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Moore's Law for Motherboards

Zzyzygy Re:Moore's Law for Motherboards? (170 comments)

Time to burn some karma. . . .

Are you retarded? It was ment as an analog to a known pattern.

That is most certainly not the case here. In the case of the ever-shrinking motherboards the component count drops , unlike the increased transistor count in IC's as Moore's law predicts.

And no, I'm not retarded.

In closing, to be a grammar nazi try this on for size: "It was meant to be analogous to a known pattern."


more than 7 years ago



Zzyzygy Zzyzygy writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Zzyzygy writes "As I was catching up on my news sites, I came across this gem on The Mac Observer; from the article:

We all know the drill: You unpack your new HP or Dell desktop or laptop and fire it up, but before you can start working, you have to wade through the promotional software that pops up asking you to register, remove all the icons to unnecessary documentation that clutter the desktop, and uninstall all the trial and demo software that your computer is packed with when the hard drive is imaged at the factory," Alan Henry wrote. "With the PC Decrapifier, setting up a new computer is a little easier, and won't require you to scramble for a Windows CD as soon you get a new computer."


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