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EFF: Amazon, AT&T, and Snapchat Most Likely To Rat On You To the Gov't

aalevy Fight's for user rights in court is a bad metric (69 comments)

In every case where the company did not earn a star, they report says it should not be seen as a demerit, as they may just not have had a chance to or not been able to report it. Doesn't that make it a poor comparison metric? Especially in comparison to the others...

about 5 months ago

'Vanish' Makes Sensitive Data Self-Destruct

aalevy Quotation reference mistkae (171 comments)

The quote 'Our goal was really to come up with a system where, through a property of nature, the message, or the data, disappears' should actually be attributed to Prof. Henry Levy, not Amit Levy. The confusion was probably caused by the press release only refers to the last name.

more than 5 years ago


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