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Smart Robot Capable of Hunting For Its Own "Food"

agent_no.82 Re:Only a few questions (191 comments)

I think you mean too optimistic -- autonomous biomass-eating robots are a BAD PLAN.

more than 5 years ago

Smart Robot Capable of Hunting For Its Own "Food"

agent_no.82 Mod parent up (191 comments)

This whole entire concept is creepy! We should NEVER make a robot not dependent on direct human intervention at periodic intervals to refuel. That way, if something goes horribly wrong, it can only go horribly wrong until the robot runs out of gas/electricity.

more than 5 years ago


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On Senators, The Interweb, Trucks, and Tubes.

agent_no.82 agent_no.82 writes  |  more than 8 years ago "I don't think the tube analogy is even in the ballpark. Allow me to use an example with tubes and gerbils. Usually, we think of tubes as 1) Put in a gerbil, 2) Gerbil comes out of other side of tube. The internet is more like 1) Put gerbil on one side of tube and press a button, 2) A second, identical gerbil is created at the other end of the tube. Of course, this ignores the gerbil clone that is stored in your RAM that is brutally destroyed when your purge the RAM. If you're using BitTorrent, your gerbil will cloned, and that clone will be cut into tiny pieces and then a huge tangle of tubes will vaccuum up the pieces until lots of people each have their own gerbil clone assembled at the end of their tube. Conclusion: friends don't let friends send gerbils or internets through BitTorrent. Please transport gerbils responsibly." -critical_v (slashdot.org)

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