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Is Early Childhood Education Technology Moving Backwards?

ZenFu Re:last useful ed tech was... (290 comments)

Thank you for finally explaining why Powerpoint might have a place in schools. I worked with Powerpoint while working as a management consultant and was originally thinking that teaching kids to think with powerpoint would be like teachings to write by looking by using IM.

more than 4 years ago

C# Book Recommendations?

ZenFu C# Books (116 comments)

I hope you weren't thinking you'd only have to read one book...

Learning the .NET API is key. For that, I would recommend:
* read CLR via C#, Second Edition, by Richter

I taught myself C# and my first year of code was rather hideous until I started spending time on Design Patterns. The following books are good:
* Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (Hardcover) by Martin Fowler
* Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design A Brain Friendly Guide to OOA&D By Brett McLaughlin, Gary Pollice, David West
* Design Patterns C# (Hardcover) by Steven John Metsker (Author)

For web, I would recommend the following ASP.NET books:
* Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Applications: Advanced Topics by Dino Esposito (Paperback - Mar 15, 2006)
* Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Core Reference by Dino Esposito (Paperback - Nov 30, 2005)

You definitely need to do code so I would start some sort of project for someone, like a non-profit, in .NET. Unless you have a preference I would start with web as there are more jobs there. I think.

.NET 3.0 is here and there are new ways you can structure your programs, particularly for a winform application. I would really learn that as well and try to do something interesting there.

Also, C# isn't the only language thats hiring. You might want to consider Java or other alternatives to the windows world. Windows keeps me employed, but if I was to start my own company, the startup costs are too high for a windows environment.

more than 7 years ago


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