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Music While Programming?

Zen Programmer Re:Programming without music? (1019 comments)

Earmuffs that actually block out most sound aren't very comfortable. I got a pair of these "" thinking that I could wear them all day while my coworkers argued next to me. While they did a pretty good job of blocking out my coworkers, I found them uncomfortable after more than 10 minutes. They need a good seal to really kill the sound, so loosening them really isn't an option.

more than 4 years ago

Zombie Macs Launch DoS Attack

Zen Programmer Re:Hey, what a surprise (757 comments)

It's like STDs - if you're careless and go sticking your junk everywhere without taking precautions, you'll probably catch something cruel, eventually.

That's why I run Linux. Running Linux pretty much rules out any possibility of having sex, and hence any chance of contracting an STD.

more than 5 years ago

Study Suggests Crabs Can Feel Pain

Zen Programmer Re:The difference between... (628 comments)

I can't speak for your sister and her child's reason for excluding sea creatures from their vegetarianism, but for me pescatarianism is a stepping stone to vegetarianism. I wouldn't be able to become a full vegetarian by going cold turkey :P. So, I'm currently eating fish and crustaceans on a limited basis until I'm ready to do without any meat.

Feel free to call me a "giant hypocrite" or whatever you want, but for me becoming a vegetarian is a major lifestyle change that has significant psychological, cultural, and dietary challenges and it isn't going to happen without approaching the problem intelligently.

more than 5 years ago


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