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3D Nausea Solved By Eye-Tracking

abbynormal brain I thought something like Solarian living (116 comments)

was a stretch (Issac Asimov's Foundation Earth series) but - holy crap - living alone in our basements with online friends .... we're almost there.

more than 3 years ago

A Solar-Powered 3D Printer Prints Glass From Sand

abbynormal brain Lady GaGa (139 comments)

Just fainted

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft, Google, Twitter Debate HTML5

abbynormal brain Hopefully Gandalf (87 comments)

will keep them talking until the sun rises so that they all turn to stone.

more than 3 years ago

Physical Pain and Emotional Pain Use Same Brain Networks

abbynormal brain Yeah - maybe if you look at it in a silo (154 comments)

but the same brain you are talking about has a "would you rather" processor - and mine would rather suffer an emotional heartbreak than a boot to the head

more than 3 years ago

Nintendo Announces New Console: Wii U

abbynormal brain Re:Err...What?? (330 comments)

I was excitedly waiting to see the size of the new Wii controller - because my favorite line to use in chat rooms is "my nuts are bigger than the original Xbox controller" and I was hoping to update my quote (as fewer people remember the original Xbox controller) - but now, it's just not going to make sense unless I shave my balls and slap a sticker in the middle. :\

more than 3 years ago

Syria Drops Off the Internet As Turmoil Spikes

abbynormal brain Learning from world events (94 comments)

... I've just installed an "Internet kill switch" in my house. Now - I just need to wait for the next time my wife or kids piss me off. Internet Nazi says, "NO INTERNET FOR YOU!"

more than 3 years ago

Subtle Cyber Attacks Could Tilt Global Economies

abbynormal brain A message from Mr. Helpmann (51 comments)

about the Cyber Attackers: "Bad sportsmanship. A ruthless minority of people seem to have forgotten good old-fashioned virtues. They just can't stand seeing the other fellow win. If these people would just play the game... " - Brazil (Somewhere in the 20th century)

more than 3 years ago

New Technique For Making JPEG Images Copy-Evident

abbynormal brain I'm not a computer genius (139 comments)

but to someone who is, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE insert a "Rick Roll" into a JPEG. RE: "relies on a complex method for inserting a large message into an image, which will only become visible once the image is copied and recompressed at a different level of quality"

more than 3 years ago

More Trouble Expected When Egypt Comes Back Online

abbynormal brain Re:A Straw Vote! (175 comments)

You're gonna need 2!

more than 3 years ago

Universe 250+ Times Bigger Than What Is Observable

abbynormal brain I/We/Gaia (506 comments)

take offense to this comment. I/We/Gaia have beautifully curved boundaries that I/We/Gaia are proud of. In our assimilation of the galaxy, we will make sure to prioritize your solar system and eradicate this stupidity.

more than 3 years ago

Universe 250+ Times Bigger Than What Is Observable

abbynormal brain Duh - In the middle (506 comments)

like my belly button (poke)(sniff)

more than 3 years ago

Playmate Photo From Apollo 12 Up For Auction

abbynormal brain Fap? (211 comments)

Sorry - not familiar with that term. Are you implying that no one can hear you punch the clown?

more than 3 years ago

Women Hide Stolen Goods In Their Body Fat

abbynormal brain One word ... (7 comments)


more than 3 years ago

Feds Warrantlessly Tracking Americans' Real Time Credit Card Activity

abbynormal brain Same here but (299 comments)

add hackers, identity thieves, and Mr. Cumba (or whatever his name is from all those "I want to deposit money in your US account" e-mails) to your list of "watchers"

more than 3 years ago

Uncertainty Sets Limits On Quantum Nonlocality

abbynormal brain Why do they always act surprised? (223 comments)

When the article opened up with:

The more one probes the universe at smaller and smaller scales, the weirder matter and energy seem to behave

... I thought "patterns" (like in the Powers of 10 display at the science museum). I don't see why "they" are so surprised that the deeper you probe, the weirder it gets. It's natural - universal even!
I tried it on my bus driver this morning. Had a pleasant conversation, asked lots of questions ... and I'll be taking the bus after that from now on.

more than 3 years ago

Professor Has Camera Surgically Implanted In the Back of His Head

abbynormal brain This isn't original (119 comments)

I already saw someone do this in a gay space movie .... uh ... damn!

more than 3 years ago

College Application Inflation — Marketing Meets Admissions

abbynormal brain Business Opportunity is Knocking (256 comments)

Talk about demand ... just give your school a catchy name that will attract elitists and - whamo! You've got cash to burn. Try something like "Slashdot U" or "Snarky U" ... you get the picture

more than 3 years ago



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