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Blender Foundation Video Taken Down On YouTube For Copyright Violation

Zombie Ryushu Blender should file a Counter Claim against Sony (306 comments)

Blender should file a Counter Claim against Sony. As well as try and get a strike against Sony for this. There is a term for this, False Flag abuse.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Handle Unfixed Linux Accessibility Bugs?

Zombie Ryushu Re:What the hell is wrong with some people? (266 comments)

I am incapable of fixing it. (and I have a Bachelors degree of IT/CS) and I'll assume the person posting can't fix it. An upstanding member of the community NEEDS to fix this. I am ashamed over this.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Handle Unfixed Linux Accessibility Bugs?

Zombie Ryushu Re:It's been bisected and confirmed (266 comments)

Could you create a downstream diff at the distribution level to resolve the bug?

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Handle Unfixed Linux Accessibility Bugs?

Zombie Ryushu As someone who is Handicapped (266 comments)

I support fixing this bug, Linux has far too many issues with this.

about three weeks ago

You Can't Kid a Kidder: Comcast's Cohen May Have Met His Match In FCC's Wheeler

Zombie Ryushu Cable is too locked down. (56 comments)

Cable is too locked down. I consider myself a Cord Cutter. Because now, Every channel on my local Cable company is Encrypted QAM. If back in 1995, you had told people that every single channel, including re-broadcast Broadcast TV, in both the US and Canada would be "Scrambled" like HBO, Cinemax, Disney, and Showtime, requiring a cable box be present in every room, and that VCRs would be next to useless (you can still use a VCR, technically.) and that we would be paying $150+ in bills for it, we would be in outrage mode and be clamoring for revolution in both the US and Canada.

If the FCC really had a backbone (and it's Canadian a backbone, they would apply a Federal Regulation that all Cable must be decrypted and there would now be a universal access fee of around $65 monthly, .Any Cable or content provider that refused to comply being subject to Federal investigation, arrest, and trial on charges of money laundering, wire fraud, including it's board of directors and CEO

about a month ago

We Can Avoid a Surveillance State Dystopia

Zombie Ryushu The issue is Culture, not Technology (267 comments)

Right now, the Technology we have is changing the world. The thing is, is that there are still large sloths of the US Population that still has a White Supremacist, or Christian Supremacist Medieval of the world we live in. To these people freedom and egalitarian thinking is the enemy. "The other populations" must be kept 'under control' The technology will be abused to whatever means possible to control what are seen as a domestic enemy population to uphold traditions of ancestors, and this can get as finite and grandular as Parents vs. Their Children.

about 2 months ago

Apple Devices To Reach Parity With Windows PCs In 2014

Zombie Ryushu Windows has lost what made it a need. (511 comments)

DOS ran Doom, Mac and Amiga didn't.
DOS ran Warcraft, and Rise of the Triad, and Jazz Jackrabbit, and Hexen, and Wing Commander.
DOS ran Quake, and Elder Scrolls Dagger Fall

All these things were of the caliber that made you want a DOS Machine

Windows 95:
Gave us Starcraft, and Soul Trap, and Mechwarrior 2,
Gave us easy Access to the Internet. (compared to DOS at the time where it was possible)

Windows 8:
Gives us Lock down and stores, our games don't run, and our computers run slow. We are constantly bombarded by Security holes, spam, and incompatible sites. We are hamstrung by Corporate sponsored computer Viruses called DRM that make it so our machines don't function the way they should. Because Companies want to abuse us, rob us blind.

Are Non-PCs that exist on completely on a jailed walled garden environment, easy to use, but seen as an "Internet Toy" by the Masses.

Android Pads: Only marginally more open than iPad. (and that varies by provider.)

The point is this:Windows sold well because we had to have it to play the games that Consoles couldn't.
Windows sold well later because the Internet and Corporate Communication practically required it.

Now, Windows doesn't run the games we want. Linux and Wine can in some cases run games that (Modern) Windows can't. Windows isn't required for communication and connectivity.

about 3 months ago

YouTube Expands Live Streaming To All Channels

Zombie Ryushu There is likely to be an exodus of Youtube. (71 comments)

There is likely to be an exodus of Youtube. The thing is, that Youtube's current Copyright regime will destroy Youtube. Youtube is fast becoming a site where we are all gullty until Proven innocent, or guilty until guilty no matter what. Hopefully, other sites will appear and take Youtube's place. Even Mark from Classic Game Room is leaving.

about 4 months ago

Only 25% of Yahoo Staff "Eat Their Own Dog Food"

Zombie Ryushu Yahoo Groupware. (292 comments)

Exchange and Outlook is not E-mail, it's Groupware. For Yahoo to compete in this space, they would have to implement GroupDav (CardDav, CalDav WebDav etc.) for all E-mail accounts, and give instructions on how to use ThunderBird for all Yahoo clients.

about 5 months ago

KDE's Calligra Office Suite For Android Released

Zombie Ryushu The Benefit of KOffice/Calligra (61 comments)

The KOffice/Calligra applications serve absolutely indispensable use: Kvivio/Draw. It got me though my Four Cisco CCNA Classes when I was in university. It is a Visio diagramming program that at least partly can replaces Visio.

1 year,27 days

Facebook's Graph Search: Kiss Your Privacy Goodbye

Zombie Ryushu Do not enter your real name on a social network. (245 comments)

Do not enter your real name on a social network, use a Psuedonym, call yourself something else like you would on IRC, AIM, YIM, etc. Only friend people who you know on their Psuedonym. People. Quit. Putting. Your. Real. Name. On. Accounts.

about a year ago

Survey Suggests P2P Users Buy More Music

Zombie Ryushu e.g. 52% of Americans believe in thought crime. (186 comments)

This goes to show that more than half of the USian population believes in the tyranny produced by the power elite and believe in punishing people for non-crimes. That the population of the US is so badly educated and brainwashed that they believe these things. It goes to show that the US is not a civilized nation with rational, reasonable laws that make sense in any sense of the word.

about a year ago

Samba 4.0 Released: the First Free Software Active Directory Compatible Server

Zombie Ryushu Re:I wouldn't jump the gun just yet (343 comments)

OUs are an LDAP Concept that even OpenLDAP supported with Samba 3.

about a year ago

Samba 4.0 Released: the First Free Software Active Directory Compatible Server

Zombie Ryushu Re:I wouldn't jump the gun just yet (343 comments)

Samba 3+OpenLDAP+Heimdal Kerberos created what were often termed "Open Directory Services" by the Apple Crowd. They were mutant NT 4.0 Domains that had broken a bunch of the limitations of NT4, (such as multiple PDCs and levels of trusts.) provided LDAP and Kerberos, but to Windows, they were still just NT Domains to Windows. Not true ADs. XP and 2000 would disable Kerberos because it thought it was talking to NT4. Windows 7 dropped support for NT4 EXCEPT there was a special mode just for Samba 3 to work, and you had to edit the registry to get it working.

about a year ago

Russia, China, and Others Seek Greater Control Over Internet

Zombie Ryushu And I'd like.... (174 comments)

And I'd like a resolution that advocates regime change of these oppressive, abusive governments around the world such as in Saudi Arabia that have no legitimacy whatsoever. But hey, it's not a perfect world.

about a year ago

The Rise of Feudal Computer Security

Zombie Ryushu I try and run my own IT Domain services (147 comments)

I try and run my own IT Domain services (for my own files,) I will NOT use Google Docs, or similar services. I have my own Apache servers, my own CMS, my own Domain Controllers, a Dumb Phone, my games are on my own hard drive, I run my own MySQL services, I do as much as I can myself, my connections to my friends use IPSec, if I get an (Android) tablet, it will be merely something that talks to my network, that I load my applications on from my network via 802.11.

about a year ago

Canada Prepares For Crackdown On BitTorrent Movie Pirates

Zombie Ryushu Your kind are not welcome. (292 comments)

I really would like to see organized resistance and civil disobedience to the Media cartels, and a campaign to paint them as the evil monsters they are.

I happen to think that RIAA, MPAA, CRIA, and BREIN are Scoundrels, of the same vein as the Westboro Baptist Church, and the Taliban, and other hate based organizations that use a religious or quasi-religious basis just like religion does to persuade people that they should be paid forever and ever and ever for a non-product, and for what really is an economically stilted scam meant to drain the poor, oppress other people, abuse children, ruin people's lives over a non-reason. Efforts should be taken by interest groups to dismantle these organizations.

about a year ago

The New Series of Doctor Who: Fleeing From Format?

Zombie Ryushu Dr. Who's Savior Complex (170 comments)

I'm probably burning Karma here, but, I've heard alot of people say Dr. Who is becoming 'Atheist Jesus'. In the Classic series the Doctor was an Alien detective/investigator who merely lived a long time with a set number of Regenerations. He didn't always save the day. (Up until the latter part of David Tennant, he didn't save the day either.

But with Matt Smith, he's become like, a Demi-god or an Apollo type god. (River/Melody calls him 'an ageless god'. Now it's the case there are no limits on how many times he can regenerate, and he can use his regeneration abilities to heal others. The series doesn't make contiguous sense the way it did under Tennant and Eccloston. Basically, it's non-sense after non-sense plot. (The last Episode with the Angels is quite good really EXCEPT THE ENDING SUCKS.

about a year and a half ago



How will Samba 4 affect existing Linux Directory Services

Zombie Ryushu Zombie Ryushu writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Zombie Ryushu (803103) writes "Samba 4.0 has introduced Release Candiadate stage. How will this affect existing Open Directory (OpenLDAP with Kerberos and Samba 3) infrastructures?

Since 2005, The combination of OpenLDAP, Heimdal Kerberos, and Samba 3 has been a staple in the Linux Infrastructure, with other services such as FreeRadius, NFSv4, and AFS being tacked on for good measure.
Many if not most Linux based utilities support LDAP. Unlike Samba 3, which functioned as an OpenLDAP based application, Samba 4 completely replaces OpenLDAP, and Heimdal Kerberos. Consider the following. Samba 3, while far beyond what Windows NT4 was ever capable of, expanded the NT4 Domain concept far beyond it' design limiations. In the most recent era, Samba 3.5 and 3.6, created an enhanced form of NT Domain Authentication just for interoperability with Windows 7. (This is very fascinating because it uses Windows 2003 Sign and Seal with NT4 Authentication, something NT4 never could do.) So it can be be said, while Windows 7 expressly drops support for Windows NT4, Windows 7 has express support for Samba 3.

Yet the sword of Damoclese has swung over the head of Samba 3.x for a long while. Vista dropped support for NT4 Style System Policies, requiring administrators to resort to registry Trickery with Wine and third party policy tools such as NitroBit.

Samba 3 brought about a form of NT Domain that supported LDAP as a backend, could use Kerberos for Authentication both for file shares and joining the Domain. (Although only other Samba clients could utilize the Kerberos aspects of Samba 3.) Could delf out policy by OU. With help from OpenLDAP, Samba 3 could overcome the single PDC limitation, and all Samba Domain Controllers could be writable PDCs because OpenLDAP supported Multi-master Replication.

Beyond Samba, FreeRadius could use LDAP for authentication, Evolution could garner configuration information from OpenLDAP, for IMAP and SMTP settings (CalDAV Support was never added, even though there were feilds in the OpenLDAP schema for the three CalDAV based Calendar, Addressbook, and Task List.) This cooperated with eGroupware. Sudo could draw Sudoers from OpenLDAP, as could NSS. Each had their own unique Schemas.

Unlike when Windows moved from NT4 Domains too AD, the movement was simple, before, you had no Directory Service, and now, boom! you do. In the Linux world LDAP has been a reality for a long time. Many applications are built to participate in Open Directory based Domains based on OpenLDAP Schemas. What happens if the Schemas conflict definitions? How will this be resolved?"

Link to Original Source

Mandriva Linux 2008.01 Released

Zombie Ryushu Zombie Ryushu writes  |  about 6 years ago

Zombie Ryushu (803103) writes "Mandriva 2008.1 (Spring edition) has been released.

Mandriva 2008.1 has been released as of Wednesday April 9th. This Spring installment includes the Codeina framework has been introduced, providing automatic installation of codecs to play media files for which support is not already available, The PulseAudio audio framework has been adopted by default. Significant improvements to the Mandriva software installation tools, in the design of the interface, the available sorting and layout options, and the way extended package information is handled, support for KDE 4.0.3 as an option, and many many other improvements."

Link to Original Source


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