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Amazon's Ambitious Bets Pile Up, and Its Losses Swell

aap Re: barrier to entry (168 comments)

When you say the "barrier to entry is so absurdly low" you seem to mean that you could start a competing web site yourself for almost no money. And you could... but how will anyone find out you exist, and once they do, how will you convince them to buy from your site? Amazon has buying power, reputation, selection, and cheap fast delivery. They didn't get there overnight, and neither can you.

It's true that the other big names are not taking it lying down. More and more are offering shipping subscriptions, for example. But it's not so easy to convince someone to pay for multiple reduced shipping services from other sites once they have paid for Prime. You're right that there's little risk of actual monopoly though.

about 6 months ago

Google Blocking Asus's Android-Windows "Duet"?

aap Re: Still open legally (194 comments)

Which Samsung device doesn't have Google Apps?

about a year ago

HTTP 2.0 May Be SSL-Only

aap Will users care? (320 comments)

If http:// will fall back to HTTP 1.0, how does that make the Internet a more secure place? Will the users actually care that the page is being served by an older protocol, enough to type it again with https? Will they even notice?

about a year ago

Sprint Allows LTE Service Over Mobile Virtual Network

aap Ting rocks (45 comments)

Ting rocks. If they were on T-Mobile instead of Sprint I probably would have switched by now. Pay for what you use, no extra charge for tethering, shared data and minutes without the ridiculous costs that the big boy charge for sharedness.

more than 2 years ago

Verizon Bases $5 Fee To Not Publish Your Phone Number On 'Systems and IT' Costs

aap Re:Revenue Stream (331 comments)

Nothing you can do? Not even switch to VOIP, or mobile-only-- with a more customer-friendly carrier?

more than 2 years ago

IT Support Pro Tells Why He Hates Live Chat

aap Re:Opposite experience (228 comments)

Or worse yet, after you spend half an hour wading through their useless list of suggestions you already tried, they tell you to call phone support. I thought that was what I was trying to avoid.

more than 2 years ago

GNOME Shell No Longer Requires GPU Acceleration

aap Re:"fall-back .. to be eventually depreacated" (237 comments)

Is a fresh Fedora install really easier than "sudo apt-get install gnome-panel" ? That would add Gnome Classic as an option on the Ubuntu login screen.

more than 3 years ago

Cliff Click's Crash Course In Modern Hardware

aap how profiling tools fit in (249 comments)

or you needlessly wrote some hideous O(n!) search which is NP complete, then no amount of profiling and instruction tuning is ever going to help you.

In this situation the value of the profiling tools is not for instruction tuning, but to help you notice the existence of the bad search function so you can replace it with something else.

In a large program there can be lurking n-squaredness which may not be obvious from looking at any one section of the code. For example there could be an innocent function which loops over n objects, and you may not realize that it is being called from a function twelve levels up the stack which is also looping over the same n objects.

Sometimes it's enough to just stop in the debugger a few times to realize what is slower than it should be and why. In other cases, browsing the output of a good call graph profiler can help inspire the fix faster.

about 5 years ago

Android 2.0 — Competition Against the iPhone and the Rest

aap Re:Apple Fanboys missing the big picture (347 comments)

How does your theory account for the current market share of Microsoft Windows?

more than 5 years ago

How GNOME and KDE Spend Their Money

aap Re: inference (167 comments)

I mean, when someone says "A..." whatever, what exactly are you supposed to infer from that?

That they are Canadian?

more than 5 years ago

Murdoch Says, "We'll Charge For All Our Sites"

aap Re:Bye, bye. (881 comments)

There's no network access down in the tunnels so the paper provides a good snapshot to read...

Back in the day, we had something better for that use case... it was called AvantGo. I guess some people today might use Plucker, but it's just not the same.

more than 5 years ago

Emacs Hits Version 23

aap 23 starts much faster, for me anyway... (367 comments)

Because of the daemon feature being added in this release, I was more surprised than I otherwise would have been: when I finally managed to compile emacs 23 for Solaris 10, it started much faster than 22.1. It really is almost instantaneous now even though I do have plenty of customization going on.

more than 5 years ago

Best Wi-Fi Portable Browsing Device?

aap Re:Get a Cheap Used Palm Tungsten C (426 comments)

Hard to beat the price as you've laid it out, but the web browsing experience on the T|C is not very satisfying by today's standards. The combination of 320x320, 802.11b (not g) and PalmOS makes me normally prefer to cross the house to use a desktop PC. Though it is convenient for ssh access to try to restart gdm or cleanly reboot a machine whose screen and keyboard has locked up for some reason.

more than 5 years ago

Israelis Sue Government For Laser Cannons

aap Re:No Fire on the Sabbath? (736 comments)

I don't think the rabbis would let them use it one day out of the week.

Saving lives overrides the Sabbath. Although there are debates about how much of a threat there must be, I would be surprised if someone would claim that an incoming rocket doesn't qualify. Also, if the system is fully automated then I don't think leaving it on would pose a problem in any case.

more than 6 years ago


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