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HOPE Conference Gets Wozniak, Mitnick, Biafra

abhisarda Re:Great (184 comments)

Is there any comparison between Defcon and this conference?

more than 10 years ago


abhisarda hasn't submitted any stories.



half life

abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 10 years ago

I bought that game more than 1 and a 1/2 years back. A few months later, I started playing it. I saved the first game on 16th april,03 and continued playing for 4-5 days.. getting the hang of it. I've played 2-3 FPS games till now and the only one that has appealed to me has been max payne 1.
I've always played fps games in cheat mode but as a consolation chose the toughest level available.
2 reasons for this-
I don't have much time to play(3-4 days max. Playing w/o cheats would take 3-4 weeks and maybe I'd never finish it) and second, my head lies uneasy until I don't finish the game.

When I started half life, the mesa complex introduction is fine and dandy. But after that its one looong sequence of blah, blah, blah blah blah blah. When I played it last year, I saved the game at the 6th level because it was a little scary and I got bored too. Transferred the saved game files to a cdrw and left it alone until 2nd July of this month.
In these 14 months, whenever browsing through my cd's(about twice a month) one look at the half life cd and I would berate myself for not being done with it. So on 2nd I told myself this is it and re-installed the game. Over the next 4 days I just killed soldiers and zombies and monsters. Nothing else was on my mind (other than the wimbledon semis and finals).
As I came closer to the last few levels of the game, it actually got easier. But the middle levels took a lot of time to complete. I printed off the walkthrough for help and it came upto 22 pages!

On 6th I finally got to the last level. Finished it in 15 minutes but the game got stuck there. Wouldn't proceed further. Why? There is a bug(or feature?) in half life's apprehension map and nihilanth map(last one) where one cannot use any cheat codes at all. And I found that out yesterday when searching on google.

I then disabled the cheat codes and tried playing but the alien monster is too damn difficult to kill (I was playing in the most difficult mode). There are 2 endings to this game and I would have liked to see that but I'm not going to spend any more time and energy on that game anymore.

Some good and bad aspects of this game.
Graphics are still very very good.
AI is flawless.
Bad- The damn game is so long.
Enemies are difficult to kill( partly my mistake, I should have chosen an easier mode)
After serious sam 2, I decided I would only play fps games with humans as enemies. No zombies, no monsters, no aliens. And half life has all of them.

Last year I talked to people on irc games when I was looking for help on some levels and roughly 20-30 % hadn't completed the game. Too long, too tough, too boring.
I hate horror movies because they make me nervous. The same thing is with this game.
If you have played this game and like it, good for you. If you haven't played it yet, keep away from it.

Half life 2 will be coming out in a month but rest assured, I will not be touching that game. Ever. Max payne had a compelling(and innovative) story line.The only game I will consider playing is max payne 2 and that too in 2-3 years.


why weren't those 2 guys taken alive?

abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago Why weren't they taken alive? Why wasn't tear gas and the SWAT Team used? If they were concerned about bombs, why didn't they send in robots to check who was there or not? ---

eglamkowski, you do have a point there that millions would be spent and maybe those europeans would squeak at their death sentence.

But take a look at this from this point- If those 2 guys were captured alive, they could have been tortured until they gave up information on past weapons programs.

I used to think that Iraq had WMD programs but was of the opinion that it might use them in the war. But they haven't turned up yet and I believe the weapons programs have not been running for a few years now.

But if the army got those guys alive, and they talked about past WMD programs, then the army could claim that these weapons programs still existed a few months before the US went to war.

This would give the US credibility among the Europeans. Which would mean that the EU would provide billions in aid and peace keeping forces that the US desperately needs(why would it otherwise send its chiefs of staff to pak to ask them to send forces to iraq?

All this would make life a lot easier for Blair and the americans...


a few interesting links

abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago This comment will brighten up your day. Read the article from the beginning to understand the significance of that comment.

Japanese loan sharks

http://www.msnbc.com/news/510835.asp?0sp=n1c9 http://www.msnbc.com/news/939158.asp



abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Read this story(http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn?pagename=article&node=&contentId=A4598-2003May17&notFound=true). There is a shortage of people who have security clearances.

Articles with the word jobs draw so many bitch rants that I have lost my job to overseas competition, automation..etc.
The only way is to adapt to the job market because it is not going to adapt to you in the near future atleast.

In the above article, there are more jobs available than there are security clearances. So demand > supply. If you are a US citizen, why don't you apply to a firms that take part in this homeland security business? You could probably join one of the firms with no security clearance and then work your way up.

Yes, if you have had no degree and have spent the past few months flipping burgers, then these jobs are not right for you.

There are places who are hiring police officers because the ones that were serving have gone to the gulf.
Because of road congestion, police (http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn?pagename=article&node=&contentId=A3822-2003May17&notFound=true) will be forced to work overtime to catch offenders using the HOV lane in Maryland, Virginia. Now, isn't a job oppurtunity available there? More police = more fines, less overtimes for other police officers. This justifies hiring new police officers.

Also, related to this homeland security stuff.(http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn?pagename=article&node=&contentId=A1087-2003May16&notFound=true).

The US is planning to make interviews compulsory for people planning to visit the US. At the moment, the embassies are just not geared up for such a massive change in policy.
So where does the job oppurtunity come from?
Apply to the INS. This homeland security madness is not going to subside anytime soon.

The only point is that you gotta meet the job requirements.

You lack the temparament of a police officer? Too bad. The point is that there *are* jobs available. Just not in the tech sector.

80-90 years back when horses were more popular as transportation, there were lots of stablehands, shoesmiths(?), horsedrivers etc. When the automobile took over, what happened to these people? They had to adapt because anything connected with horses would not be enough for them to sustain their livelihoods.

Fast forward 80 years. Same situation. But this time the skill level, fitness level is much higher.

As always, the fittest survive.


the matrix

abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Washington Post.

Can it get any stupider than this? Why does shit like that have to be even recognised by the courts? Just because you like the matrix and admire it, doesn't give you the right to go killing people left and right. I like the Godfather, does that mean it gives me the right to kill anybody I hold a grudge against?

The courts are getting dumber by the year.

Lawyers, the bane of a productive society.



abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago

I was reading a AskSlashdot and saw the sig at the end of the first comment "Karma: Who gives a fuck ".

I registered(I think) at slashdot after the karma system switched over to the non-number rating system.
This non-number rating seems to have done a world of good. No more karma-whores as such(or not as much as before).
When I first started posting, my karma was positive. I thought there were only two kinds-+ve,-ve. After a week,it changed to good, a week later to very good, and a week after that to excellent.

But have you noticed that in the past 6-7 months, the comments for each article has gone up by about 30 %? That means there are more postings languishing below the average reader's threshold.

For my 1st week or so, the threshold was 1(I was new to this site). Then I changed it to hard threshold of 2.

About a month ago, I changed it to three. Comments may be decent at 2 but I'm not interested.

There are a lot of anon postings. So a story that has a threshold of 3 will have 45 of 320(~1/8) comments.
SCO, war, MS postings will be on the order of 1/4-1/5.


french movies on tv5

abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago

I was watching a movie on TV5(www.tv5.org). I do not know if France had a big movie industry like Bollywood but my opinion after 2 movies is that it is definitely better than all that shit that bollywood dishes out.

The movies have so much finesse, sophistication that even though these french films might not match the budget of bollywood films, they manage to do entertain a more educated audience.

There are so stupid songs and dances, no dramatic shit being dumped on viewers, every movie isn't the same cliched/hackneyed drivel like bollywood.

more later.


few stories I need from the nytimes

abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago

1)Asbestos Fund At Hartford Nearly Triples
May 13, 2003, Tuesday

2)Foreign Desk | May 13, 2003, Tuesday
Rude Awakening

By ERIK ECKHOLM (NYT) 1298 words

3)refashioning time from inside out


Foreign Desk | May 14, 2003, Wednesday
Huge Strike by Public Workers Paralyzes France


6)Business/Financial Desk | May 14, 2003, Wednesday
COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE; Bucking the Tide, eBay Expands in Silicon Valley

By TERRY PRISTIN (NYT) 1376 words

7)Sports Desk | May 14, 2003, Wednesday
AUTO RACING; Rising Costs Threaten Field at Indy

By DAVE CALDWELL (NYT) 1073 words

8)College Graduates Lower Sights In Today's Stagnant Job Market (13/14 may)

9)National Desk | May 15, 2003, Thursday
Criminal Inquiry Under Way At Large Pipe Manufacturer


Interesting read-



cursive writing

abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago

I read the various comments about cursive writing. Most slashdotters say that they hate cursive writing. Pretty pathetic. When I was in school, we had to take a lot of notes. And I mean a lot. I was regularly among the top in my class who took a lot of notes. During 3 hour exams we had to write 8-12 sides of A4.
I could probably write >120 words per min. Even though I've not written much for the past 3 years(damn engg college), if I practise for a few months, I can still go to 80-90 words a min. My typing speed is about 40-50 words a minute.

Eventhough I use the comp for 10-12 hours a day, I would take writing with pen(fountain pen) anyday.

Just my thoughts.

I''ll put this stuff below in another journal entry at a later time..
malaysian airport-phone call international -1.10 $ using credit card.

la airport-phone call domestic -7.50 $

What a ripoff.


few musings from my daily newspaper readings

abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago

This is as funny as it gets.
I was reading (http://www.nytimes.com/drivetimes )
and at the end of that article was a quote-

"The wackiest news from J. D. Power's surveys came from Hummer buyers, who complained about poor fuel consumption more than anything else, helping make Hummer the worst performing brand on the survey.

The Hummer? A gas guzzler? Who'd have thought? They didn't tell me that when I bought it!



laugh (http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=3622&cid=1341343)

abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago

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saw this on wpost today

abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago REad this story today.(Post)

Its so fucking funny and ridiculous, I laughed all the way through the article. This guy is such a character. He spent 900 million on his father's tomb when most of his fucking country is dying.

On a related note, here's a story about a chef from italy who made pizza for that bastard(Part1 ,Part2,Part3).

Terrible. The US should just nuke him and his bastard army.


anti-war activists

abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Just a brief note-
During the iraq war, a few stories appeared on slashdot. There were a lot of comments there. Most were opposing the war.
Thats so sad.
Dumb headed ding dong bells.
I consider them pariahs.
Pieces of shit.

I hate this socialism, communist, marxism, leftie(at least some of it) shit.
Capitalism rules. Nothing you can really do about it. Once every few centuries, society will cleanse itself with a revolution.

Also, another story where 2 russians were snagged by the fbi for stealing millions through credit cards.
Some fuckers actually took the side of the russians. Jesus christ, you fucking assholes. they steal millions from american companies, if they stole your credit card info and bought 5000 $ of stuff, the bank did'nt reimburse you, would you still be in favour of those russians?
Let's see what your reaction would then be.
Then you would go running to the law enforcement like you were bitch slapped.

That's enough for this journal.


few notes when installing xp(again)

abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Had to reinstall xp. Hate it. I have a Motorola SM56 PCI fax modem. When I clean installed xp(see journal entry below), the modem worked fine with win2k drivers. Then I reinstalled xp(xp->xp(upgrade)). It stopped working. Reinstalled xp, didn't help. So today I clean installed it and it works fine.

For some fucking reason, Counter Strike is not working on my cable modem(only ports like 21,1337 are working, not 27015..). My isp is a lame bastard. Doesn't know what ports it has blocked and which ones are open. So thats the reason I have to use my 56k modem. Pings are high but when you gotta play, you gotta play.

When I open some 8-10 mozilla windows and each window has about 10 tabs open in them, with each tab containing a photo, then Mozilla has a tendency to get stuck or hang. Im using Mozilla 1.3. I know that memory leakage is a problem with Mozilla but Netsape(Which is mozilla 1.something) runs better as in that it does hang even when you open 20 tabs each in a window and you have 10 windows open.

The problem now is that when I switched to Mozilla about 2 weeks back, I deleted the netscape installation files. This just blows man.
And those on broadband(unmetered), please give thanks to god.



abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago I am at a loss trying to figure out how a comment can go from +4 Informative to -1 Troll.
The mirror had a popup but I only put if up because I read some comments that Spamhaus was getting slashdotted.
A slashdotter commented-

"Although I appreciate your argument, the guy doesn't have much choice. A quick look at the curvedspaces.com website shows that it's a free hosting company, that has an automatic popup. Admittedly, I didn't get one at all (I use Phoenix/Firebird/whatever), but I'd guess that that's where it's from.
If that's the case, then at the end of the day, a) he doesn't have a choice and b) he's still done better than either you or I...

The mirror received over a thousand hits so I do consider it useful. I think its really unfair moderation.



abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Win 9x is:

A 32-bit extension of
a 16-bit graphical shell of
an 8-bit operating system coded for
a 4-bit processor by
a two-bit company that can't stand
one bit of competition.


good and bad

abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Was reading the post and came across a few stories about how critical the iraqi were of the loss of infrastructure because of the war and later, the looting.

Quite a few comments I've seen on slashdot express their criticism at Fox News, saying it nothing but a slavish cheerleader of the Pentagon. But where do we draw the line? When things were going bad in the war, the US lost 10 soldiers, the sandstorm brought the attack to a crawl.. we were starved for good news. Would you criticize Fox News coverage then for being optimistic and others for their doomsday theories?

I have wholeheartedly supported the war on Iraq. I also support Bush on all but 2 areas. He is quite wrong about the economy and he is not at all bothered about the environment-US or worldwide. In this area too, the question pops up-

Should I agree with Bush all the way or should I disagree with him when I feel he is wrong?

There is simply no way I would have sided with the anti-war fanatics who had a stronger voice on the web and the slashdot comments. I have the satisfaction of being on the side who got their wishes fulfilled-Saddam gone. But now the question that pops up is what is the US doing to bring out the oil and help pay for the reconstruction? People in Iraq are getting frustrated. IMO as soon as the war was over, the US should have sent in some 70-90,000 additional troops to prevent this widescale looting. Rumsfeld was right about the less number of troops sent into combat but I'm not sure if the troops there now are enough to keep law and order.

Hopefully, the US will begin the reconstruction in earnest and avoid antagonizing more the iraqi population.

If you have some thoughts on this subject, share them.



abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago

read the article on apple music. Nice system, wish it would just be plain simple mp3's. Dont care much about quality as long as its 128 bit rate and about .75 $ per song.

Saw a lot of comments about how people would rather download from kazaa and such because they would rather not pay for apple. Havent they heard of irc??

IRC in my opinion is the best file sharing facility of all. Beats the pants out of kazaa, grokster, gnutella etc. Most of the material in kazaa is shit in the first place.. why do people suffer using kazaa when there are better options. Go to where the source is !

For about 2 years when I started using the net, I wondered what irc was but never bothered enough to find out. Now I've been using irc regularly since Sep 2001.


city poll

abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago

a year or so back, I was seeing a show on mtv where college students travel from town to town or something..
they were passing thru a town called mianus(my-anus). The mtv anchor cracked a few jokes with one of the town's residents. He asked her.. so if you want to go to Mcdonalds.. you go the centre of mianus? if you want to head so and so.. you have to go up mianus.. . It was hilarious to say the least.

and how do you spell canada

C, eh?
N, eh?
D, eh?


bbc correspondent

abhisarda abhisarda writes  |  more than 11 years ago I was watching BBC correspondent and it was about Dzerzhinsk, the most polluted city in the world. Ill write more about it later as I gather my thoughts on this subject.. but I'll just link to the bbc page.. BBC

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