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Facebook, Skype Getting Really Friendly

ZeroFactorial Re:Magic (119 comments)

I stand corrected. Clearly your knowledge of "As seen of TV" products far surpasses my own. ;)

more than 3 years ago

Facebook, Skype Getting Really Friendly

ZeroFactorial Re:Magic (119 comments)

I'll tell you what it's going to do; it's going to Slap Chop your little Magic Jack into the afterlife, where it will meet Billy Mays, dressed in OxyClean bleached ultra-white angel clothes, buffing his harp with a ShamWow, and re-affixing it to his head with some Mighty Putty.

more than 3 years ago
top Declares Independence From Oracle, Becomes LibreOffice

ZeroFactorial Re:Liberty Office Suite (648 comments)

Might I also suggest, "One Office" as a new name.

Because now the product truly is "one of us", rather than being lorded over by Oracle.

about 4 years ago

The Man At Microsoft Charged With Destroying IE6

ZeroFactorial Re:EOL XP already... (458 comments)

Much simpler solution:

Pay google a meager sum to add some javascript that displays an "upgrade to IE9" link instead of google search for people still running IE6.
Do the same thing on Bing.

Sure, you could get around it with a user-agent switcher - but if you're savvy enough to do that, chances are you're not running IE6...

more than 4 years ago

Further Details On the Star Wars MMO

ZeroFactorial Re:SWG? (129 comments)

If they add the ability to play as LoneStar with Barf as your companion character, I am SO there.

more than 5 years ago

Don't Share That Law! It's Copyrighted

ZeroFactorial Re:California Strikes Again (481 comments)

We should copyright the copyright laws with billion dollar royalties for usage.

You could violate any copyrights you want, and when they try to cite the copyright laws, BAM!

about 6 years ago

Best Way To Get Back a Stolen Computer?

ZeroFactorial Re:You need to use the police to get the ISP's inf (482 comments)

One other idea would be to make a bogus MySpace account with a picture of a hot chick/dude (depending on the thief's gender) that lives somewhere in the same area as the thief.

Then befriend the thief over a couple weeks and get all the personal info you can (phone #, maybe even address, etc..)

Then just call the cops with a physical address and tell them the person committed grand theft of company property, and that you suspect they have the stolen property at their residence.

Grand Theft is committed when the money, labor, real or personal property stolen is valued at more than $400.

more than 6 years ago


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