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Ask Slashdot: Large-Scale DIY Outdoor Cooling of Cairo's Tahrir Square?

Zzootnik Re:It's not difficult (259 comments)

I looked thru the discussion and couldn't find this one elsewhere....
A Blimp. A Really Big, Shade Producing Blimp.
Or failing that, maybe some thousands of individual mylar balloons?
In either case, park them strategically, and should provide some shading for the square.

more than 3 years ago

Meteor Spotted Yesterday Over Midwestern United States

Zzootnik Re:Great video from Milwaukee (163 comments)

I Saw it pretty clear here in Iowa City out the window to the North... if it was ALSO north of Wisconsin, My guess would by Canada... or the patrol officer didn't know which way North was-

more than 4 years ago

Best PC DVR Software, For Any Platform?

Zzootnik Popcorn Hour? (536 comments)

I'm currently a Tivo Series 3 user (Works awesome and basically zero maintenance, other than the monthly fee and a very occasional spontaneous reboot--???!!!)
--That said, I've been keeping an eye on the Popcorn hour boxes...http://www.popcornhour.com
--Looks like it plays all the media you can throw at it, and toss in a blue-ray drive and you can even watch those-
It supports a Huge laundry list of features, but it looks like the one thing it doesn't actually do is the DVR of actual tv streams... Anyone know of any updates in that area?

more than 5 years ago

Some Early Adopters Stung By Ubuntu's Karmic Koala

Zzootnik Re:indeed (1231 comments)

Really? I upgraded my kubuntu from 9.04 to 9.10 without a single hitch... ...Of course I'm also currently backing up and re-installing from scratch a system I just finished building 2 weeks ago for a friend... the upgrade from 9.04 Ubuntu to 9.10 wouldn't even boot....

It shouldn't take too long, but there's considerable embarrassment on my Part about it. ("No REALLY- Its Normally a LOT more graceful than that!")
Stumbling really hurts-

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Boasts 96% Netbook Penetration

Zzootnik Re:Honeymoon is over (774 comments)

I'm likely one of the statistics who "Couldn't forego Windows"....but to be Fair, I DID have a decet reason... The Linux version only came with the Dinky sized SSD. The ONLY model they sold with an actual Hard Drive of any significant size in it also happened to have Windows on it. (That was pretty easily remedied though-)
I think that the sales numbers for this kind of thing will be (artificially) skewed away from linux for a while if the manufacturers continue to pull that kind of poop...

more than 5 years ago

Telco Appeals Minnesota City's Fiber-Optic Win

Zzootnik Re:Corporate death penalty (162 comments)

I've actually long been "for" instituting a better form of Punishment for Corporations, or other such Pseudo-Entities. If they get the Rights of a Pseudo-person, then they should also accept the responsibilities and other limitations that normal people live and abide by. And as they're only Pseudo-People, I think there should be a much lower threshold of tolerance with higher punishments to the entity as a deterrant. The "Death Sentence" should definitely be used- liberally- with corporations, as they do not currently have any Age-limited restrictions like actual people do...

more than 6 years ago


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