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Ask Slashdot: Does Your Employer Perform HTTPS MITM Attacks On Employees?

ZerXes Not that uncommon (572 comments)

It depends on the company and its policy's of course but this is not that uncommon. I would say that in most cases this is not for spying on the employees rather protecting them by letting IDS/IPS-systems be able to read the network traffic even when using SSL to find botnets, infected hosts and malware. But the solution sure makes it *possible* for the company to spy on the employees and my personal opinion is that a company using this technique should make sure the employees know that SSL is being intercepted.

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Manage Your Passwords?

ZerXes LastPass (445 comments)

Why is LastPass not an option? The password database is always synced to your laptop/cellphone so there is no problem accessing your passwords when you are offline. The security is the most robust I have found when it comes to password management, especially when you use 2-factor auth.

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Enterprise Level Network Devices For Home Use?

ZerXes Re:MikroTik (241 comments)

Alright, yeah I suppose mikrotik routers could be pretty common at WISPs, that is true.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Enterprise Level Network Devices For Home Use?

ZerXes Re:MikroTik (241 comments)

I... what? Never ever worked with an ISP using MikroTik routers. Or are you talking about small like collage student ISPs or something?

about a year ago

Onion Pi — Make a Raspberry Pi Into a Anonymizing Tor Proxy

ZerXes Re:Neat idea. (76 comments)

I don't really see the need, any switch capable of Dot1q will solve the problem for you anyhow...

about a year ago

iPhone Apparently Open To Old Wi-Fi Attack

ZerXes Re:yep, i do this all the time (90 comments)

You can easily see what networks the phone has saved as it probes for them even if it is connected to a network already. There are application which just listens to what networks phones and other devices probes for and then automatically broadcast a SSID that matches to make them connect. By this method you could get just any phone in the area to connect to you at the same time.

about a year ago

One Year After World IPv6 Launch — Are We There Yet?

ZerXes Re:It's the providers fault... (246 comments)

actually, Comcast is offering a very good 6RD service to its customers. 6RD is my favorite IPv6 tunneling technology as it is more or less as good as native. It gives you your own globaly routed /64 v6 prefixes from you ISPs v6-pool and if configured correctly it is as effective as native v6 would be. I work at a major ISP in Sweden and we are currently looking in to deploying 6RD to be able to deliver IPv6 to all of our customers within the near future. More about Comcasts 6RD here:

about a year ago

Filesharing Now an Official Religion In Sweden

ZerXes Religious Freedom (358 comments)

This might be interesting, due to some Swedish laws on religious freedom the Swedish police might have problems trying to seize the servers and computers of this followers as they are only practising their religion.

more than 2 years ago

Inside the World's Largest LAN Party

ZerXes Re:Connectivity (199 comments)

Not a problem at all, very few use their bandwith at the full rate. All the participants had 100Mbit accessports, except a few at a Telia VIP table. Still the max bandwith peaked at about 24Gbit/s when highest.

more than 2 years ago

How To Crash the Internet

ZerXes RFC 2439 (166 comments)

Isn't this exactly what route flap damping (RFC 2439) that is used on most BGProuters today is made to prevent? Wouldn't the routers just class the link as "flapping" and ignore updates for it for a while?

more than 3 years ago



Lindsay Lohan is suing Rockstar Games

ZerXes ZerXes writes  |  about 3 months ago

ZerXes (1986108) writes "Lindsay Lohan is suing Rockstar Games and its owner Take-Two Interactive over a character in Grand Theft Auto V that she alleges is an "unequivocal" representation of her image, according to the Associated Press. The suit was reportedly filed today in Manhattan, claiming that Lohan's voice and image are reproduced in the game, as well as styles directly from her clothing line. Take-Two did not immediately respond to a request for comment."
Link to Original Source

Man arrested for Spamhaus DDoS attack

ZerXes ZerXes writes  |  about a year ago

ZerXes (1986108) writes "Washington Post reports that a Dutch citizen was arrested in northeast Spain on suspicion of launching what is described as the biggest cyberattack in Internet history operated from a bunker and had a van capable of hacking into networks anywhere in the country."
Link to Original Source

Facebook hits One Billion users

ZerXes ZerXes writes  |  about 2 years ago

ZerXes (1986108) writes "Facebook has officially reached one billion active users, Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced in a official blog post.

'This morning, there are more than one billion people using Facebook actively each month.

If you're reading this: thank you for giving me and my little team the honor of serving you.

Helping a billion people connect is amazing, humbling and by far the thing I am most proud of in my life.

I am committed to working every day to make Facebook better for you, and hopefully together one day we will be able to connect the rest of the world too.'"

Link to Original Source

Asia runs out of IPv4

ZerXes ZerXes writes  |  more than 3 years ago

ZerXes (1986108) writes "It seems that APNIC has just released the last block of IPv4 addresses and are now completely out, a lot faster then expected. Even tough APNIC recived 3 /8 blocks in February the high growth of mobile devices made the addresses to run out even before the summer.
“From this day onwards, IPv6 is mandatory for building new Internet networks and services.” says APNIC Director General Paul Wilson."

Link to Original Source


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