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The Comcast/TWC Merger Is About Controlling Information

Zebai Re:Just out of curiosity (107 comments)

I'm not really for it but i'm not against it either, most of the people here yelling against it are against it just because they don't like comcast. Comcast has a lot of faults but I don't see how refusing this merger will make things better or worse for anyone, It will not really stifle competition because the companies don't really compete with each other and Time Warner has just as much problems as comcast does its just different problems. If i had one major thing to gripe about comcast its their decision to rely outsourcers who by their very nature care nothing about the customer only that the quickest they get done with that job or that call the more jobs or calls they can do that day and more money they can make so they have less focus on resolving things than just pushing you off to the next person.

about a week ago

Final Fantasy XIV Failed Due To Overly Detailed Flowerpots

Zebai Re:Ivory tower much? (195 comments)

As someone who actually tried the revamped version I believe they have done a good job fixing all the concerns your listed above. There's no need to grind at all for your primary class as quests can take you the entire way there. If for any reason you find you don't know where to go next they have a very nice recommended quest/zone/dungeon list and loading is not any worse than any other game. I played a new character up to around 35 on my main class and I enjoyed most of it. Not playing it anymore but that's more me not spending as much time playing games period anymore.

about a month ago

Google Fiber Launches In Provo — and Here's What It Feels Like

Zebai Re:A wild competition appeared (338 comments)

I forgot one tier, some areas have a 305 package also

about 3 months ago

Google Fiber Launches In Provo — and Here's What It Feels Like

Zebai Re:A wild competition appeared (338 comments)

I think you may be incorrect on those speeds. Comcast speed tiers are 3/6/25/50/105/515(certain Northeast markets only) There may be regional offers on price but the actual speeds are uniform

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Convince an ISP To Bury Cable In Your Neighborhood?

Zebai Re:The basics... (324 comments)

I work for a cable company and sat near the Commercial Dev agents for several years it was not uncommon for them to negotiate deals to lay new construction. Many communities opted for bulk agreements as part of the deal that required some basic level of service for all members for a number of years resulting in the cable company willing to cover a larger portion of the construction cost, sometimes all of it.

about 3 months ago

Extraneous Network Services Leave Home Routers Unsecure

Zebai Re:How to secure home routers (63 comments)

I don't really think there's a need to disable all that either. Personally for my home connection the only real security I need is to block all remote connections and prevent any administrative access from wifi. If i could set my router to not even require a password for LAN connections I would I need no such security to my computer hardwired to my network inside my locked home.

I'm sure If I ran it on some larger network security is important, but the article does say HOME routers.

about 9 months ago

Comcast To Expand Public WiFi Using Home Internet Connections

Zebai Re:holy crap (203 comments)

A large number of these modems are already provisioned for 2 separate IPv4 addresses and they are fully ipv6 enabled(dual stack Ip4+ip6). The 2nd IPv4 address is used for the telephone service if active as all these gateways are EMTA's. I personally do not like these modems but for different reasons, mainly the firmware is crap and they have frequent problems with the wireless.

about 10 months ago

Should Developers Support Windows Phone 8?

Zebai Re:Notes from part time developer (345 comments)

Article and the first time poster at #1 both stink of marketing stunts. Also do you even know anybody that has a windows phone? I doubt my friends even know Microsoft is in this market. I think they could steal some corporate market away from blackberry if they thrown in good exchange/vpn support I personally hate the blackberrys my company uses they break often and drop calls daily

about a year and a half ago

Is TV Over the 'Net Really Cheaper Than Cable?

Zebai Re:It's not "cheaper"... (285 comments)

the best way to keep your tv/internet cost down is to switch back and forth. In my area you can get tv/internet through ATT or comcast if you know where to look you can often get 1-2 year promotions through their alternate sales channels (.com/field agents) and just go back and forth after your promotions run out you will save far more than any install fees you may occur once a year.

You don't even have to disconnect entirely, if you drop your services to basic levels for a couple months you can often get a discount for upgrading again later.

about a year and a half ago

Comcast Launches Superfast Internet To Fight FiOS

Zebai Inaccurate (209 comments)

I read the announcement yesterday and that just isn't accurate. What they are doing is doubling the speeds of their top 3 internet tiers 25 to 50, 50 to 100, and 100 to 300. It will happen in every docsis 3 area they are just doing it in the northeast FIRST.

about a year and a half ago

Microsoft Posts First Quarterly Loss Ever

Zebai Re:Another Shitty Summary. (327 comments)

It would be perfectly suitable upgrade if they stuck with the windows 7 UI

about 2 years ago

Microsoft Office 2013 Not Compatible With Windows XP, Vista

Zebai Re:Lol (711 comments)

While I could care less for MS Word and could easily switch to just about any other document program Excel is a different game. The things I do with pivots, tables, and shared data between files/servers is a step beyond open office.

about 2 years ago

Facebook Loses Users, Satisfaction Higher at Google+

Zebai Re:Full time job? (274 comments)

I'm sure this is the case for me, i have never visited it but i do not doubt my parents held nothing back when filling out their family details settings. Even if i ask them to delete it it would have little point, facebook would still hold onto it.

about 2 years ago

Comcast Pays $800,000 To U.S. For Hiding Stand-Alone Broadband

Zebai Re:Where? (201 comments)

You are unlikely to find it online but its on the price list you can probably pick one up or call them and ask about it. Its only 6mb speed but its at a fixed price of $49 if you have cable its cheaper to get the higher speeds as internet is discounted with another product

about 2 years ago

Comcast Pays $800,000 To U.S. For Hiding Stand-Alone Broadband

Zebai Re:but... (201 comments)

I wouldn't say it buried at all the package is there and is clearly labeled on the price list in the same font/size as the other packages. It might be on fine print on advertisements nobody ever said a company has to advertise every service they offer they could choose not to mention it at all. There is nothing you need to find just call and ask about them nobody will proactively offer you the cheaper packages but if you ask they will tell you.

about 2 years ago

Diablo 3 Banhammer Dropped Just Before RMAH Goes Live

Zebai Re:That's *it* for me and Blizzard, man!! (540 comments)

I'm certain the servers will go off eventually however I do not doubt that my concern for playing diablo will have long passed by then. You might take this risk for other games but I expect battle.net will outlast my interest in 1 game.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Provisioning Internet For Condo Association?

Zebai Re:No offense, but... (257 comments)

I recommend this also, do nothing. Making a choice like this for your community forces those who want no part of it to contribute to it as part of their association fees. It would also severely restrict competition as many competitors will not invest in a community with an existing bulk cable/internet arrangements because the number of customers they could acquire would not be enough to warrant construction and maintenance cost. I work for a cable company and we do offer bulk agreements to communities but these type of arrangements restrict choices and is best left to places that would suit it (nursing homes, student housing etc, places that change tenants frequently.)

about 2 years ago

Google Highlights Censored Search Terms In China

Zebai Re:Hidden censorship (99 comments)

I could of sworn I remember seeing an article that google was no longer censoring in china, did they go back on that while I wasn't looking?

about 2 years ago

Comcast To Remove Data Cap, Implement Tiered Pricing

Zebai I like that change (329 comments)

I usually have to make extra effort to stay under 250, i think i would be very comfortable with around 275-300 so them changing the base cap to 300 and allowing me to pay for more I have no problem with. I use data a lot more than the average user i'm willing to pay extra now and then for more but the current policy is an outright service termination if you frequently go over I would rather pay an extra $10 every few months than worry about them turning me off.

about 2 years ago

AT&T Charged US Taxpayers $16 Million For Nigerian Fraud Calls

Zebai Re:Let me guess.... (155 comments)

I used to work for a relay service that was a subsidy of Sprint. We had this problem too but there were issues involved that prevented alot of action on our part to stop these fraud calls. Relay's for the most part contracted by the state for a particular area and did not follow the monopoly areas. By contract we were required to be impartial on calls, even though our operators were accustomed to these calls and knew usually within the first 60 seconds if it was fraud or not we could not assume said person was fraud because legitimate users used the service also and we could be wrong and since we were held to strict requirements of impartiality (as interpreters for the deaf) we could not make judgement on the content of calls. Most of our relay calls would done over the wire telephone but we did offer an internet based relay and those calls had significantly higher fraud rates. Outside-US IP's were blocked but they still found ways around that (likely by proxy).

about 2 years ago


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