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Netropolitan Is a Facebook For the Affluent, and It's Only $9000 To Join

ZeroNullVoid April Fools!!! wait, what? (175 comments)

I had to look at the date... It's not April 1st, why is this even here?
This is really not /. news and I doubt most of us would be their target audience.

2 days ago

Google Launches Cordova Powered Chrome Apps For Android and iOS

ZeroNullVoid PhoneGap (47 comments)

So this is just PhoneGap with Chromes limited API added.

about 8 months ago

FBI Reports US Agencies Hacked By Anonymous

ZeroNullVoid 2,0000 bank accounts ? 2k or 20k (156 comments)

2,0000 bank accounts....
Is that 2k or 20k?

TFA needs to be reviewed before going out.
I expect more from Reuters.

about 10 months ago

Georgia Cop Issues 800 Tickets To Drivers Texting At Red Lights

ZeroNullVoid Dumb Cop (1440 comments)

To Quote:
"If it's beyond 10, they're not making a phone call," Myers said.

I don't know about your phone, but mine does not auto dial when you hit the 10th digit? What about international?

To Quote:
"All applications are web-based to some extent, including navigation," Myers said.

I have plenty of offline gps applications, I use them when traveling in countries or towns that I don't have service.

about a year ago

Computer Scientists Develop 'Mathematical Jigsaw Puzzles' To Encrypt Software

ZeroNullVoid make a crackme (245 comments)

If they really think it is so good, then they should put their money where their mouth is.
Make it into a crackme, issue a large award for solving it.
Post it online. I give it a few weeks max, if that.
And who is to say it can't still be manipulated once running?
Think of the performance cost.

Either way, I have no faith in an article with little details.

about a year ago

US Lawmakers Want Sanctions On Any Country Taking In Snowden

ZeroNullVoid Re:holded holded holded (650 comments)

Even worse, it was holed and not even holded....

about a year ago

US Lawmakers Want Sanctions On Any Country Taking In Snowden

ZeroNullVoid holded holded holded (650 comments)

holded holded holded holded holded holded



about a year ago

HBO Asks Google To Take Down "Infringing" VLC Media Player

ZeroNullVoid Re:It is not VLC they are attacking directly (364 comments)

Most of the times I do not type in all caps.

ProBlem Bra?

#!/usr/bin/env ./comments
if (comment == 'troll') {
  while (stillNotButtHurt) {

about a year ago

HBO Asks Google To Take Down "Infringing" VLC Media Player

ZeroNullVoid It is not VLC they are attacking directly (364 comments)

What is not mentioned is that the site in question has links to other listings with the release names which may correlate to what their spider was searching, "Game of Thrones."  This is very bad practice of the DMCA notice senders as linking to something which links to something which does not even have infringing content itself but a "direction or guidebook" to the potential content.

So the VLC listing had another area that had other listings or popular links and because it had the name they listed it.

There needs to be fines for false DMCA notices like this.  They do not own the release name itself.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Light-Footprint Antivirus For Windows XP?

ZeroNullVoid Re:How does this stuff get on Slashdot? (294 comments)

I think he is getting confused and meant to type Centrino which was, at sometime a marketing/branding term for an Intel Reference Design consisting of Chipset, CPU and Wifi. Either way, they wrote it wrong, but lurkers from the past would have recognized it. It was posted on a lot of laptop stickers in the same way Pentium 4, Core X, etc are.

As for /. letting this through... things have changed, have you been gone for the past 3 years?

about a year ago

Five predictions for (Bit)coin

ZeroNullVoid Re:A few bitcoin uses (179 comments)

I wanted to add that I was pleasantly surprised to find that namecheap (domain registrar) also accepts bitcoins now.

about a year ago

Five predictions for (Bit)coin

ZeroNullVoid Re:Numbers way wrong (179 comments)

I typically get 5.3-5.6GH/s per device, I have 2x5gh/s units. (Avg around 11GH/s for the pair)
Average Temp is 19-24c
My killawatt shows just under 50 watts of usage for the pair.
In the eclipsemc mining pool, average about 0.32btc/day
Estimated cost of electricity is $5/month for the pair.
Devices will pay themselves off in about 1.5 weeks unless trends change.

about a year ago

Five predictions for (Bit)coin

ZeroNullVoid A few bitcoin uses (179 comments)

Some use cases for bitcoins for the techies and privacy conscious people are

1) VPN payments (AirVPN, there are many others)
2) Server payments (PRQ, there are many others)
3) Game Server Privileges (Various) - Many gamers have rigs and may be young, they can mine a few fractions of bitcoins in a pool and donate for admin or VIP status without needing money or to be old enough for paypal/debit cards etc.
4) Debrid Services - Multi-host download services
5) Exchanging for goods or money, places like bitcoin-otc act as web of trust communities to trade for whatever you want. Most tx seem to be for currency, but I have done things like xbox live codes, etc.
6) Merchants, you can use bitcoins to purchase giftcards that can be used at online and brick and mortar locations.
7) Barter IRL - Many people who follow currency news has heard of bitcoins and are curious about it, but reluctant to invest in them directly or acquire mining hardware. I have successfully bartered for many services using bitcoins as payment. This also helps promote the idea of cryptocurrency to the general public.

Combine using Tor to register and transmit bitcoins and login to such services, you can keep the trail fairly clear.

Wallets such as electrum make it fairly quick and easy for people to get into bitcoins and provide a failover generation method to backup/rebuild your bitcoin wallet and not lose your bitcoins in case of losing your wallet.

about a year ago

Five predictions for (Bit)coin

ZeroNullVoid Re:Numbers way wrong (179 comments)

Thanks for taking the time to reply,

While there is a huge backorder, BFL is shipping products.

They are catching up on backorder fairly quickly.
(About 9 months off now)
The current trend every week and a half, they catch up on a month. The current delay is in actual power brick availability and they are contacting people asking if they want to wait or get it shipped without a power supply and the owner can provide their own.
BFL Judy posts every few days on shipment updates.

As for the actual chips, they are rated at 4GH/s and have a delivery term of 100 days. However, the actual chips shipped will be of mixed grade, meaning they will have at least 12 working engines in them and up to 16 working engines. I would say about .25 GH/s per engine, so we are looking at 3-4GH/s no matter the chip grade. With stale shares in mining pools and the speed of these chips, my previous guestimate of 2.5GH/s each would probably be the expected output of a D grade chip.

about a year ago

Five predictions for (Bit)coin

ZeroNullVoid Re:Numbers way wrong (179 comments)

The transactions are still recorded in the block and chances are the community will upraise against the main controller, get more powerful and past transactions will process.

about a year ago

Five predictions for (Bit)coin

ZeroNullVoid Re:Numbers way wrong (179 comments)

I also want to add that the 51% attack is not what he thinks it is, it allows you to block transaction verification and recall your own transactions.

about a year ago

Five predictions for (Bit)coin

ZeroNullVoid Numbers way wrong (179 comments)

His numbers on Bitcoin Hardware are way off with ASIC's.  Just visit Butterfly Labs, I have a rig doing 11GH/s, cost about $260 USD and uses ~ 50 watt of electricity.  It costs less than $5 a month to run.  BFL has some other hardware that has not shipped yet that can do 500 GH/s.

They sell their ASIC chips for $75 each (50 each if you have a coin credits) with min orders of 100.  I assume each chip can do 2.5GH.

His numbers seem to stem back about a year or so ago.

about a year ago

Ask slashdot: Which 100+ User Virtualization Solution Should I Use?

ZeroNullVoid Re:Proxmox (191 comments)

I cannot agree more with Proxmox.  I have used practically every Vitualization system out there, and am forced to use some others, but Proxmox is what I prefer for personal and production systems where I have a choice.  Large number of servers handle without a problem from a single web interface and it can use cheaper hardware with all the great features of the more costly solutions without hidden costs or hacks.  Also check out Open vSwitch for advanced networking.

about a year ago

N. Carolina May Ban Tesla Sales To Prevent "Unfair Competition"

ZeroNullVoid No middle man (555 comments)

Why have a middle man if they cannot offer any better deals or services? I understand it artificially creates jobs, but that seems like a horrible thing to force.

This does not just apply to vehicles.

If there is no value added and only cost added, then it is pointless. If there is value added, then consumers should have a choice for it.
If the only value is creating jobs and expenses, then it is pointless and detrimental to progression, price, and capitalism.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Track a Skype Account Hijacker?

ZeroNullVoid get their ip (152 comments)

Set the password back to what they knew, wait for them to login and hijack it (another account friended) and use one of the sites that use the debug version of skype to obtain their ip.  Then contact the ISP and say that either this illegally hijacking accounts or their IP/systems have been compromised.  Don't forget to disassociate any cards prior.

about a year and a half ago


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