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Philae's Batteries Have Drained; Comet Lander Sleeps

Zymergy Why no RTG, RITEG or Pu/Nuclear Battery? (337 comments)

SO, with the mission cost being over 1.6 billion for this mission, why did it not have a RTG, RITEG and/or other Pu/Nuclear Battery? I realize solar and other chic renewable rechargeable green technologies are all the rage these days, but when reliable electrical power for critical mission status is required, accept no substitutes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A...

about a month ago

Multi-Process Comes To Firefox Nightly, 64-bit Firefox For Windows 'Soon'

Zymergy Now with Multi-threaded memory leaks! (181 comments)

Have loved and used Firefox for years, but last several versions (past v28) have crashed frequently for me (Win7) with what appear to be memory leaks and then the ironic submitted crash report. I'll be looking forward to multi-threaded 64-bit crashes and memory leaks!

about a month ago

Windows 10 Gets a Package Manager For the Command Line

Zymergy Code name: "Palmala Handerson" (230 comments)

Tell me this is not the Perfect name for the new package manager: "Palmala Handerson"...

about 2 months ago

US House May Pass "Cap & Trade" Bill

Zymergy Re:Cap & Trade = Energy Rationing (874 comments)

Having studied Chemistry with experience in the oil industry, I must say that there is much FUD with the Global Warming hype.
Oil/Gas ALREADY contains the desirable energy content when collected and processed. Processing is minimal when compared to Nuclear fuel.
EVERYTHING ELSE (fuel) must have the energy added as part of its production and that is very Expensive.
"Renewables" must be planted, fertilized, watered, harvested/collected, processed, and then are usable. ALL renewable alcohols (except perhaps iosbutanol) are inferior to 100% gasoline in energy content per gallon. Taxes are based on per gallon. (Duh! renewables = more demand in terms of gallons required to do the same amount of work and MORE taxes collected for the additional gallons purchased... of course politicians are for renewables) But it is a sham. Petroleum is superior fuel from an efficiency per gallon standpoint and burns very cleanly in modern vehicles.
The only way to have ANY fuel compete with petroleum is to legislate an unfair and non-level playing field against petroleum. It is just math and thermodynamics and chemistry.
Politicians are especially bad at math and thermodynamics and chemistry.

People crying the sky is falling and who blame alleged 'Global Warming' (AKA 'Climate Change') on CO2 levels as a proven fact is insanely irresponsible and unscientific. True, CO2 can contribute to retaining heat close to the surface of the planet, but much is wholly unknown about the CO2 cycle.
Ever hold a sea shell or coral? Ever drive on concrete or gravel? Chances are that those substances were almost completely composed of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3). Yes, that is the product of the OCEANS, the ultimate CO2 sink is in Carbonate rocks.
These rocks rain down on the the floors of the oceans and become sea floor and eventually limestone (CaCO3). That is the ultimate fate of much of the CO2.
This process has happened for the history of the earth and has nothing to do with the minuscule amounts of CO2 we have added to the atmosphere.

This is a BLANKET TAX INCREASE and it will FAIL to solve any of the energy issues because the premise of what the problem is claimed to be is false.

Deforestation of parts of Africa, Europe, and South America effect global weather patterns much more profoundly than CO2 increases.
Meteorologists have trouble predicting the weather past 7 days into the future, I find it VERY improbable that the supercomputer models have it right 50-100 years out.

But if it gets politicians short-term funding, they will pass Cap & Tax and we will lose the rest of our industrial manufacturing and become a service-jobs-only based country.
Let's face it people, Oil and Gas are NATURALLY OCCURRING SUBSTANCES, and our environment is very well equipped to absorb the reintroduced CO2 released in the combustion of these fuels back into out planetary CO2 cycle.
CO2 is not like Mercury, Chlordane, or DDT. It is one of our body's own natural byproducts! To declare it a pollutant under EPA control is very ignorant of scientific facts and is irresponsible and dangerous.
The Cart is now trying to push the horse, and Petroleum is the Horse that built this country.

more than 5 years ago

New Electrode Lets Batteries Charge In 10 Seconds

Zymergy Re:20 vacuum cleaners... (348 comments)

I'll need that in Steve Ballmer chairthrow-roomlenghts per second please...

more than 5 years ago

ISS To Become Second Brightest-Object In the Sky

Zymergy Gods Must Be Crazy? (243 comments)

I keep thinking of the effects of a discarded Coke bottle on those non-technically savvy people in "The Gods Must Be Crazy"...
Perhaps they will select Three Wise Men to go on a pilgrimage toward the bright new star...

more than 5 years ago

Wolfram Promises Computing That Answers Questions

Zymergy Wolfram = Tungsten (369 comments)

Maybe it should be called it "Tungsten"?
Tungsten has the symbol "W" from its original name, "Wolfram" (which comes from wolframite, one of the ores from which it is extracted.)

more than 5 years ago

Diebold Election Audit Logs Defective

Zymergy Re:Why Authentication is a good idea! (256 comments)

I have read much in the 'media' about voter disenfranchisement FUD, because of the *onerous burdens* associated with obtaining an "unaffordable" authenticated ID Card... (photo or other biometric authentication)
I am not buying that it is too expensive. What about the costs a voter incurs to miss work to go vote? What about the gas used to drive the voter to the voting booth? It is all the same. (Obviously missed work time is much less money than the cost of a state-issued photo ID card, even at minimum-wage rates)...

That being said, Biometric/Photo ID Cards should be free to eligible voters (once per election cycle) who go to the State tag office and request one.
The State should pay for at least one Authenticated Photo ID every four years. This is the 21 Century People!
Have the State issue free voting Photo IDs as part of the election process if the voter does not wish to purchase a passport or Photo Driver's License/Photo ID. (And passports would be ideal, as they list your citizenship and thus your eligibility to vote, assuming you are not a felon...)

I agree with the sovereignty of State's Rights, but for FEDERAL elections, we need solid uniform standards and a way to verify that voting fraud is not occurring.
It is difficult to believe that my state WILL NOT verify it is me when I go vote. ? There ARE ways to allow me to authenticate my SECRET vote that are very hard to tamper with...? I require a "Secure" web session and a Federally-assigned PIN number to even view the balance on my Student Loans!... why not to verify my voting choices?
-If I need a State or Federally-Issued Photo ID to cash an Unemployment/Welfare/Social Security/Retirement/Military/IRS Refund Check at a US bank (don't forget my fingerprint), why NOT to vote here?

more than 5 years ago

Diebold Election Audit Logs Defective

Zymergy Re:Why Authentication is a good idea! (256 comments)

I understand the desire for secrecy in the voting, but how do I know my ELECTRONIC vote was not changed?
I could verify that by looking it up online and getting a verification in the mail.
Maybe my vote was bit-flipped for the other guy? How would I ever know that without being able to audit my own vote?

I suppose my point is, that I do not trust the system and there is ZERO way to verify my choices.
I would rather give up some secrecy in the vote to verify it made it to the correct place.
There is just far too much schenanigins possible with the current system.
I could have voted for my uncle who was in the hospital because I know his district and his name. NOBODY would ever have known.
Now what happens when you have multiple people registering to vote multiple times and the vary their names.... I recall numerous reports in the news of this happening in the last election... The hard part is getting the name in the book... you can send numerous proxy button-pushers in to vote for the names and stuff a ballot box, regardless of how well Diebold's audits hold up. The system is still broken and I do not trust it.

To prevent Fraud and to enhance Authentication while maintaining secrecy, some countries dip the thumbs of EVERY voter in indelible ink.
Perhaps a Photo ID that was issued specifically with the verification that that person is eligible to vote in US elections is a bit more civilized than ink?

more than 5 years ago

Diebold Election Audit Logs Defective

Zymergy Why Authentication is a good idea! (256 comments)

I was very surprised this past election when I attempted to show my State Issued Photo ID card (Driver's License) and Social Security Card to prove who I was in order to vote.
The very polite woman looked away and told me that she CANNOT look at my ID Cards because of laws/rules.
She simply verbally asked for my name from a list of registered voters in my district, I signed my name on the blank beside my computer printed name and was handed my ballot.
Scratching my head, I went into the both and voted. Next I returned my paper ballot card to a large scanning device and inserted it and that was 'voting' for 2008.

What troubles me is that there was almost ZERO authentication! All I needed, was a name and to show up where that name would be likely registered and I could vote fraudulently.
I get more authentication getting gas with mt debit card at 7-11!
I realized that this must be ON PURPOSE. But why? All I can conclude after much though is to allow fraud.
->We already have a perfected system that nearly everyone already knows how to use! They are called Credit Cards!

Why can Mastercard/Visa reliably authenticate BILLIONS of unique transactions with very little error and an audit trail and Diebold cannot?
I believe that when the US has another election, we should be issued Visa/Mastercard Debit cards with our pictures on them linking to a database of our eligibility to vote in US elections.
We use the same credit card/ debit card devices that are used all over which are tied to a computer touch screen, and we "purchase" a list of candidates (just like building a PC at NewEgg..) and then "purchase".
Now I have a printed receipt that instantly confirms my choices and selections after the transaction. If I made any mistake, I will need to immediately take that receipt to the person conducting the elections with my photo ID debit card for voting, and they will assist me in correcting the errors and I will need to electronically sign a form and will be issues a correction receipt with my previous incorrect choices credited to my "account" and the my new correct selections "purchases" on the new receipt.
of course, I will be able to later look this up online to verify my paper receipt matches the online database of my "votes" (purchases).

Why reinvent the wheel? Mastercard/Visa have over 30 year experience conducting authenticated transactions and their fee is typically less than 3%.
The Sause is not in the touch screens or their audit logs, it is in AUTHENTICATION and being able to reliable VERIFY your selections got registered as your choices.
(Of course I will later expect a statement via the US Mail (built in fraud protection laws) that will exactly match my printed receipt obtained at the time of my voting...)

more than 5 years ago

Intel Recruits TSMC To Produce Atom CPUs

Zymergy Re:Your ignorance is showing. (109 comments)

Thanks for the good information. Very interesting. My intention was not to take a jab at Taiwan (or to lump it in with China) but to generally state that there are significant advantages for US companies to NOT manufacture stuff (as much) in the US anymore. (I am sure Taiwan has advantages over the US or TSMC would set a fab up in the USA...)
I am sure Intel is doing this because it leads to making more money for Intel. They are very smart.

US companies will save money and have higher profits making many products outside the US. As a proud American is hard to say, but that is the world I observe today.
Other than pets and most food products, I can pretty much correctly assume that most everything else purchasable in US consumer goods stores is made in the NOT-USA.

more than 5 years ago

Intel Recruits TSMC To Produce Atom CPUs

Zymergy Re:Nice Intel (109 comments)

Not sure, but manufacturing OUTSIDE of the US has advantages, some of these could be: Much lower wages, no heath care benefits, lower taxes, no workman's comp, no EPA, no OSHA, and no FICA to pay... not to mention no/few labor laws and NO UNIONS (in many of these places)...
Ever wonder why so many things are being manufactured in the NOT-USA? Some of these reasons are why. Globalization... (Service-based jobs are here to say.. for now.) Sad but true.

more than 5 years ago

Intel Recruits TSMC To Produce Atom CPUs

Zymergy TSMC using Intel's HKMG 45nm process? (109 comments)

Does this mean that TSMC has Licensed Intel's HKMG (High-K Metal Gate) 45nm process?
Or does that mean that the TSMC-made Atom chips will be more leaky (and thus, using more power)?

more than 5 years ago

Safari Beta Takeup Tops Firefox, IE and Chrome

Zymergy Re:Forced upgrade, not uptake (342 comments)

Not sure if iTunes for Windows and its "Apple Update" feature is the same as the version of "Software Update" for OSX?
I would be willing to guess that Safari was already on your OSX MBP and perhaps the MBP 'Software updater' and/or the iTunes 'Apple Updater' did not upgrade your version of Safari automatically (or it was already done so and you did not notice).

I have witnessed the Windows implementation of the "Apple Update" that is present in the last several versions of iTunes will gladly inform (uninformed users)that they need updates installed to their Apple Software and the new installer will install Safari/Quicktime/Bonjour/et al as well as the desired iTunes updates on your Windows PC. (only users that understand the fact they do not NEED or better yet may not WANT the other software which the iTunes update installs also...)

For the Record: I am not Anti-Apple. I actually *love* Apple hardware (most of it) I even had a Newton!. I like OSX too

more than 5 years ago

Safari Beta Takeup Tops Firefox, IE and Chrome

Zymergy Re:Forced upgrade, not uptake (342 comments)

Yes, thank you. And to be sure my point is proven, despite my very VALID and well thought out points from my post: http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=1145785&cid=27039799
Would you care to make a wager that the Apple Fanboys will mod me as Troll/Flamebait? COUNT ON IT!

iSafari (Beta or otherwise) has *NOTHING* to do with iTunes.
Forcing its installation via the 'Apple Update' for an UNRELATED Apple product (iPod) is clearly a valid point and ON topic. It skews *actual* useage.
WHAT? Mods call that fact pointed out with other cited iCrippling limitations of the iPod/iTunes by iDesign as troll/flamebait?
I sense fruit-company Bias here... :o)
Bet they would be pissed if it installed Firefox or Opera whenever they ran "Apple Update". Same difference...
I would love to use the snappy iPod hardware if it were not so heavily/deliberately crippled...

IF I could use iPod iHardware without installing a single piece of iSoftware (like the Creative Zen and numerous other portable media devices that will NEVER install iSafari on my stepfather's system!) I suppose I would have been more positive on the iPod iTunes and iApple iUpdate in my anti-iPost...

more than 5 years ago

Safari Beta Takeup Tops Firefox, IE and Chrome

Zymergy Re:Forced upgrade, not uptake (342 comments)

YES, My stepfather HATES Safari and I have (gladly) iUninstalled it at least 3 times so far....
For some reason when he iClicks the prompted iApple iPod iSoftware iUpdate he gets a NEW iTunes and iQuicktime installation for his never-used-since iChristmas iPod and iVOILA! he has the new iSafari iInstalled AGAIN.

So understandably, he is unhappy (again) as to how this unwanted and unsolicited browser on got there again and how dare it decide to be his browser, where's the IE he has used forever with all of the links? (phone call follows to come over and remove the offending browser...)
Too bad he bought some iDRM'D iMusic with iTunes at iChristmas or I'd uninstall *ALL* iApple software on his PC.

iSOLUTION: Maybe he'd just use a shiny new Creative Zen or anything not brought to him by the letter "i" ?!?
I bet he would dump the iPod and iTunes when iI show him the magic of simply dragging MP3 into the new drive letter of his standards-based USB cable connected media player in Windows Explorer (iTunes iSucks and is altogether unnecessary and VERY BADLY BLOATED... once users move to actual non-DRM media files.)
The challenge will be to teach new software to him that simply organizes and helps create playlists on the player not incrimentally attempt to take over his universe.
He will greatly enjoy the ease of backing up his MP3 and WAV files on his external drive using the very complicated "Copy" command in Windows Explorer (and even putting them on all of his media players..... SNAP! )
iI iMay iHave iJust iConvinced iMy iSelf...

more than 5 years ago

Sony To Unveil New Fuel-Cell Prototype

Zymergy Methanol is toxic and reacts with metals... (116 comments)

Not sure this is the best alcohol fuel to oxidize (burn) in a fuel cell use? http://fscimage.fishersci.com/msds/14280.htm
Ethanol is a less toxic and less reactive to metals (and much safer) alcohol to use. https://fscimage.fishersci.com/msds/89308.htm
From another methanol MSDS: "Releases flammable vapors below ambient temperatures. When mixed with air and exposed to ignition source, vapors can burn in open or explode if confined. Mixtures with water and as little as 21% (by vol.) methanol are still flammable (flash point less than 104F). Under some circumstances, may corrode certain metals, including aluminum and zinc and generate hydrogen gas. A methanol fire may not be visible to the naked eye."

Aren't many laptops made of aluminum and zinc and magnesium? What happens when the lithium battery decides to cook off? Hummmm?
(In any case, I am sure the TSA will let us all board planes with our alcohol-fueled laptops.)

more than 5 years ago

Reclaiming Oil Rigs As Oceanic Eco-Resorts

Zymergy Hurricane Insurability? Sovereignty? (124 comments)

Not sure if they have calculated the TCO completely?
If State Farm is completely pulling out of Florida for profitability reasons, what makes the developers thing this thing will be insurable?

It also depends HOW FAR off shore it is and if is out of International Waters?? ...then you have to consider going through Customs, and the fact that there is no Police, Fire, EMS or 911 service, etc... A real Insurance Nightmare. I suppose there will have to be signed "EULA" Disclaimers... (under what jurisdiction?) (Though some might try to make it an Amsterdam on stilts, etc... it is possible the rich stoner crowd is not too worried about insurance.)

more than 5 years ago



The Future of Human and Robot Intimacy.

Zymergy Zymergy writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Zymergy (803632) writes "A Ph.D. thesis submission entitled "Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners" was defended today buy its author, David Levy, at The University of Maastricht (Netherlands). His thesis argues for likely evolution of human-robot relationships, including sexuality and marriage. Trends in human behavior, objects of their affection, sexual practices, and human attitudes were part of his research. Conclusions were based on hundreds of publications covering the fields of sociology, psychology, sexology, artificial intelligence, robotics, and other scientific research.


Zymergy has no journal entries.

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