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Perl Is Undead

ahknight Re:sure you want to go with 'undead' ? (283 comments)

That's a good point. I think everyone being sold on Perl 6 fixing Perl 5's issues and then ... not ... left us all with the impression that Perl 5 has issues that would never be fixed, to which we all reacted as one would expect and abandoned it for something else nice and shiny. With their own problems that will never be fixed.

about 4 months ago

Perl Is Undead

ahknight Re:sure you want to go with 'undead' ? (283 comments)

Oh god. I just got the image of Rails written in Mono. Pardon me while I stumble around feeling for the mind bleach.

about 4 months ago

8 Grams of Thorium Could Replace Gasoline In Cars

ahknight Re:NIMBY (937 comments)

So, that's an interesting question. Initially, yes, gasoline would be required. But as the technology got better, a lot of those large earth movers would start to see thorium power plants in them and thus we'd have "free" mining. In short, as we get more and more, we'll use less and less oil. Yaaaay!

more than 3 years ago

Verizon Copper Cutoff Traps Customers

ahknight Re:fiber lease? (269 comments)

Are the fiber COs on UPSes? If so, having your equipment on a cheap UPS should keep your end of the line active. I have my DSL and AirPort on a cheap powerstrip UPS so that when the power goes out the only thing I notice is the A/C and lights are off and the MacBook Pro is no longer charging...

more than 7 years ago


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