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Auto Industry's Fastest Processor Is 128Mhz

_Splat Umm.. no (397 comments)

The OnStar module found in most GM cars has an automotive-qualified 400MHz PPC 603e-based core and the latest versions have 16MB (or more) of flash and RAM.

more than 4 years ago

USB Flash Drive Comparison Part 2 — FAT32 Vs. NTFS

_Splat Re:NTFS burns up drives more quickly! (198 comments)

Accesses don't wear flash significantly compared to writes. Heavily read pages of NAND flash do need to be rewritten occasionally, but I can't imagine this alone would ever cause a device to reach its wear limit in normal use. NTFS does write more than FAT32, so you're still correct that FAT is better for reducing wear. FAT's fault tolerance is notoriously bad though.... would you rather lose your data or have to replace a $20 usb stick (which will probably be $2 by the time you wear it out)

about 6 years ago

USB Flash Drive Comparison Part 2 — FAT32 Vs. NTFS

_Splat Re:Choose NTFS for the life of your drive (198 comments)

Flash drives have a flash translation layer that makes the flash look like a regular disk despite having special properties. This layer handles the wear-leveling, garbage collection, and bad block detection so the standard filesystem (that was designed for magnetic disks, probably) doesn't have to consider them. Regardless of the filesystem used, the wear of the device should be related to the total amount of data written, not the location of the data.

about 6 years ago

Graduate with Bad Grades or Repeat a Year?

_Splat Re:You know what they call the guy who... (277 comments)

Works better as:

You know what they call the guy who graduates last in his class at law school?

Your Honor.

more than 7 years ago


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