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SF Evictions Surging From Crackdown On Airbnb Rentals

Zeio Re:Read your lease... (319 comments)

I had this strange dream where I lived in a country that valued freedom and liberty. Then I woke up to this dystopian nightmare police state that serves the interests of landlords, banking cabals and oligarchical collectivists. It was a nice dream.

The idea that all contracts are somehow sacred is BS - you cant ask people to pay for things then renege on critical details. Its more or less fraud in legalese.

Bring these cases to a jury. Any BS trickery in legalese should be shot down.

Banning AirBnB is generally BS, there are a few cases where the rental leads to an issue and those should be handled case by case. To ban the activity which is an activity in the private home of consenting adults is a joke.

Funny, didn't we hear arguments about what consenting adults can do with each other in private from these same folks on another issue?

about a week ago

Mozilla Scraps Firefox For Windows 8, Citing Low Adoption of Metro

Zeio Windows 8.x is un-usable without Start8 (200 comments)

Without Start8 and ModernMix or Classic Shell or whatever , Windows 8.x is not useable.

I gladly have for the first time ever used a pay-for program to fix how bad default Windows shell is. I was annoyed classic start was gone from windows 7 but I got used to it.

Windows 8 is a special kind of strange. Microsoft should learn to SKIN to whatever the old version looked like to keep people from having to retrain. The metro apps stink without modern mix.

Microsoft's new CEO should put a stop to this loser behavior. under the hood, the OS isnt half bad.

about a month ago

Why San Francisco Is the New Renaissance Florence

Zeio Ive lived here for 15 years. Its bad-Getting worse (250 comments)

Things are getting worse and worse in SF, SiVal/Peninsula and bay area in general.

The public schools are terrible, the cost of living is outrageous even with the high salaries, all families are dual income so most of the kids are latch-key, and my kids - we have to work overtime to protect them from how bad the kids are in general. There are a ton of richie rich kids who have money and they do bad things, drugs, etc. Cupertino, supposedly a great school district, polled kids and found that 75% had tried illegal drugs by 12th grade.

Also most of the universities here have non-California kids in ever increasing numbers. That means the land of milk and honey is not producing high end high school graduates.

I have a plan to relocate out of here within 18 months now. I refuse to say where because I can only hope that others wont follow and bring the pain and suffering and horribly low standard of living with them yet again.

And I've recently been to japan and switzerland. The public transportations STINKs here, the quality of life is far lower than either of those two places and in they have better primary/grade schools in both those places.

This is not living here. There is also little room for a family lifestyle. And the facebook pop has caused a lot of places to be one-percenter-only. All houses under 2 million are horrible, shabby and full of asbestos and mold. Built in the 1950s/60s to a very low standard.

Roads are fairly in poor repair despite there being no winter. Certain areas are crime ridden but the houses are 700K+. Schools - even greatschools-10 schools and blue ribbon schools - are a joke. They are a shadow of schools Ive seen in other places.

Please, never come here thinking you will be better off. Coming here is just like playing the lottery. Dont even think being smart will make you wealthy enough to get a real life here. you have to be either very lucky , or smart and lucky. Nobody earns their way to the top. Also there is a big time old boys club mentality. Inferior people will be much farther than you even if you work 80 hours a week and bleed for work.

The bay area is no longer about technology anymore. its about big gigantic pan national business and the monetization of the internet.

Google has the best, smartest, most driven brightest people in the world working day and night to not cure cancer, or invent new things (they bought a thermostat company for 3billion) but to Shovel Ads in Your Face. Thats it. Same with F-book

Hardly noble.

Welcome to SillyCON Valley.

about a month ago

Measles Outbreak In NYC

Zeio Re:MMR Outcry? (747 comments)

Question, if the vax works so well, why then are the vaxxed so worried about the few who dont. Dont give me this herd immunity rubbish. I want the people who make these things to expose themselves to the pathogens to prove they actually work.

about a month ago

Senator Accuses CIA of Snooping On Intelligence Committee Computers

Zeio The biggest big government police state lover... (242 comments)

The biggest big government police state lover Swinestein is mad at the evil police state she helped create?

about a month ago

Low-Protein Diet May Extend Lifespan

Zeio Re:Tried it already. It kind of flopped. (459 comments)

Of course this is Agenda 21 food control propaganda with a little police state and PETA peppered in.

They want o feed use soylent green and pig feed while they enjoy steaks and sushi.

about a month and a half ago

Computing a Winner, Fusion a Loser In US Science Budget

Zeio Power brokers hate free energy. (196 comments)

The world is controlled by two things: Those who create, broker and distribute energy. And those who create, broken and distribute capital (debt instruments known as modern currency).

The last thing the people in charge of the world would like is cheap or free, limitless energy.

Dont kid yourself, the scientists do little jack russel terrier flips and jumps for money, and if the money brokers of the world dont want cheap and free energy, guess who is not getting funding.

about a month and a half ago

Canonical Ports Chromium To The Mir Display Server

Zeio Shuttleworth is a lunatic. (63 comments)

I remember at openstack portland Shuttleworth gave a live demo that failed. Ubuntu fails constantly. While Redhat tries to normalize the high rates of change in Linux, Ubuntu injects massive changes all the time while providing no stability. I have many years now working with a development team where we use Ubuntu as both product appliance and infrastructure. I have never seen a bigger mess than the trash that gets pumped out by Canonical. I used to know many Ubuntu acolytes who are converting away. Shuttleworth has spent a LOT of political capital and his promises are empty. I really dislike Canonical, I dislike Ubuntu, and I really dislike this arrogant loser Shuttleworth. Bad packages, kabi and abi changes. A preseed/install system that is pathetic, instability, bleeding edge, bad stable kernel management, horrible backporting fixes, unstable userland.

Im done with Canonical and Shuttleworth.

about a month and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: What Software Can You Not Live Without?

Zeio Re:You lost me at vim (531 comments)

I dont need emacs because I already have an operating system.

about a month and a half ago

Google Funds San Francisco Bus Rides For Poor

Zeio Re:"Unfair"? (362 comments)

The poor dont need free bus rides to shuttle them from hours away to get to a wage slave job serving the modern patrician. If this was sim city, or an ancient Rome city, the slaves were properly called such (just as we wage slaves are today) and the rich had a place for them to live close by. A heck of a lot better than driving 4 hours a day to slave away for money thats being constantly inflated to prevent people from climbing up and out.

Google is the best brightest and smartest most driven people who day in an day out figure out how to shovel ads in our faces.

about a month and a half ago

How Well Do Our Climate Models Match Our Observations?

Zeio Re:Predictions were made in the 1970s then? (560 comments)

Yes, because Google searches are so unbiased, no tweaking to PageRank. None. His Excellency Lord Eric Schmidt the Honorable, who serves the three letter agencies and his masters in FEDGOV, has no agenda to promote politically biased search results. In fact, none of the Google searches you done and none of the things on Wikipedia are manipulated. Yes, we know this all to be true. The answer is always whatever Google says is the most viewed or most linked to version of Truth they say it.

Also, the link, at skeptical science, is printed truth, with proper referencing so all of what is said there is truth. /sarcasm

about 2 months ago

With Burning Teslas In the News Ford Recalls Almost 140,000 Escapes

Zeio Re:Well, when you're in the news... (293 comments)

Pioneering was toyota which can make well over 1 million Priuses a year. Popular in Japan, US and worldwide, the car is reliable, has good safety record.

Elon is a showman who is making a prototype a product. I know someone who has a Tesla roadster, rich guy, that was built with borrowed public money. Anyway, he went on vacation for a month and the car was not plugged in. Bricked the battery, $40k to replace, no warranty. Tesla treated him like garbage and they never fixed the battery.

Elon is great at leveraging other's people money and ricking OPM to do a prototype. The sales numbers of the Tesla S relative to Toyota is pathetic. And if Toyota felt that they could offer a 100% electric product, they would, if it could possibly be done reliably. I've been to Japan many times and its a matter of national pride to save energy, they are motivated now all the nuclear plants are off to save money and in time they will offer an all electric offering when the technology can be warranted reliably for 8 / 125,000 miles. I have had many toyotas, a friend had one go for 400,000 miles.

Elon is a circus man. There is a man in a lab right now quietly working on the cure for cancer, but Elon has to run around talking about himself and feeding his ego. And his car is a prototype. No doubt over the next few years we will see how his prototype will continue to disappoint the ultra wealthy one-percenters that can afford his radically overpriced 4 door sedan.

Also, having ridden and driven in the Tesla roadster, the paneling was pathetic, the door didnt fit well (seemed the hinges were weak), the trunk lid was hard to close and the car was uncomfortable (not in terms of being small, just garbage ergonomics).

So this whole Elon worship thing is done mostly by people who dont even own or have driven his stupid products. The sales numbers are dismal. 5000 cars a quarter. Unauthorized firmware updates. Bricking batteries without warranty if left uncharged. Lies about the range. No backup motor. Time to charge absurd, so on long trips layovers need to be planned - its worse than trains and riding a bus, and those are BAD.

People think this is a Tucker? Ha! More like snake oil.

This concept will be validated when a car company with actual 50+ years of building experience decides to productize this technology. until then this is just marketing and propaganda done with other people's money.

5000 cars a quarter. Laugh.

about 5 months ago

A Look at the Koch Brothers Dark-Money Network

Zeio Re:Chill out! (406 comments)

With me? You either see the truth or not. There is no "with." You want to deny reality and not see the police state and believe you have a choice, put your petal to the metal with whatever crap political viewpoint you have, because until you people stop lying to yourselves, it needs to get worse before it get better. Keep it up. Keep it up. Pedal to the metal. Because until you stop the drug of buying propaganda, we are in a spiral downwards.

about 6 months ago

A Look at the Koch Brothers Dark-Money Network

Zeio Re:Chill out! (406 comments)

Yes, lets crib about the Koch brothers. Let's do PSAs with Richard Nixon in it as Oliver Stone laments lost liberties. Let's not talk about the current political situation that has:
Drone killing. No 4th amendment, warrant-less searches. Executive kill orders. Dragnets. NSA spying. Google being co-opted to spy. All emails being read. All calls being logged. Foreign leaders being spied on. The money being debased. Arms being channeled to criminal cartels for sting purposes. Suspicious withholding of force in defense of an embassy. IRS being used to target political enemies. We have become a police state. Freedom, liberty and natural rights are granted by government. Taxes are for the middle class end-to-end are confiscatory. Massive firearms purchases for sections of government not normally associated with police action. No posse comitatus. No Glass Steagall. Let's not pretend that any government in the USA in recent history has been populist or represents the cause of freedom and liberty.

about 6 months ago

Silicon Valley Stays Quiet As Washington Implodes


I live and work in Silicon Valley. Its so bad I'll be leaving within 1-2 years now. The schools are bad, must go private, the cost of living is astonishing, everyone is dual income, all the latch-key-kids have nose rings and colored hair, the cost of living is so bad, the total lack of morality and controls is very very hard on parents. Also, there are no real home-grown winners here, the bulk of the successful people here are from some other country and the kids that grow up here don't do that well unless they are super wealthy and go to private schools and tutors, etc, helicopter parented. Kids dont play, everything is an "activity", play dates not ad hoc playing, then when the kids get one ounce of freedom because up until the teenage years they have had none they rebel.

This environment is bad. And we have billionaires like

about 6 months ago

Somebody Stole 7 Milliseconds From the Federal Reserve

Zeio Re:What, you thought this was a fair market? (740 comments)

Exactly. Where in the world would someone get the idea the markets aren't totally generated and artificially sustained monopoly money. Its a joke. Transactions should require settlement (transfer of non-electronic wealth).

Its a joke and a fraud and its bankrupting main st and making the rainmakers and market manipulators rich.

about 7 months ago

What I Did During My Summer Vacation: Burning Man Edition

Zeio Re:How about this? (228 comments)

This event is clearly for those with lots of disposable income. The spirit of the thing is lost. Its a orgiastic romp of drugs and supposed freewill which comes at a rather big price tag. This isnt woodstock summer of love, this is designer drugs and hedonism that is rather unappealing to look at. At one point I had some desire to see this spectacle, but it has clearly degraded to the point where it is being attended to by rats like Eric Schmidt, a philandering spying money grubber.

about 7 months ago

Woz Compares the Cloud and PRISM To Communist Russia

Zeio Re:Power Corrupts. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolut (549 comments)

Ron Paul? And everyone thinks the 3rd option is a sick joke. They would rather go with the police state goons in uniform than try something new.

about 9 months ago


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