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White House Urges Reversal of Ban On Cell-Phone Unlocking

ZildjianKX CDMA Carriers (256 comments)

"...you should be able to use it on another network". Outside the scope of unlocking, but why are CDMA carriers allowed to block activating phones on their network that they didn't sell to you? This seems worse than cell phone locking. Both Verizon and Virgin Mobile both told me I couldn't use an iPhone 4S (CDMA/GSM phone) on their network unless they sold it to me.

about 2 years ago

AT&T Should Be Investigated For 'Fraudulent' Data Policies, Says PK

ZildjianKX Tethering (138 comments)

I love how now that they have data caps, they STILL charge for tethering, even though they have no justification for doing so. I also love how if you put a smartphone on their network, they will add a data plan and charge you for it, even if you have data BLOCKED on your account.

about 2 years ago

Free Press Sues FCC Over Discrepancy In Net Neutrality Rules

ZildjianKX Tethering (71 comments)

If net neutrality was strictly applied to wireless carriers, wouldn't they have to stop charging for tethering since they are price discriminating based on where the packet originates from?

more than 3 years ago

When DLC Goes Wrong

ZildjianKX Good and bad (261 comments)

There is a whole range of DLC. Some of it really needs to die. GREAT: Wipeout HD Fury: Doubled the length of the game and added new multiplayer modes for $10. TERRIBLE: Oblivion horse armor. Assassin's Creed 2 sequences that were clearly cut from the game due to time restraints. All overpriced map packs. I really wish people would stop buying this crap so companies would stop making it. While we're talking about DLC, I wish retailer exclusive DLC for pre-ordering would go away.

more than 4 years ago

Mixed Reception To AT&T's New Data Pricing Scheme

ZildjianKX Re:Charge for tethering is a complete rip-off now (514 comments)

I agree with you 100%. Also, isn't this a violation of net neutrality? As I see it, they are discriminating against the packets originating from my laptop, and charging $20/month for the right to transmit those packets. We're already paying for the bandwidth, so they can't use that as an excuse.

more than 4 years ago

Sony Refuses To Sanction PS3 "Other OS" Refunds

ZildjianKX Re:Sony has dealed with this before (396 comments)

This brings back some bad memories. My PSP had 18 (yes 18) dead pixels and Sony refused to warranty it and ebgames refused to exchange it without buying a protection plan (Sony explicitly told them they wouldn't take back PSPs with dead pixels). $25 later (from buying the protection plan), I swapped it out after a year when the systems had better build qualities. The new unit had a perfect screen. I bought a slimmer model later and the screen was fine. Maybe the launch units were the only bad ones, but still... Sony handled it horribly. I guess I forgot about that when I bought my PS3...

more than 4 years ago

FCC To Propose Net Neutrality Rules

ZildjianKX Tethering... (110 comments)

So... why exactly does discriminating against packets sent from a tethered device not violate net neutrality? Why should I have to pay more to tether my laptop? If you want to argue that tethered users use more bandwidth, then clearly set bandwidth caps and let me use my bandwidth however I want to.

more than 5 years ago

Classic Doom Coming To the iPhone Next Month

ZildjianKX Re:Already have it on Android (90 comments)

FTA: "Making Doom run on a new platform is only a couple days of work. Making it a really good game on a platform that doesn't have a keyboard and mouse or an excess of processing power is an honest development effort."

more than 5 years ago

Don't Like EULAs? Get Your Cat To Agree To Them

ZildjianKX Missing the big picture... (874 comments)

If you don't agree to the EULA, you don't have a license. Without a license, you are just infringing. This is just stupid.

more than 5 years ago

ESA Fights Minnesota Game Sales Restrictions

ZildjianKX M for 17 year olds, Ao for 18 year olds (41 comments)

Shouldn't you be fined if you are under 18 for Ao games? Has anyone else noticed that some shops, like EBgames and GameStop won't sell mature games to anyone under 18, even thought M games are 17+ and meant for 17 year olds?

more than 8 years ago


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