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Google Unveils Self-Driving Car With No Steering Wheel

adokink Not new - Previous R&D projects (583 comments)

I just wanted to state that, although Google is making impressive progress in the field, other actors in the R&D arena have already implemented this kind of automated vehicles in the past, and made different pilots and field operational tests. As an example, take a look at the European project CityMobil 2: http://www.citymobil2.eu/en/ This project is already making demonstrations around european cities and there is more to come.

about 7 months ago

EU Court of Justice Paves Way For "Right To Be Forgotten" Online

adokink Reason of this decission (199 comments)

The origin of this trial is, among others, the story of a person that had debts, paid them finally, but google displayed results of the period he had still not paid them (forums, webpages, blacklists...). This guy even changed his name, because employers would not hire him after they had made a small search on google. He decided to confront the big google in court, and after many years, he has won. This is the main reason, the "right to be forgotten".

about 7 months ago

Brazil Blocks Foreign Mobile Phones

adokink Re:IMEI Number includes the model number (97 comments)

It will also force mobile makers to introduce their newest models at an early stage in Brazil, not after some months(I do not know if this is common practice in Brazil, but is sometimes done in Europe).

about 9 months ago

Carmakers Oppose Opening Up 5GHZ Spectrum Space For Unlicensed Wi-Fi

adokink Re:It's about money, as usual (186 comments)

They are using 802.11p. A modified version of 802.11a, due to latency requirements for safety applications and services (time to collision is critical, and you also have to add the mean response time of human beings). There is also a lot of R&D in access protocols (diificult when lots of vehicles are accessing the medium omnidirectionally and constantly moving).

about 2 years ago

Catfish Strands Itself To Kill Pigeons

adokink Re:Sample Video ... catfish catching pigeons (115 comments)

Here is another sample. This was shot in Zaragoza, Spain. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KFBevfHJAo Catfish were introduced in the seventies by the germans, with no license to do so and for recreative reasons. 40 years later, catfish have become the main predator in Aragon rivers. The fact is that from a biodiversity point of view it has been a disaster, but from the economic one, a whole new tourist industry has arised.

about 2 years ago

Using Winemaking Waste For Making Fuel

adokink Old tradition in Spain (152 comments)

Here in Spain, a country with a millenary wine tradition, we distille this grapes waste and turn it into a neuronal devastating alcohol beverage: Zurracapote. Parental Advisory: Do not drink Zurracapote if you are over 24 years old. Liver damage risk.

more than 2 years ago

Mysterious Algorithm Was 4% of Trading Activity Last Week

adokink UFO (617 comments)

Now featuring a new concept: Unidentified Financial Object

more than 2 years ago

Have I Lost My Gaming Mojo?

adokink Good games just to have a good time (418 comments)

The last game I really enjoyed, had no plot, storyline, cinematics or any of those things, just a bunch of zombies walking towards my house. Plants vs. zombies its simple, fun and well done. It has a good learning curve and funny parts. I know, it just does not look for grown up players, but, damn, I had a hell of a time. And it has no bugs.

about 4 years ago

Has Any Creative Work Failed Because of Piracy?

adokink The Spain's Game Industry destruction (1115 comments)

Although I am not an expert about this issue, is good to remember that sometimes piracy can really hurt an industry. Back in the 80's, during the golden age of 8 bit computers (Commodore, MSX, ATARI...), there was a good and important software developers community in Spain. Commercial expansion of low cost home computers helped different groups of programming enthusiasts became game developers. And with great succes by the way, which positioned Spain as the second country in game development (I do not know if after Japan or any other country). This is when piracy gets into scene. Remember those old cassette/tapes and how it was possible to achieve functional copies if you had a double deck system. So, I still remember how we copied every new game and how "forum style" groups of each computer model were created in the schoolyard. Sales falled heavily and as a last attempt to cut out piracy (people held that they pirated games because they were very expensive) developers lowered the cost of videogames to a very low minimum (I was 12 and I could afford to buy games with such prices). Two years later there was only one company left. Until Commandos was launched, no new spanish videogame had succes in the world again.

more than 4 years ago

The Unsung Heroes of PC Gaming History

adokink Grim Fandango (325 comments)

Probably the best and most complex adventure Lucas Arts ever did. It was the first game I had the certainty that video games could be a big art as cinema or literature. And it was in 3D. Great!!

more than 4 years ago

What Do You Do When Printers Cost Less Than Ink?

adokink Play with the motors (970 comments)

You can throw it away, or you can get yourself some nice stepper motors to play with. Buy or build an Arduino board and make something completely new with them! There is plenty of info in www.arduino.cc Or you may check other online stores to buy some extra components. Fun stuff!

about 5 years ago

10 Business Lessons I Learned From Playing D&D

adokink Patience, Usefulness and english language (257 comments)

After many hours playing RPG I learnt, and I am still learning 3 main things: -Patience: Sometimes you just do not know how many times you will have to redo an incredibly boring routine until you earn what you deserve. Call it money, experience or just jumping through that damn rock path (this appeals to many platform games too). -Usefulness: I used to carry everything I found until my players where full of junk. Spetially important in games as Oblivion. If junk can be just sold out, some real hard times were when you had a great orc killer item and an in general terms better item, but you had to choose. Sometimes you just can bury it and get back to it later. When I was 12 years old it taught me to take decisssions in terms of usefulness for the future. It now looks naif, but hey, it has helped me a lot in real life. - English language: For non native english speakers, when no game was translated to our languages, RPG, as they have lots of dialogues and backline stories, were quite difficult (remember I was 12 back then). I say, with no doubt, that Betrayal at Krondor and those damn chest games taught me more english vocabulary than Sesame St., Muzzy, English lessons and Oxford's dictionaries together. Yee olde english language! - Why not saying this! I have a pretty good orientation sense when I get lost in dungeons!

more than 5 years ago

Teen Diagnoses Her Own Disease In Science Class

adokink How is it possible? (582 comments)

The only news here is that until her age nobody had imagined it was Crohn's disease. It is a pretty common disease!

more than 5 years ago

For Airplane Safety, Trying To Keep Birds From Planes

adokink Use nature to frighten nature! Falcons! (368 comments)

I thought it was was worldwide used, but it looks like it is not as usual as I previously thought. In Spain, where I live, it is traditional to have one or more trained falcons in airports. Minutes before an airplane leaves or arrives, the falcon makes a few flying courses around the landing area and other birds just fly away scared to the creeps! Looks simple and it is simple, but I do no know if it is useful for BIG airports as JFK or Heathrow.

more than 5 years ago

WETA Working on Robotic Lizard For Science

adokink Sex laws (92 comments)

It will happen the same as when human females discover you are a geek...

more than 7 years ago


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