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Antarctic Ice Loss Big Enough To Cause Measurable Shift In Earth's Gravity

aepervius "Contrary to what we were sometimes taught" (207 comments)

I can't speak for all country, but in France you are taught 1) that gravity constant used varies and we get the values at equators, pole, (iirc 9.78 to 9.83 while we used 9.81) and our lattitude, altitude

2) but afterward to make it simpler we always assume it is a constant because we do not have the math tool to integrate with g(r,theta, rho) over complex surface.

At no point we were taught that gravity is a constant. What we were taught is to use it as constant in simplified problems. That is a difference. I would wagger it is the samer in the country of the submitter, only he missed the important semantic difference.


Apple's "Warrant Canary" Has Died

aepervius There is one impossible (236 comments)

Encryption is ALWAYS breakable by brute force.

If by brute force you mean a wrench , this is true. If by brute force you mean going over all possible key , this is false. One Time pad actually are not reversible by brute force, since essentially you do not know the key length , youa re going thru building by brute force *all* possible string of byte of a specific length which will contain all the text of the world of that length. OTP of unknown length are not breakable by force.

about two weeks ago

New Study Projects World Population of 11B by 2100

aepervius Really ? Aren't you dreaming ehre ? (326 comments)

With what energy and what resource are they supposed to do that ? And how would america midwest react to a few dozen million people from subsahara coming to live ? It is difficult to say with internet but I have the strong feeling that your post were a joke posted in sarcasm really.

about two weeks ago

Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang For $2.5 Billion

aepervius Microsoft can now kill Java... and modding (330 comments)

The way it was told to me practically now what happens is that the modding community reverse engineer the java hooks and put modding in by overloading the methods in those hooks. Kill java, make it a bin and you almost certainly kill the modding community overnight, and let us be honest there are far too many people now not using vanilla anymore. Instantly you reduce the appeal of minecraft to a huge population, you kill servers, etc...

about two weeks ago

Artificial Spleen Removes Ebola, HIV Viruses and Toxins From Blood Using Magnets

aepervius What ? That's not biologically possible (106 comments)

"When antibiotics are used to kill them, dying viruses release toxins in the blood that begin to multiply quickly, causing sepsis, a life-threatening condition whereby the immune system overreacts, causing blood clotting, organ damage and inflammation."

Toxin are released by bacteria not virus, and antibiotic do diddly squat against virus, they are used against bacteria. For example Staphylococcus (when not resistant...) is killed antibiotic, and Clostridium botulinum release a toxin which can be deadly (look up botulism). On the other hand HIV laugh at your antibiotic, as well as any rhinovirus or any virus. Vitrus hijack our cells reproduction system to instead generate more virus. I won't even go into the difference among viruses. That summary is extremly poorly written. Especially when the article summary mention bacteria. Also it could not have killed to mention this use magnetofection (associating amino acid or protein with a magnetic nanoparticle and afterward direct it to or from a place).

about two weeks ago

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

aepervius What the heck is this opinion piece ? (937 comments)

I reject the idea that science is logical, purely rational, that it is detached and value-free, and that it is, for all these reasons, morally superior

Sure fight your strawman all you want. But you are rejecting an non existant science. Science is about self correcting process , reasonable, to discover more about our universe and its quirk. Science is not morallly superior, or moral at all. Science USER are the one which bring moral in. As for the spock image, well it is a movie. DUH. We atheist already threw away the old gods, we do not need new gods especially idols from movie and tv serie about an utopia.

the big challenge of atheism....

Repeat slowly after me: atheism is not about sicence, atheism is not about anything whatsoever as value or morality. atheism is solely about the belief of absence of gods.
Some atheist are religious. Some do not care about evidence and are simply atheist out of lazyness. Some do ask themselves question and introspect. Some are terrible evil asshole some are good. Basically atheist are (tada!) human. All that link them is the absence of belief in gods nothing more nothing less.

Now you may be as me an agnostic atheist (null hypothesis is that there is no god, and the clan pretending there are gods have not brought any evidence to stop the null.... Still I am not gnostic atheist I do not know for SURE there is no gods, only no evidence of it). And you might as me try to use the rational process of science for many reason (self correcting, try to remove bias etc...) but that still does not make us less human. We are still bound by morals and emotions.

My final word : spock is not 100% rational ! you misunderstood the character of spock. Spock *ATTEMPT* to be 100% rational. But he is a mere half human and is sometiems driven by emotions. We saw him relieved for example that kirk was safe in movie/tv serie. We saw him getting angry. We saw him having emotions. Your diatribe would have been better put with a true 100% vulcan. So you even fail at common knowledge.

about three weeks ago

3 Recent Flights Make Unscheduled Landings, After Disputes Over Knee Room

aepervius I can tell you (819 comments)

Middle east : many of those airline have a source of cheap oil. Emirate ? Qatar airline ? They get their fuel at discount. What you have to know is that one of the biggest airline cost is oil (if I recall correctly second is maintenance, third is flying personal then come ground personal). Other airline do not have that source. All that money sparred can then go into offering a better legroom or compartment place than similar airline which have to cram 1 or 2 more places.

As for far east airline, situation varies.

about three weeks ago

Radioactive Wild Boars Still Roaming the Forests of Germany

aepervius Found it (212 comments)

1) germany apparently forbid anything above 700 bq/Kg , whereas otehr country do it at 3000 Bq/Kg.

2) Average contamination in 2009 was 7000 Bq/Kg in the highiest contaminated area.

I wish the article could have told that.

about 1 month ago

Radioactive Wild Boars Still Roaming the Forests of Germany

aepervius They do not mention the radioactive level (212 comments)

What are we speaking of ? 2 time the normal acceopted level (aka, really low but still declared unfit under the linear model , but way less than living in a granite mountain ?), or are we speaking very high ? Also what is the isotope here ? The linked article certainly is as uninformative as it gets.

about 1 month ago

Microsoft Defies Court Order, Will Not Give Emails To US Government

aepervius You misunderstand (419 comments)

They are not seizing the data directly , jsut like they would not go crack the safe themself in europe, they are compelling the company under perjury to provide the data themselves in an US court, just like they could compel an american on US soil to provide the content of a safe in europe. This is slightly different because US judge have sway over an US company over US soil. No european juridiction is involved.

about a month ago

Hidden Obstacles For Google's Self-Driving Cars

aepervius self driving car better able to avoid pothole (289 comments)

Look this is a question of cost. Self driving car must be able to detect the end of road or a hole or whatever so if google did not already install a radar or similar to check the road status ahead, it would be incredibly dangerous. And a radar or similar detection device would be far better at detecting :
1) pothole
2) slowdown speedbump
3) whatever the state of the road
better than human say, at night. Or in the fog. Or distracted.

about a month ago

Anita Sarkeesian, Creator of "Tropes vs. Women," Driven From Home By Trolls

aepervius It does not prove her point at all (1262 comments)

By that weak standard any death threat against a creationist makes creationism "true" and proves his point. This is a stupid irrational response by people. Death treat or rape threat do not prove a point. facts and evidence demonstrate or at least consolidate a point. She does not have that. Her video have been shown to be ill researched and she ignored fully what went against her point. Still threatening her only proves there are idiot which get a kick of threatening other people. It does not prove at all anything about videogame and damsel in distress.

about a month ago

Among Gamers, Adult Women Vastly Outnumber Teenage Boys

aepervius Gamer ? (276 comments)

What I would call gamer is somebody which dedicate quite a sizable part of his life to play video game (whether you see that negatively or positively). If you reduce it "playing some video game sometime" you get a pretty vaccuous statistic where pretty much everybody is inside. It is equivalent to calling "gambler" anybody which made a bet of any sort (casual or not) at *ANY* point in 2014. Pretty much not what is named a gambler , and so that should not be used for gammer either.

ALso video game are severly segmented. They target by segment. Dude-bro setgment (COD, battlefield), sport segment, FPS twitch competition , MOBA segment, MMO segment, single player and "retro" segment, etc... None of those segment have the same appeal to everybody. As such saying 52% of gamer are girl is utterly useless as 1) this says nothing about targeted segment 2) you lowered the "is gamer" definition until everybody is in, so it is useless to targeting.

The fact remain is that even among my numerous nephew and niece, the young segment, *girl* in average might play a game more, but disparage and persiflage against boy which still play a lot more. Sure it is anecdotal, but that's more people than some small scale psychological study use. They do not see themselves as gamer, because most of them rightfully recognize it not as "has played a video game ocne in 2014" but rather "has made a major hobby of playing video game".

That said the proportion of "gamer" aka people making it a hobby and playing numerous hours during the week, is increasingly populated by women. I welcome that because I have been tired of the AAA game for a decade or so (too many which are dude-bro shoota-shoota , women with extremly skimpy clothing, white dude with surging muscle, damsel in distress and male hero which snaps the finger and get the girls ---- where are the beyond good and evil and the world with an heroine ?) and hope to see a surge in different gaming type as women rise to be the fabled 50+%. True to be said there is a much more diverse gaming offer today than there was 10 years ago thanks to indy.

about a month ago

UK Police Warn Sharing James Foley Killing Video Is a Crime

aepervius The same reason other content are illegal (391 comments)

"Why should it be illegal that I do?" because some culture set a point at which they do not want some content to be watched. Look in the US there was an incredible fuss over some breast being uncovered, fines being dished etc... This sound absolutely mad to me. On the other hand letting video of people killed just sound as mad. But other culture will resort to scream against forbidding them because "censorship is bad".

*shrug* we all have different culture and reson to forbid some information being shown. There is no culture on earth which allow *all* and *every* content freely on all media. None. Not even the US.

about a month ago

Selectable Ethics For Robotic Cars and the Possibility of a Robot Car Bomb

aepervius Stupid scaremongering (239 comments)

"Patrick Lin writes about a recent FBI report that warns of the use of robot cars as terrorist and criminal threats, calling the use of weaponized robot cars "game changing." "

Only if the potential terrorist have never learned to drive. Because otherwise :
1) for criminal you will be far better off with a car which do not respect speed limit/red lights/stops if you want to run away
2) a terrorist can simply drive the bomb somewhere then set it to explode one minute later and go away. What is the difference if he drove it himself or not ?

Terrorism is the least worry with robot car.

As for point 1 , laws and insurance will be setting your car "ethics" and not you personally.

about a month and a half ago

Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

aepervius I would call it worst case of darwin award (359 comments)

but that would be callous because , unfortunately potentially the looter might contaminate other innocent people and worsen the epidemic. And also they are making it worst by destroying the (already strapped) existing infrastructure to treat epidemic. Unfortunately with some people thinking the doctor spread Ebola, and the funerary practice and belief winning over simple science and hygiene, my expectation of the locals are low. Fortunately due to our own procedure ebola is unlikely to become an epidemic in our region.

about a month and a half ago

Scientists Who Smuggle Radioactive Materials

aepervius There has not been any radioactive terror to date (66 comments)

The black market for radioactive material is crushingly predominately for military or civilian usage of country which have difficulty of getting the material by normal means for a variety of reason. Not terror. In fact let us count the incidents :
1) two incidents with the Chechen burying something in Russia in both case it was source which were orphaned.

2) 2 counts of some intelligence source pretending al quaeda or similar wanting to do radiological bomb (among them Jose padilla which was not even charged for that ! It tells you how much evidence or even capacity the guy had for that).
3) Russia Killing somebody using polonium. Oh wait that's not terror that's assassination by a major country

That's it. NONE of those involved scientist smuggling radioactive material. So why the heck such story come up on regular basis , when it is quite certain that the black market for radioactive material is NOT for terror.

about a month and a half ago

Wikipedia Reports 50 Links From Google 'Forgotten', Issues Transparency Report

aepervius Yes, I can do. (81 comments)

A person which was arrested (even if it does not appear in their judicial case) or involved in a local scandal would in the past still find a job since no firm for a normal job would go as far as to send somebody to search their private life (your average job). But now a days , if you smoked pot and it is noted somewhere even if you have no judicial file, you get double whammy punished because people at job interview will avoid you. And that count for all sort of controversial shit. You get gay marrier ? published the ban ? Google do not forget. A job interviewer or neighbors googling could find out, even after you moved to anotehr town. In the past not so.

In all case, because now at job itnerview people can google your name, any transgression against the "middle way" can and will be reacted negatively by part of the society. But before google and search engine, it was relatively easy to correct (moving to the otther side of the country). Nowasayd not so much. This is the aprt about not forgiving. Because your transgression can be found out once documented *EVEN* much later , and still punished by society. And since society as an average middle way is nearly always either much more liberal to some of the "edge" (imagine finding out you are in a neo nazi party) or more conservative than the other edge (imagine people finding out your borderline sexual behavior) then you get fucked for your "trangression". Or even if you did something idiotic like that PR wioman and her twitter idiotic action ? You think anybody will hire her in a PR job now ? She is radioactive material because google *never* forget. But without google, she could maybe wait it out a year or two, then try somewhere else. With google ? not so much.

about 2 months ago

Wiring Programmers To Prevent Buggy Code

aepervius How about this. (116 comments)

Hire older programmer which learned a lot and do less buggy code in average, rather than every few year a generation of youngling which suffer from NIH and must relearn everything the older knew, just because you can underpay them for long hours (or even instead of outsourcing). Yeah I know, controversial shit.

about 2 months ago


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