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Noise Cancelling in Software?

Zach Garner Re:My child once talked for eight hours straight . (84 comments)

the only stores for thousands of miles in any direction sold only alcohol, Mormon cookbooks, and knives.

Sounds like a bad day for the Mormons if you're hungry.

Recipe from the Mormon Cookbook:

Mormon Flambé

- 1 Cup 80 Proof Liquor (Cognac is a good choice)
- 3 Slices Mormon Bacon, Diced
- 2 8-Ounce Mormon Steaks

1. Fry Bacon until fat renders out
2. Cook Mormon steaks 4-5 minutes on each side, on Medium heat
3. Remove pan from heat
4. Add in warm Liquor (heated in a small saucepan until bubble start to form)
5. Using a long match, ignite Liquor
6. Serve immediately after flames die down.


more than 9 years ago


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