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Zagato-sama Re:The problem with variety (480 comments)

What Linux is _now_ is irrelevant. It started out as what? A personal project by Linus to make a unix like OS for a 386 as he couldn't afford a commercially licensed one? What if someone had told Linus that he is a fool and should stick to Minix? (Or whatever else was floating around that time) Our NT hating friend believes that no new operating systems have the right to enter the market, luring developers from his precious linux. That _is_ the problem. >> "We (Linux) have grown, and it is now our believe that all other projects out there are useless, so we shall label them as foolish ideas as we all know Linux is the way of the future" Sooner or later this will blow up in Linux's face, a lot of BeOS users have already been alienated by Eric Raymond's comment a few months ago. If this trend continues then sooner or later a chunk of Linux's developers will pack up and leave. I certainly wouldn't want to be part of a movement that dictates what I should and shouldn't do.

more than 14 years ago


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