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Slovenian e-Government

adrianzhong Take a look at Singapore! (178 comments)

Well, in Singapore, the government and most statutory boards host their services online, accessible to all with an internet connection and proper identification.

From a central portal: http://www.gov.sg you can do practically anything from registering a business, a patent, sign up for National Service (conscription), apply for a provisional driving license, file your taxes, check your CPF (a kind of social security), apply for public housing, register on the list of voters, and practically everything that you might want to do as a citizen.

Besides this, Singapore boasts a computer literate judiciary. Most judicial documents are electronically transmitted, if possible. That probably contributes to singapore having one of the most efficient judicial system in the world:
http://www.gov.sg/judiciary/subct/justout/ar2000 /a chieve2.pdf

And of course, statutory boards communicate with each other electronically. this allows services to be integrated so that for instance the IRAS (IRS in singapore) can check with the housing board what kind of property you own, the Army can check your performance in school, and so on.

Not everything works perfectly of course.. the usual problems with getting government online and interconnected. But we try.

So I hope you will understand why i'm not especially impressed by this article. =)

more than 13 years ago


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