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Microsoft Puts Datacenter In a Barn

adampub ...WHY? (147 comments)

If it's a barn-like structure, then, why does it need windows? But, no seriously. Microsoft, keep your future where your future belongs.

about 4 years ago

Interactive, Emotion-Detecting Robot Developed

adampub Really? (58 comments)

Huh, I am surprised at this. I am only an early engineer, doing a research project for my class, but I know a little more about this stuff than most others, and I don't understand how it is reading the emotions of the other humans interacting with it. Is it a combination of voice and the muscles in the face? Or just one of the two?

about 4 years ago

Police Can Search Cell Phones Without Warrants

adampub huh. (438 comments)

Well, I would say thats a very interesting thing to do. Part of me wants to disagree with it, but then I realize that they generally do have a reason anyways. For example, doesn't that deprive them- just a little bit - of the human need for security? Then I contradicted myself with the thoughts of the fact that they don't really deserve security if they are only mistreating it anyways. An interesting read!

about 4 years ago

India Rejects HIV Drug Patent

adampub well It's about time. (1 comments)

well; It's about time. I have been hearing about HIV/AIDS being a huge problem since 4 years ago, or so, and I am really glad that with 7,000,000,000 people in the world, it only took us THIS long to find a drug.

about 4 years ago


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