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The 3D Economy — What Happens When Everyone Prints Their Own Shoes?

aXi Back to basics (400 comments)

He whom develops the best building materials for 3D machines will prevail.

about 6 months ago

Linux 3.11 Features Fall Into Place With Merge Window

aXi Better wait for... (70 comments)

The linux for workgroups 32bit extension. Then you get the real power of the system.

about a year ago

Windows 8: a 'Christmas Gift For Someone You Hate'

aXi very fitting epitaph. (740 comments)

Very fitting epitaph for the os for squares: "'Christmas gift for someone you hate.'"

about 2 years ago

Linus Torvalds Answers Your Questions

aXi Re:all in all... (326 comments)

Anyone think that apple made a conversion error when overlaying their data over a metric map ?

about 2 years ago

Linus Torvalds Answers Your Questions

aXi Re:Buffing? (326 comments)

While exercising all his phalanges
on the round shaped fruit.
The tight skinned ripe oranges
slowly became hand peel able.

Well you are right sorry for posting this. ;-P

about 2 years ago

The Sweet Mystery of Science

aXi Quantifiablewe (259 comments)

What we do not know is unquantifiable, however what we do know is quantifiable, so I would rather learn something we do know.
What we do not know is what we do not know, how can we teach anyone that which we have no knowledge, after all we do not know it.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Personal Tape Drive NAS?

aXi Re:Punch cards (268 comments)

And of course you can always manually create a new torrent file or movie by pricking in a couple of thousand punch cards.

more than 2 years ago

If the Higgs Boson Is Found I'll.....

aXi No more failed diets. (253 comments)

Wow finally the ultimate diet pill is under way. Same Circumference less weight.

more than 2 years ago

The Windows 8 Power Struggle: Metro Vs Desktop

aXi Re:Please read this (590 comments)

Correction it is a complete rethinking of the windows 3.0 program manager, which sets us back more then 22 years. Even worse the possibility of freely minimising and moving program groups was available which makes the windows 3.0 interface superior to the windows 8 interface.
The windows 8 interface is simply a redesign of the the file manager icon view of the start-menu folders.
Even worse they have done this very same thing to the start menu button, first by pasting a green start button on top later only to replace that with the current round windows "start" button which is still available in windows 8.

To prove that windows 8 is an airbrushed windows 7 simply open the registry editor and change the value of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer RPEnabled from 1 to 0 (zero).

My conclusion:
I think windows 8 will be worse than windows ME and Vista combined. Seeing that nobody is buying windows 8 phones which have the same interface as windows 8 for desktops I think windows 7 will probably coexist with wxp for some decennia to come. I doubt anyone will want to buy a new system with winnows 8 preinstalled.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Setting Up a Wireless Catch-and-Release

aXi Re:Documentation? (332 comments)

Then again they might start to believe in the Lorax in stead of the nature it represents.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Setting Up a Wireless Catch-and-Release

aXi Re:Documentation? (332 comments)

The Lorax comes to mind.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Setting Up a Wireless Catch-and-Release

aXi Censoring (332 comments)

From what I read, you want to restrict internet access to the sunday school classes. Are we talking censoring or actually only allowing sunday school pupils to connect? If you mean the latter, simply enable wpa or wpa2 security on sundays and only give the wpa/wpa2 password to students. If you mean the former I can and will not help you, for I think each is in his own right to have the freedom to inform oneself by anyway possible as to whether to believe or not to believe.

I am an atheist but I believe in the right of religion even if it makes no sense to me,.

more than 2 years ago

The Myth of Renewable Energy

aXi Re:photovoltaics require silicon (835 comments)

They never named photovoltaics. They are talking about solar heat pump systems.

Photovoltaics are allmost allways forgotton because of the so-called low-return. While in germany big homeowners are making a killing selling energy back to the grid.

The fact that they did not compare photovoltaics tells me that this "research" might be biased.

more than 2 years ago

Rethinking the Nature of Files

aXi the metadata is there to make sure you do not copy (369 comments)

This way you can make sure you do not copy your file to people Microsoft or the government does not want you to copy files to.

The file-system will check and see if the file that is being copied to it is allowed to be copied to it. And both file-systems check whether upon copy completion if the file in the original and/or source and/or destination storage device fs must become uncopyable, or whether it should be deleted after having been copied, even if you meant only to copy it.

In show DRM for every file ever created....... With other words the back door for the DRM no one wants and the MPAA wants everyone to have/use/abide-by.

more than 2 years ago

What You Eat Affects Your Genes

aXi Re:Who Knew? (249 comments)

I think that means you are the rib-eye, all we need to find is a capable and ruthless butcher...

about 3 years ago

Costly SSDs Worth It, Users Say

aXi Re:My approach (288 comments)

you do not need a commercial device to use RAM as storage. All you need to do is add more ram to your conventional system and use a ramdisk driver ( under windows) or mount a file system as tmpfs (under linux). Just don't forget to back everything up once per half hour (less or more frequent according to power/system stability), and just before shutting down. Of course if you are compiling, and all you ar interested in is the binary, just save those and dump the rest.

oth. if you are using ssds please if you have your home directory in it, put your firefox cache in tmpfs/ramdisk.

about 3 years ago

Slashdot Launches Re-Design

aXi I firehose colapsing style for stories (2254 comments)

Hi I really miss the possibility to use the firefose collapsing style for the stories page. I like headhunting slashdot articles, then opening up the heading I am interesting to read a bit more about it, before I decide to click on through.


more than 3 years ago

Microsoft's Sleep Proxy Lowers PC Energy Use

aXi Basically W.O.L. using even more energy. (163 comments)

Basically yet another device that uses energy, seeing as all newer pcs come with built-in wake on lan that cannort be disabled anymore. Just another gadget that uses energy, even if the computer is powered on ..

more than 4 years ago


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