and return with a warrant - get the half-assed apology and keep your electronics in working order.

about 5 years ago

Russia Plans To Divert Asteroid

Yurka Relax (305 comments)

It's just another way of diverting the flow of government money into a few carefully chosen pockets. As is the nano-technology research program, and the snow-free winters mentioned earlier today. Think about it: an open-ended grant with no accountability for a quarter century - and likely ever? They'll get a couple government defaults and an odd coup in between, who's going to care about the small stuff.

about 5 years ago

Will Google and Android Kill Standalone GPS?

Yurka Another reason (439 comments)

Google street maps are not by Google (so far; this may change, of course). TomTom owns Tele Atlas (which owns GDT), and is therefore one of only 2 companies with established road network data business (the other one being Nokia, nee NAVTEQ - and Tele Atlas has always had a better coverage outside North America). The exponential explosion in geocoding devices cannot be anything but good for the licensing revenue of these 2 companies. Garmin, though, has no prayer in this segment and would do good to concentrate on hiking market.

more than 4 years ago

NVIDIA Predicts 570x GPU Performance Boost

Yurka OK (295 comments)

But they'd better hurry up with "Mr. Fusion" which will be needed to power that thing, and finally buy the license for that demon of Mr. Maxwell's to cool it.

more than 5 years ago

AT&T, Comcast To Join RIAA Team

Yurka another day, another outrage (360 comments)

Oh great. Another batch of "that does it, I am ditching Comcast". Note also that they didn't even have to do anything yet, just put out a press release, and the troublemakers (sharers in this case) are busy playing the Crack Suicide Squad - which is exactly what's required from the point of view of the ISPs. Just get them off your own lawn, and report progress to RIAA. There's always enough lemmings (who don't know and don't care) to pay the bills.

Now, if the comments were running to the side of "that does it, I'm getting Comcast accounts for everyone and the dog and sharing like it's 1999", that would make more sense as a response. Otherwise, get used to the periodical pronouncements - they don't cost anything and are having at least some effect.

about 6 years ago

Plasma Plants Vaporize Trash While Creating Energy

Yurka seems a bit stingy (618 comments)

1.2 kW per household? A hair dryer eats more than this.

more than 6 years ago


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