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Evolution 1.0 Released

abram_fettig Exchange contacts via LDAP (425 comments)

I'm currently using Evolution to access my company's Exchange addressbook via LDAP. Here's what you need to do:

Go to Contacts. Pick Tools -> Addressbook sources from the menu.

Hit the Add button.

Under the Basic tab: Account name can be whatever you want. Server name should be the IP address of the Exchange server. Check the "Requires Authentication" checkbox, and enter your e-mail address (the address of your mailbox on the Exchange Server).

Under the Advanced tab: Leave the port at 389, the default. Under search base, enter a string of text like this:

ou=My_Facility, o=My_Company, c=US

If you don't know what to enter for ou and o, you've got two options. If you have a nice Exchange admin who doesn't mind you using an unsupported e-mail client, you can ask them. Otherwise, you can use an LDAP browsing tool to check out the Exchange server.

Make sure you enter the country code! (that's the c=US in my sample above). Leaving this out made my addressbook not work.

For search scope, pick "Sub."


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