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How To Handle Corporate Blackmail?

aadvancedGIR Re:Don't count on HR (675 comments)

In french work law, HR employees (incuding basic clerks) are automatically considered as members of the direction and you have the right to be assisted by the person of your choice (including someone not employed by the compagny, such as a lawyer, even if a local syndicalist is the most common choice) whenever you have to interact with them.
I never needed such assistance, but I really think it's a good thing that possibility exists.

more than 5 years ago

Bill Would Require ISPs, Wi-Fi Users To Keep Logs

aadvancedGIR Re:Yeah right (857 comments)

That's the very idea, they will never tell you do do it or how they expect your logs to be autenticated, so everyone will be on the wrong side of the law and the days some cops will be pissed that he didn't find any weapon, drug or libertarian literature while reading your house, that will be one more of the many reasons he could arrest you anyway.

more than 5 years ago

Are Micro-Transactions the Future of Online Game Business Models?

aadvancedGIR Re:Who cares? (68 comments)

You are kidding, right?

This is exactly the nerdy demography that has a hell lot of free cash to spend on frivolous expenses.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Knew About Xbox 360 Damaging Discs

aadvancedGIR Re:If I were a jury member (583 comments)

Ok, if I understood well, you propose a $20 workaround uncompatible with installed base and that probably has an effective reaction time over 5s (unless you apply brakes to your disk, which brings new opportunities to damage it) to their cheap ommission of a $0.50 protection gear that every other disk player manufacturer uses.
I think that makes you look stupid enough to qualify for jury duty.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Knew About Xbox 360 Damaging Discs

aadvancedGIR Re:Xbox firmware update (583 comments)

The difference in noise level is itself a very good reason for this upgrade. The Eternal Sonata didn't feel so great when I had the feeling of playing it inside a B17.

more than 5 years ago

Why Climbers Die On Mount Everest

aadvancedGIR Re:Nope, not the same. (417 comments)

Your definition is the clinical death, wich is only a legal threshold based on the medical constatation that this state is most likely irreversible. But on a biological point of view, the tissues are still alive until after the patient is unplugged.

Doctors need that kind of codified definition because the grey area between a functional body and a rotting corpse (and particulary the no return point) are not that well understood.

and BTW, in some cases (for example drowning in cold water), people can seem dead but still be resurected quite a long time (half an hour) after they stop breathing thanks to the lack of oxygen going to their brain (it causes a kind of "emergency shutdown" that delays cell destruction).

more than 5 years ago

The End of Individual Genius?

aadvancedGIR Re:Individual "Genius" (364 comments)

Moreover, I'd say that being a genius is not necessarily linked to intelligence and knowledge. To me, a genius is not someone who excels in a field, but someone who bring a new approach to this field.

My best non-scientific example is Harisson Ford. When filming Indiana Jones, he had a scene when he was supposed to swordfight with a tough guy. The stuntmen had prepared the fight and in normal conditions, Ford would probably played one more epic scene in the movie, but he was ill and tired and asked something like "why the f*ck can't he simply shoot him?". That's my layman definition of genius, the guy who comes up with a new but a posteriori so obvious way of seeing things, and most of the time, he needs first to forget how he is supposed to his job (whatever it is) right.

more than 5 years ago

The End of Individual Genius?

aadvancedGIR Re:There's more to learn (364 comments)

Since 90% of these modern games are nothing more than slightly technically improved clones of the same mediocre stuff everyone else has already overdone because that's known to give a decent ROI, I think that's a good but scarry analogy to the institutional research.
BTW, my favorite 2008 game is Braid.

more than 5 years ago

The End of Individual Genius?

aadvancedGIR Re:I call BS (364 comments)

Moreover, they have public recognition in a much larger audience than the few hundred people who would read their papers.
Einstein was literally a pop star while many of his theories were still waiting experimental confirmation. One century later, he would have had his own reality TV show (I propose "The Relative Life").

more than 5 years ago

The End of Individual Genius?

aadvancedGIR Re:Good or Bad? (364 comments)

Yes, but it reminds me of something I read about the romans: they managed to dramatically raise the state of the art in almost any science, art or craft known at their time and transfered those improvements to their everyday life, but invented no new field.

I have the impression that the current reserch by mass is similar to the roman situation, it's great when you know where you're heading, but it's probably not that bad to let a few people step aside of the race and explore ideas that have no currently known use, most of the results will be a waste of good brain, but it's hard to imagine we already invented all that can be and only need to polish what we already have.

more than 5 years ago

Canadians Miss Out On Doctor Who Season Finale

aadvancedGIR Re:Canadians and US citizens are getting screwed. (303 comments)

Just so you don't feel that bad.

In France, we don't have the season 4 yet, and the christmass special episodes are never released on DVD, and the season 3 DVD only proposed french dubbing, yes, no kidding, the original audio track was gone!

more than 5 years ago

Maryland Court Weighs Internet Anonymity

aadvancedGIR Re:Someone Post Pictures Now! (409 comments)

But he could sue Google (good luck with that, it's more likely that this guy will be fired for the bad press he makes for the franchise), with the words Dunkin Donuts dirty, I get over 200k answers.

more than 5 years ago

Future of Space Elevator Looks Shaky

aadvancedGIR Re:Scary stuff (486 comments)

Well, at least, slide rules wouldn't have almost failed at the most important moment.

more than 5 years ago

Alien Comet May Have Infiltrated the Solar System

aadvancedGIR Re:Some guys just got less CN than others (208 comments)

Solar systems like our are formed out of the remanents of a nova, and the ratio of elements and isotopes in each solar system is very distinctive, as it is the consequence of the history of its primary star (for example, we know that our solar system has an overabundance of Si).
Random distribution could easily explain small variations, but very unlikely go to two orders of mangitude, whereas such a huge difference is in the possible range of the variations between varios stars, and maybe it could be possible to determine its origin by comparing to the spectral signature of our neighbours.

more than 5 years ago

Measuring Engagement In Games

aadvancedGIR Re:Just Shooters? (72 comments)

My best souvenir with Quake1 is that it could be played virtually anywhere, even on the amber and black dumb text VT220 terminals we had at school that most of our school mates were not even considering to check their mail, so we were almost sure to have the entire room for our LAN play, even during lunch break, when all the PC and Sparc rooms were overcrowded.

more than 5 years ago

Replacing Metal Detectors With Brain Scans

aadvancedGIR Re:cuz nobody has EVER been able to fool that (327 comments)

In the case of Israel security forces, they already have far enough rocks given by the local kids, but they may be willing to buy bullets.

more than 5 years ago

Sweet Molecule Could Lead Us To Alien Life

aadvancedGIR Re:It seems unlikely (72 comments)

Yes and no.

In that context, these simple molecules are probably created by radiation catalized reaction rather than life (it is known to be possible). However, while the place is probably still hostile to life, those organic molecules that will be still around when the place would cool down might become the initial construction set of a new life.

more than 5 years ago

Judge Excludes 3 "John Does" From RIAA Subpoena

aadvancedGIR Re:It's obvious that what we need is... (225 comments)

"Is having a static home address (123 Cherry Lane) preventing anonymity in the real world?"
As long as you are not required to display it on yourself everywhere you go, no.

"Is that a valid comparison?"
Maybe, changing the MAC address of your computer to someone's else (or spoofing an IP address) to do something wrong is similiar to yelling "I am " to the police while running away from the police.

"It seems like the point above could/should be a concern to an average user, retaining your identity?"
Absolutely, but there is not much you can do before the police knocks at your door.

more than 5 years ago

EU Strikes Down French "3 Strikes" Copyright Infringement Law

aadvancedGIR Re:Oh "good news" (271 comments)

That's the common mistake thet the PR that goes around that law (no kidding, they even created web sites) tries to encourage. It really is about not securing one's internet line, something broad and fuzzy enough to strike people suspected of piracy without the need of formal proof (the music industry is behind the law, so yes, it will be the first goal), but also pretty much anyone for any reason of the day.

more than 5 years ago


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