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Free IMAP On Gmail

aegisalpha Re:It's about time! (440 comments)

The official GMail blog says "over the next few days." I'm hoping mine is activated soon, using POP on the iPhone was driving me nuts with having to mark mail as read twice.

more than 7 years ago



Students Design and Build Hybrid-Electric SUVs

aegisalpha aegisalpha writes  |  more than 7 years ago

aegisalpha writes "Students from 17 colleges have built and tested hybrid-electric SUVs as part of the government and GM sponsored Challenge X competition. And they will be touring the country with the vehicles next year to test the consumer acceptability of the vehicles. This could be good news for those beginning to feel the oil crunch, to quote the article: "...every team member has a future in auto engineering. And for a North American auto industry under siege, that makes Challenge X a bright beacon of hope for the future.""
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