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Ask Slashdot: Should I Fight Against Online Voting In Our Municipality?

afgun Funny (190 comments)

I find it quite funny that so many slashdotters, arguably proponents of technology, turn into luddites when this topic rears up. Instead of saying no, fight for proper electronic voting technologies so we can turn this cesspool from a pseudo-republic into a real democracy and get rid of politicians altogether.

about a month and a half ago

Lots Of People Really Want Slideout-Keyboard Phones: Where Are They?

afgun Re:NO, all candy bar (544 comments)

Agreed; my Droid 4 and my wife's Photon Q were the only thing we could find with real keyboards. I have tried touch keyboards for a few weeks and just could not be productive with them.

about 1 month ago

Greenpeace: Amazon Fire Burns More Coal and Gas Than It Should

afgun Re:Hipsterism at its finest (worst?) (288 comments)

Amen. I'm amazed that people still argue about this shit; if you want to really make a difference, stop driving your fucking car. Buying a "green" phone indeed.

about 2 months ago

Kingston and PNY Caught Bait-and-Switching Cheaper Components After Good Reviews

afgun Re:And another on the ban pile (289 comments)

Since driving is a privilege and not a right, the government has the right to not license your car or even issue you a driver license. And [unfortunately] the courts have determined that the ACA directive to purchase insurance or pay a tax penalty is a tax, you're stuck with paying it or buying health care insurance...

about 2 months ago

Amazon Dispute Now Making Movies Harder To Order

afgun Let them eat cake! (210 comments)

Sure, but it's Amazon's right to try and get better prices for their consumers. And Hachette has a right to tell Amazon to get bent. And it's equally the rights of the consumer to tell Amazon to get bent, stop the Wal-Mart style strong-arming of suppliers and buy from more respecting shops. But this is America where people are only concerned about the almighty dollar and instant gratification, so they will instead continue to buy from Amazon and Wal-Mart who ultimately decimate the local economy. (full disclosure: I buy from Amazon occasionally, but more often shop at my local brick and mortar book stores)

about 3 months ago

Are Glowing, Solar Smart Roads the Future?

afgun Re:Pipe Dream I suspect (193 comments)

It'd probably be a lot more efficient and cheaper to use the solar power to turn pumps for closed-loop geothermal heat - let's say you go down 10' when laying the road bed, you'll have nice comfy 50-ish degree earth to warm your de-icer. Am I crazy? (don't answer that!)

about 4 months ago

Let Spouses of H-1B Visa Holders Work In US, Says White House

afgun Re:Double down? How about "No." (566 comments)

My wife would gladly work for what they are paying H-1Bs. Except that they don't want Americans. She's had the damnedest time finding work. I'm completely opposed t more work visas. We should trim them or eliminate altogether and hire Americans.

about 4 months ago

IAU To Uwingu: You Can't Name That Martian Crater Either

afgun Let's democratize this (125 comments)

Call it whatever you want. If it sticks, it's official. Why should they get the only right to name something?

about 6 months ago

Your Next Car's Electronics Will Likely Be Connected By Ethernet

afgun Re:I'm OK with ethernet in cars (180 comments)

Do the same thing with power plugs; you'll thank yourself later.

about 6 months ago

Your Next Car's Electronics Will Likely Be Connected By Ethernet

afgun IP? Ugh. (180 comments)

Yeah, sorry, but I don't want a protocol in my car that's subject to script kiddies DoSing it. I'm sure they'll get to CAN and everything else soon, but at least for now you can't just go to a warez site and take down a car. I think the crack about Cylons was spot on.

about 6 months ago

'The Color Run' Violates Agreement With College Photographer, Then Sues Him

afgun Re:Trademark powers? (218 comments)

Trademark preventing use of, perhaps. Ownership? Hell no.

about 7 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Are AdBlock's Days Numbered?

afgun Annoying (731 comments)

If so many ads weren't obnoxious flash or javascript and simply a hyperlinked picture/text, then I wouldn't feel compelled to block them. But these so-called ads are largely intrusive and annoying and make the web browsing experience suck. Just like email and spam that have tracking linked images in them that I choose to automatically round file instead of at least checking out the content. Make the experience pleasant and controllable by me and I'll play along; otherwise, I take control with tools like adblock.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What To Do With Misdirected Email?

afgun Re: Get a real mail account (388 comments)

This alone is an important reason to use your own domain. You can forever be in control of your own email address meaning you can have the address for life.

Unless you get divorced. ;-)

about 8 months ago

Why Don't Open Source Databases Use GPUs?

afgun Re:Something something online sorting (241 comments)

I've stood in a C-level meeting, and apologized that a critical name brand server failed. Their on-site tech showed up in 2 hours, and told us that the part would take 2 days to get. "BUT THE CONTRACT SAYS 4 HOUR RESPONSE!" Ya.. 4 hours for them to come back with something. Not 4 hours to resolve the problem completely. 4 hours frequently turns into days, or worse on holidays.

Apparently the purchaser didn't understand your support contract then, because the support tech easily made the commitment. How is that the vendor's fault? It's not... it's the fault of the support purchaser for not understanding what they bought. Higher level contracts (with call-to-repair guarantees) are available; if something's THAT critical, then you should have a fully functional spare or even better, a high-availability solution in addition to your maintenance contract, which it appears you didn't. So it was apparently not that critical...

about 9 months ago

Surge In Online Orders Overwhelms UPS Christmas Deliveries

afgun Delays due to incompetence? (378 comments)

I had a package put on a truck two days in a row (according to their computer anyhow) and it wasn't delivered either time. And this was in Austin, with no snow/ice to deal with. Clearly there was incompetency involved somewhere (e.g. if a package is on a truck and doesn't get delivered the day it was supposed to, why not reverse the route the next day so it can be assured to be delivered early? Oh yeah, because UPS trucks only turn right Sorry, this has left me a little bitter about using UPS for anything. This isn't the first issue I've had with them, either. NEVER had a problem with FedEx.

about 9 months ago

Copyright Takedown Requests to Google Doubled In 2013

afgun Re: Change the business model (117 comments)

Cant remember the link, but i was looking for royalty free music the other day for youtube to avoid this sort of problem. Someone recorded a Bach song on his guitar and warns you cant use it on youtube as it will be flagged.

Bach (21 March 1685) getting royalty checks as the composer? Did the person who recorded his song and manage to protect it pay Bach a royalty?

It seems commercializing the public domain is a disturbing trend.

The music isn't copyrighted, but the specific performance of it is. If you want to record your own performance of Bach and use it on your video, have at!

about 9 months ago

Proposed Posting of Clients List In Prostitution Case Raises Privacy Concerns

afgun Re:Well, okay, lets make it a legal proffession (533 comments)

I think he was just referring to a single person there... wife, sister, mother, girlfriend in some parts of the country certainly are all the same!

about 2 years ago

UK Government Owns 16.9 Million Unused IPv4 Addresses

afgun Another /8 to take... (399 comments)

Why not ask HP to give up one of its 2 (!) Class-A subnets?

about 2 years ago

CowboyNeal Weighs In On the Windows 8 "Metro" GUI

afgun Re:Put Dad's tools back where you found them! (671 comments)

Amen. I regularly have to google to find out how to do something in office that was easily found in drop-down menus before the god-awful ribbon.

more than 2 years ago

What Was Your Worst Computer Accident?

afgun Re:Coffee on the laptop (1542 comments)

I spilled a full 20 oz. bottle of sprite on this laptop during a PIX teleclass. POS Compaq evo N610c. Shut it down immediately and mopped up as much of the pop up as I could. The keyboard was sticking and the latch continues to stick. Used it 2 months before getting frustrated enough to swap the keyboard out (a deceptively simple operation) but luckily it as been fine ever since!

more than 10 years ago



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