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French Court Orders Google To Block Pictures of Ex-F1 Chief Mosley

Zlurg NOT f1, former FIA resident (180 comments)

The FIA is the governing body over F1 (and WRC and many other forms of racing) Max was president before the incumbent, Jean Todt, who used to head up Ferrari's F1 effort with Ross Brawn (today of Mercedes).

about a year ago

CIA: Flying Skyhook Wasn't Just For James Bond, It Actually Rescued Agents

Zlurg Also in "The Green Berets" (123 comments)

The late-60s John Wayne movie "The Green Berets" has this contraption, and they even do a fairly good job showing it at work. Good movie, too...cept for Provo Privy.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Ask College To Change Intro To Computing?

Zlurg 1) Test out 2) WTF? (337 comments)

First off, test out. Challenge the course. Take it pass/fail and never show up / double-book. What is your TIME worth, sir? Every tangible argument I can make involves this simple fact: if you can pass the course, use your pencil as little as possible. But my second point is not so kind: what the FUCK kind of institution won't take your matriculation in lieu of some stupid Gen-Ed course? GTFO, and spend your money more wisely at ITT or AI or Univ/Phoenix. If you're after a CS degree, an Associates is not going to win you anything but a 13th Grade diploma. If you're after an Associates, then I think you're on the wrong path, and I honestly suggest you instead get a trade certification in the field of your choosing, rather than subject yourself to unyielding lecture and unrequited lust (lots of teenagers in college these days). Seriously, look it up.

more than 2 years ago

Are Data Centers Finally Ready For DC Power?

Zlurg Isn't is MINUS 48? (-48V DC) (462 comments)

I'd love to participate in this debate, but I first want to make sure that whatever "48" you guys are talking about is on the right side of the little dot called "zero" in my math homework book.

Seriously: isn't is -48V DC? As in, "Negative 48 Volts, DC?"

If there's another DC in the 48 Volt range, your correction will enlighten me. No BS.

more than 3 years ago

Entry-Level NAS Storage Servers Compared

Zlurg Re:ECC? ZFS? (182 comments)

NAS existed long before ZFS. That notwithstanding, I don't see ZFS on the EMC site anywhere. Come to think of it, not on NetApp either, and NA has some of ZFS' highpoint features like deduplication and storage pools. To be candid, I don't see anything in the IT industry that supports one vowel of your post. You're implying that every data loss was due to the lack of ZFS and every data save was on a ZFS system, and that's just crazy talk. You might as well have said, "Without yellow and a copy of The Necronomicon, Phyllis Diller cannot be guaranteed." Really? Because--and don't take this any way but the wrong way--you're a moron.

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Can You Identify This UAV?

Zlurg How does "FMC" mean that? (232 comments)

Who says "FMC" means that? What kills me is that every single response in this thread assumes that's the definition. "Oh, well, it's US Military jargon." Are you serious? FMC could mean ANYmuffingTHING. Here: a Perl script's top-20 results, and only ONE is the actual acronym:

Forgot My Condom

Future Machine Cannibal

Flying Mechanical Contraption

Flying Crepe Monster

For Masturbation Constantly

Fantastic Munitions Cover

Filipina Mudflap Coochie

Forgotten Money Contraption

For Molesting Children

Filled My Colon

Full-Mormon Catastrophe

Finger Moist Clitorii

Forged Misunderstood Conundrum

Fuck Miss Cleveland

Forced Mighty Crap

Ford's Mileage Car

Fixed Migration Constipation

False Messiah Christ

Fabricated Material Compartment

Fake Military Component

Jeebus, peeplez, get it together! Stop letting the poster in front of you drive your opinion. THINK FOR YOURSELF!

more than 3 years ago

Playstation 3 Code Signing Cracked For Good

Zlurg Re:I don't understand... (534 comments)

My fucking GAWD...what's NEXT? . THEY HACKED MY CAMCORDER!!!! Now my entire Adult Home Video Center displays images of unshorn maidens above the age of 30. . WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!! . "Shit, Martha, the public figured out how to hack our iPod. Every time we make whoopie, we expose ourselves to perverts." "What do we do George?" "Well, Martha, I believbe we BUY OURSELVES ANOTHER MUTHERFUCKING HUNDRED DOLLAR CAMCORDER while Slashdot praises itself for figuring out a way to make ours into a gynecological exam. Happy sixtieth birthday, Martha!" "Oh, George, you are so 733t!"

more than 4 years ago

Playstation 3 Code Signing Cracked For Good

Zlurg I don't understand... (534 comments)

My webserver is elsewhere, my blog is hosted elsewhere, when I reply to Craigslist I pollute Hotmail, when I troll Facebook I use crypto... ...but when I sit down to play me a mean game of Warhawk...baby, you CANNOT fuck with me. WARHAWK, baby, COME ON!!! It never ceases to amaze me: the /. Community At Large loves to talk about how easy it is to rootkit a toaster oven, but NOBODY IMPROVES THE BAGEL!!! FUCK YOU!!! Where's my fucking lox, motherfucker?! Where's my fucking Peapod? Where's my fucking Bank of America? Here's one: where's my MOTHERUFCKING FREE NUCLEAR FUEL?!?! FUCK YOU, you pieces of shit, I'm paying $3.05 per gallon for fucking heating oil and you're rootkitting a goddamned **GAME CONSOLE** whose security comporomises will be Old Fucking Hat by the time the next CES shows up. Big fucking WHOOP! It's been fifteen fucking years--hack my goddamned /. account, fuckers, show me some REAL skEElz!! I've been championing Beer for you long before you knew what Speech was. Spend your time Elsewhere.

more than 4 years ago

Native ZFS Is Coming To Linux Next Month

Zlurg Re:Useless without dedupe (273 comments)

1) You, sir, are an idiot. OpenSolaris will not ever have true ZFS, it's crippleware, see the goddamned cut-n-paste or even what you said yourself.

Yeah, Sun has some storage with dedupe that you can buy today, it's called SOLARIS TEN.

Correct, no other open source filesystem offers dedupe. That's what I fucking said: ZFS is useless without dedupe. Who gives a shit? ext3 is perfectly fine; all I lose is the ability to mkfs disks with differing inode sizes--whoop-de-fuckin-do.

2) Oh bullshit. If I try and cut-n-paste what the OSS ZFS filenames look like (or even hand-type them) into this text box, HTML does a terrific job marking it up and making the brackets and "033" all disappear and I'll show you spaces. If I could FORCE UTF8, this would be a moot point, but, guess what, YOU CAN'T because the open-source ZFS doesn't even have that property available, so your argument is invalid.

Read what the fuck I wrote, gym-socks. Here, I speak caveman: "rofl ZFS shit cuz cant copy Télépopmusik from UTF8 ext3 box to ZFS lolz."

Fucking dickAC.

more than 4 years ago

Native ZFS Is Coming To Linux Next Month

Zlurg Useless without dedupe (273 comments)

Just ask freenas and openfiler and, heck, even opensolaris
Oh, and this:
23212 [root@place]/mnt/Scratch: zfs get utf8only
bad property list: invalid property 'utf8only'

Know why? Cuz you don't get any choice in the matter outside Solaris proper.
Without dedupe and without the ability to use non-UTF8 in filenames (try creating a directory called Télépopmusik in a ZFS pool), ZFS is a future-former. I hear they name filesystems after murderers these days just for the street cred.
You did not read it here first, but I'll take the heat.

more than 4 years ago

Testing Network Changes When No Test Labs Exist?

Zlurg Boson and VMware (164 comments)

Seriously, try and find as much virtual equipment as you can and replicate it as closely as possible to your production lab. If you run one of the myriad sniffers on a VM, you might even come up with a clever way to send production traffic to your virtual lab. There is no other way to do it. You are screwed, so if you're serious, you can either buy the lab yourself or make one out of tin cans, coconuts and wet rope.

more than 5 years ago

OpenSolaris Or FreeBSD?

Zlurg You should use Windows, and I'm serious. (405 comments)

Here's why: You're asking for someone else's opinion on what OS to use, and I don't care how you slice it, you're going to get more pro-Windoze opinions than anything else. If you limit your audience to /. then all you're doing is wearing the required uniform of a nonconformist and robbing yourself of the very decision making power you portend in your post, making you clueless, in which case you should run Windows because you can't handle the root. You have put the cart before the horse and remanded it to the duty of scapegoat messenger, because you lack the foresight to think about what mission it is that you want this computer to do. You want to be on a winning team and say YOUR OS is the one most Slashdotters recommended. You're insecure and seek the approval of a controlled majority, therefore you should use Windows. You know how to spell ZFS but you clearly can't appreciate it because you differentiate the two sample OSes by revision number. Therefore you should run Windows, which doesn't have ZFS, and therefore you will not be burdened by silly minor revision numbers. You are comparing an apple and an orange, and you lack the creative power to use an Apple for whatever this bizarre computer role is, therefore you deserve a lemon: Windows. Get your ass to Fry's, you miserable piece of shit, and buy the goddamned OS that will give you a phone number to call when you can't figure out how the fuck to operate the program you buy next summer based on whatever will be hot at that time. You are a high-maintenance burden on the FOSS community and someone should be paid for putting up with your talking-the-talk from the wheelchair you need someone else to push. Idiot.

more than 5 years ago

Google Offering Print Versions of Online Books

Zlurg Public domain!!! (147 comments)

Let's be clear: only the public domain books. Basically, combine Guttenberg with Lulu and you have an equally ludicrous business proposition.

more than 5 years ago

Best Backup Server Option For University TV Station

Zlurg Done to death. (272 comments)

Holy crap we're approaching the need for an Ask Slashdot FAQ. I feel old.

more than 5 years ago

School System Considers Jamming Students' Phones

Zlurg Too late (785 comments)

Already in place in Morris County, NJ. And BTW, there's more to it than merely "not using it or else." Kids subscribe to RSS feeds, have alarms, event-tones and other nonsense that isn't caller-to-caller. Whether legal or not I'm not arguing, whether helpful or not I can't say, but I can see the schools' side of the argument and think thousands of kids are not going to suddenly (remember to) shut off their phones before starting a school day.

more than 4 years ago




Zlurg Zlurg writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Zlurg (591611) writes "Microsoft says the next version of Office for the Mac will have Outlook. Do we care? Where's Visio!!!"


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