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Max Payne 3 Announced For Next Winter

ZJVavrek Re:Didn't the movie do bad enough? (73 comments)

How so? Tell me, did you return home from the theater only to find that your copies of Max Payne and Max Payne 2 had been stolen from your collection? Did you, upon mourning their loss, realize that you could only think of Nicole Horne as some vaguely cheerful woman to the side and that you had no idea where the name Vlad kept entering your head from?

The series still exists and will exist for a very long time. Your memories still exist, but I can't speak to how long they will last. The movie version can never actually ruin the book, or the game, or the events of real life upon which it is based.

I don't expect Max Payne 3 to be good, or bad, because I have no prior experience with this studio of Rockstar's. They made Bully, according to what I've read. Was that any good? (The concept seemed fun.)

*Still waiting for A.Wake...*

more than 5 years ago

Visual Hallucinations Are a Normal Grief Reaction

ZJVavrek Re:Jesus. (550 comments)

I shouldn't post 6 hours after I should go to sleep. "the thing" refers to the Bible, not The Authoritarians, which is a wonderful book that I finished recently.

more than 6 years ago

Visual Hallucinations Are a Normal Grief Reaction

ZJVavrek Re:Jesus. (550 comments)

I've never gotten around to reading the thing, but in The Authoritarians, in an evaluation of reconciling incompatible beliefs, it's pointed out that there are several accounts of the resurrection. Each one has its own details which differ slightly from the others. Who was there, what was said, etc. I don't remember if the tangibility of Jesus was one of those.

It certainly helps the premise that a handful of the apostles, in mourning over someone important to them, all happened to dream similar dreams.

more than 6 years ago


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